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gecko spa control error codes Welcome, North Carolina

Spa Builders Spa Side Error Codes Sn1 = Nonfunctional high temperature sensor. Refill, if necessary. Then power the system back up, if the error code goes away, the problem was either a dirty filter (clean or replace) or too many jets were closed off. This is a normal spa function; no further action is necessary.When the auxiliary sensor reads around 40F- (actual temperature dependent on specific auxiliary sensor used), the system provides freeze protection.

See below for further explanations: FLO, FLC, FL, FL1, PS, Blinking LightsPressure/Flow Switch Failure:These codes are related to flow issues or the pressure switch/flow switch and are by far the most If tripping continues, call for service.• Deactivate spa lock Hercules Control Systems for Spas or Hot Tubs: OH = Spa temp exceeds acceptable limits FLO = Flow problem ICE = Freeze Heater disabled but the spa is operational. pump will operate continuously until the temperature rises above 45° F.OH = Over heat.

If water temperature drops 20ºF below set temperature, low speed pump and heater activates to bring temperature within 15º of set temperature. Contact qualified service technician. Below is a list of common error codes from the top manufacturers of control equipment for hot tubs. No action is necessary.PnL = Communication between the panel and circuit board is faulty.---- = "Watchdog" (spa is deactivated) A problem has been detected.Sn1 = Open sensor (heater is deactivated) or

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Generated Mon, 17 Oct 2016 02:36:30 GMT by s_wx1094 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection Flow switches are plumbed in line with the plumbing. = Overheating, water over 112° F.

COOL = Spa water is more than 20° F cooler than the temperature set point. This could indicate poor flow or air bubbles in the heater. ToE = Time out error. YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF PRODUCTS AND THE ONLINE SERVICE HELP IS OFF THE CHART. 888-772-9887 Technical Assistance 405-622-4950 0 Item(s) | Total: $0 Home Shop Spa Part Index Circuit Board Repair Spa Covers Spa & Hot Tub Covers Spa Cover Lifts Spa is shut down. The following is a list of most probable causes of this message. AquaFlo XP XP2 XP2e & XP3 Spa Pumps Aquaflo by Gecko: Flo-Master XP, XP2, XP2e & XP3 Pumps Aqua-Flo, Flo-Master Pumps are manufactured by Gecko Alliance they are the...

Then make a reset err 7 : Stuck Relay err 8 : No Temperature Data 01 : Stuck Button 02 : No Controller Data 03 : Temperature Sensor 04 : Water SEoP : Sensor open or disconnected. Heater is shut down, but other spa functions run normally. Turn the power off before attempting any adjustment!

The Spa or Hot Tub Panel Displays: :IC , iCE This indicates that the auxiliary sensor detects a possible freeze condition. Pump may also be deactivated). Touch any button to reset the system. FLO2 = Closed or shorted flow switch on system startup Spa Quip Spa Side Error CodesSpaQuip Davey Troubleshooting SpaQuip Davey error codes explained SpaQuip Davey resets for controllers err 1 (H20)

Ecn: Spa operating in Economy Mode. You should have continuity. Flo: flow/pressure switch error Cool: Water temp 20 degrees below set point ICE: Potential freeze condition Sn1: Hi-limit sensor failure Sn3: Temp sensor malfunction Sna: Sensor A fail Snb: Sensor B Sn1 = Open sensor (heater is deactivated) or Shorted sensor (spa is deactivated).

SN, Sn1, Sn2 Sn3, HL, E1, E3, Prh, HtS, Blinking LightsAgain these can be caused by a flow issue. ICE = Freeze protection. Sn3 = Open or shorted sensor ( heater disabled). HLoH : Hi Limit Over Heat.

Do not enter the water.FL = Flow. dr = Inadequate water detected in heater. The equipment stays on until the sensors detect that the spa temperature has risen to within 8.0°C of the set temperature. No action is necessary.

Spa Quip Error Codes err 1 (H20) : Prime Failed err 3: Stuck Button err 4 : No Water Sensor err 5 : Over temp err 6 : Thermal Cut Out If you need further help with troubleshooting click here Balboa Spa Side Error Codes pd = Power supply, unit running on battery backup OH = Sensors reading 112-118° F. With your meter on ohms, check across the poles of the switch. FLO2 = Closed or shorted flow switch on system startup Dream Maker Spa Side Error Codes OH = Overheat 108° F, spa is deactivated.

If alternating with temperature, it may just be a temporary condition. Heater is deactivated.FL1 = Water flow problem, inhibited or pressure switch malfunction. Please follow the instructions in the message or contact your dealer for more information. Other issues that can cause these error codes one or more of the service valves is not open up all the way.

Sn1 = Open sensor (heater is deactivated) or Shorted sensor (spa is deactivated).