gammu error during reading from the device Turnersburg North Carolina

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gammu error during reading from the device Turnersburg, North Carolina

exception gammu.ERR_FULL¶ Exception corresponding to gammu error ERR_FULL. But can I ask again some question? exception gammu.ERR_DATACONVERTED¶ Exception corresponding to gammu error ERR_DATACONVERTED. The tool gammu-detect is also available, for spotting an initial configuration with a device, so man gammu-detect for more info.

Medium You have to give file name and not folder name. getsmsfolders¶ Get names for SMS folders in phone savesms TYPE [type parameters] [type options] [-folder id] [-unread] [-read] [-unsent] [-sent] [-sender number] [-smsname name] [-smscset number] [-smscnumber number] [-reply] [-maxsms num]¶ Verbose error description: Bad feature string in configuration. Verbose error description: Only part of folder has been listed.

Provide it manually or use the one configured in phone. 132 You're inside phone menu (maybe editing?). By default this command is interactive and asks which items tou want to backup. This option is available for DCT4 phones. Locations 1-5.

Warning Please note, that some older phones might have problems displaying such message. exception gammu.ERR_INVALIDDATETIME¶ Exception corresponding to gammu error ERR_INVALIDDATETIME. exception gammu.ERR_PHONEOFF¶ Exception corresponding to gammu error ERR_PHONEOFF. nokiacomposer file¶ Show, how to enter RTTL ringtone in composer existing in many Nokia phones (and how should it look like).

File is coded using GSM 6.10 codec (available for example in win32). Verbose error description: Error opening device, it doesn't exist. Medium ellipsis Operation not allowed by phone. Medium You have to give folder name and not file name.

Description This program is a tool for mobile phones. Medium Error writing to the device. Other commands¶ entersecuritycode PIN|PUK|PIN2|PUK2|PHONE|NETWORK code|- [newpin|-]¶ Allow one to enter security code from PC. This method is not supported by all phones (for example, not supported by Nokia 3310, 5110, 6110).

For example to :ref:`gammu-smsd`. The file type is guessed (for input file guess is based on extension and file content, for output solely on extension). Maybe speed not supported. Return Text with error name Parameters e - Error code.

Configuration commands¶ searchphone [-debug]¶ Attempts to search for a connected phone. Verbose error description: Gammu is not configured. Verbose error description: Wrong folder used. Thread Tools Show Printable Version Subscribe to this Thread… Display Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode May 26th, 2010 #1 monetteski View Profile View Forum Posts Private

Medium Phone is not connected. Please report bugs to Gammu bug tracker. You signed in with another tab or window. restoresms file [-yes]¶ Warning Please note that this overwrites existing messages in phone (if it supports it).

Sorry, can't remember the command at the moment. Now there are no more crashes, instead of them there is a message box: Fehler während der Verbindung mit dem Telefon Beschreibung: Some functions not available for your OS (disabled in By default, commands are read from standard input, but you can optionally specify a file from where they would be read (special case - means standard input). Verbose error description: No response in specified timeout.

Maybe it's easier to use binary distro that has everything enabled ;-). > Now it works, and its time to say 'Thanks!!' You're welcome :-). --=20 Michal =C4=8Ciha=C5=99 | | Probably phone not connected.] Setting speed to 9600 Serial device: DTR is down, RTS is up, CAR is down, CTS is up [Module - "auto"] Getting model [ERROR 14: No response Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details You seem to have CSS turned off. OPERATOR [file [netcode]]¶ Set operator logo in phone.

ERR_COULDNT_RESOLVE¶ Can not resolve host name. Text will be cut to 1 sms. -enablefax¶ sms will set fax indicator. Wait and restart. 167 Could not connect to the server. 168 Could not resolve the host name. 169 Failed to get SMSC number from phone. 170 Operation aborted. 171 Installation data Restore settings written in file created using gammu backup command.

You can use jadmaker to generate a .jad file from a .jar file. GALLERY|GALLERY2|CAMERA|TONES|TONES2|RECORDS|VIDEO|PLAYLIST|MEMORYCARD file [-name name] [-protected] [-readonly] [-system] [-hidden] [-newtime]¶ nokiaaddplaylists¶ Goes through phone memory and generated exception gammu.ERR_OTHERCONNECTIONREQUIRED¶ Exception corresponding to gammu error ERR_OTHERCONNECTIONREQUIRED. is this possible? For getting ringtones list use gammu getringtoneslist.

Verbose error description: Transfer was canceled by phone, maybe you pressed cancel on phone. exception gammu.ERR_DISABLED¶ Exception corresponding to gammu error ERR_DISABLED. setautonetworklogin¶ WAP settings and bookmarks commands¶ deletewapbookmark start [stop]¶ Delete WAP bookmarks from phone. Medium Frame not requested right now.

Verbose error description: Current connection type doesn't support called function. SMS commands Memory (phonebooks and calls) commands Memory types Gammu recognizes following memory types: DC Dialled calls MC Missed calls RC Received calls ON Own numbers VM voice mailbox SM SIM But Like Gnocky, it has the same process can save, store messages, import and export but it can be done manually by the user.