frx report server error reading command line Siloam North Carolina

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frx report server error reading command line Siloam, North Carolina

Call Software Arts if this message appears. Rename the copy to FRxQue32.mdb.7. Error message when you try to generate a Microsoft FRx report in ... Make sure however everyone is logged-off of the server.

If you have pc/MRP version 7.00 and higher you can delete the file (Restarting pc/MRP will recreate the file). If the file is a local.mem file it can be deleted. It seems that the que database is getting corrupt. It will display a list of errors in the Bill of Materials module.

pc/MRP current update programs do not have this problem. Earlier versions of 6.73, 6.74 and 6.75 would leave the purchase dbf file open after printing out a receiver. In the multi user version of pc/MRP for Windows, there are only 7 files that should be attributed read only (pcmrpw.exe, startmrp.exe, config.fpw, foxfont.fon, foxtolls.fll, foxw2600.esl, msg.dbf,). For more information, see SET OPTIMIZE and Using Rushmore Query Optimization to Speed Data Access.

But the most likely causeis a component in the Windows O/S called “opportunistic locking”.For information on opportunistic locking and how to disable it, refer to thefollowing Microsoft Knowledge Base articles. In our last runabout 40 reports generated and then processing stopped with error 19999 -"error in reading command line" and we were unable to get the rest of thereports to generate. It's ... Answer N (no sales/work order) will cause this error.

NOPAGEEJECT is valid only in a program (.prg) and is disregarded when issued in the Command window. microsoft.public.frx Discussion: Error 19999 – Error reading command line (too old to reply) Petr 2007-04-25 15:10:03 UTC PermalinkRaw Message I am getting this error quite often, probably once a week. If you have pc/MRP version 6.77f and higher, pc/MRP will intercept the error message and automatically recreate the dbf file. Remove the quote marks.

Cloud Platform Stories Infrastructure Microsoft Azure Mobility Enterprise mobility Office mobility Windows mobility Microsoft Surface Microsoft Lumia Productivity Office Office 365 for business Plans and pricing Office 365 for SMB Office NAME ObjectName Specifies an object variable name for the data environment of a report. If you are trying to print out a BOM, run Audit BOM procedure and then fix any errors it may have reported. Select server manager and double click on the server.

Delete the BOMUP.MEM or do a cost roll-up. Message stuck in drafts folder, Outlook for Mac 2011 - Microsoft ... Every time I delete this message it returns within a few minutes with error code -19999 and the Learning resources Microsoft Virtual Academy Channel 9 MSDN Magazine Community Forums Blogs Codeplex Support Self support Programs BizSpark (for startups) Microsoft Imagine (for students) United States (English) Newsletter Privacy & cookies Command SAVE MACROS Command SAVE SCREEN Command SAVE TO Command SAVE WINDOWS Command SCAN ... Reply Mohamed SHAROUD Mohamed SHAROUD responded on 27 Oct 2011 5:09 AM Dear Francisco Garcia Hillyer, Thank you for your reply, I follow all the steps , with no luck Reboot your computer and start again. ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. Call Software Arts and update to version 6.55H or higher.

Assign the user another name for logging into pc/MRP. 17.4.109 File in use (Error 109) File is in use by another. Reply Francisco Garcia Hillyer Works For Shammam Consulting Services in San Diego LinkedIn My Badges Verified Answer Francisco Garcia Hillyer responded on 25 Oct 2011 9:02 AM There is a If you are trying to print out a report or form and get an "MCHIOCE NOT FOUND" and are running version 6.80 or 6.82 update to the newest revision of 6.80 Call Software Arts and they will walk you through installing the correct MSG.DBF file.

File was left open when somebody shut off power to their PC. Flag the 7 files CONFIG.FPW, MSG.DBF, FOXFONT.FON, PCMRPW.EXE, STARTMRP.EXE, FOXTOOLS.FLL FOXW2600.ESL SRO (sharable read only). If the error occurs when you are entering or editing the address module you may have to delete one or more of the drop down address lists. The data environment and the objects in the data environment have properties and methods, for example AddObject, that need to be set or called at run time.

The PLAIN clause takes precedence if you include both HEADING and PLAIN. The printer settings that you can adjust depend on the currently installed printer driver. ENDWITH Command ZAP Command ZOOM WINDOW Command TOC Collapse the table of content Expand the table of content This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. Open FRx Designer3.

Two users have logged in with the same name or no name and are printing or displaying a BOM. Rename the file extension to ".old".4. Copy REPORT FORM myReport1.frx NOCONSOLE NOPAGEEJECT REPORT FORM myReport2.frx NOCONSOLE NORESET lnPageTotal = _PAGETOTAL REPORT FORM myReport1.frx TO PRINTER NOPAGEEJECT REPORT FORM myReport2.frx TO PRINTER NORESET Example 3 The following example The page count for the current report begins at the current values of these two variables.

Angie [Morewiththissubject...] report server error 19999, amz<= RE: report server error 19999, Rick Tenorio [MSFT] RE: report server error 19999, amz

PreviousbyDate: RE: Displaying You can use NOPAGEEJECT to set up duplex printing, that is, printing on the reverse side of a previous report. FILL Command @ ... Contact Software Arts for a copy CLRCONFG.EXE.

We need to distribute in a timely manner each month...thanks for any ideas!Angie amz 2008-02-19 22:45:02 UTC PermalinkRaw Message thank you Rick!I tried replacing the frxque32.mdb, but then I was not So far the onlyway I found to fix this problem is to recreate the FRxQue32.mdb database fromthe template file. To correct call Software Arts for update. Note   You must make sure that the last report run does not have a NOPAGEEJECT clause so the print job can be closed. intermittant bsod on shutdown or restart - Microsoft Answers Another Blue Screen error - Microsoft Answers C:\Windows\Minidump\012210-19999-01.dmp C:\Users\nengdahl\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-41371-0.sysdata.xml Read our privacy statement online: ... Simply open and save.) If you are trying to open the Logbook in Inventory, (PROCEDURE PARTLOG PRPARTSC.FXP LINE 464 STRING VARIABLE NOT FOUND) select main menu to exit this error prompt. Add the line memlimit=60 to the config.fpw file. Dev centers Windows Office Visual Studio Microsoft Azure More...

Exit Windows, shut down the computer, restart the computer and pc/MRP. 17.4.1104 Can not read file (error 1104) File is sitting on a bad sector use Norton's Disk Doctor or Microsoft's To correct this situation open explorer and right click on the pcmrpw directory, select properties, select security (available on NTSF formated drives only), select permissions, select full control, check both the HEADING cHeadingText Specifies text for an additional heading to be placed on each page of the report. The number of columns and rows on each page in the ASCII text file is determined by the contents of the _ASCIICOLS and _ASCIIROWS system variables.

TO FILE FileName2 [ASCII] Specifies the text file to which you send a report.