freepbx wanpipe error Sapphire North Carolina

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freepbx wanpipe error Sapphire, North Carolina

That is how cards show up in the GUI. Show Andrew Nagy added a comment - 26/Feb/14 2:35 PM - edited Go to dahdiconfig > sangoma module > set everything to no. 1. If the permissions on the file would have been fixed then the module would have worked after a reboot. When you apply config is when the script is run.

Itchy trigger finger. There is no 14. My Sangoma setting is No and has been all along. While I am impressed by the new GUI and other improvements, I can't help feeling that the last few releases haven't been as stable as the version 10 was.

Anything I can look at to get more info? 5. Show JessicaRabbit added a comment - 25/Feb/14 2:21 PM You are correct. but rather do it right ...whatever that may be. Even only supporting Sangoma and Digium cards puts us at over 50+ cards.

alloc irq_desc for 21 on node -1 alloc kstat_irqs on node -1 pci 0000:03:00.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 21 (level, low) -> IRQ 21 wanpipe: AFT-A101-SH PCI T1/E1 card found Considering DAHDI is an intergral part of using Sangoma hardware within FreePBX, I would think they would be very proactive in sorting out any issues. Do you have any idea what is trying to access the .conf file? Running "wanrouter status" comes back as wanrouter not running.

I did alter the settings on the file in response to the error. If there is one, how do I proceed. I have not had time to follow up one that since I was focused on the error message and understanding its scope and implications. Start up all network interfaces ifconfig wan0 pointopoint netmask 4.

Are you using anything Sangoma? I am being as nice as I can possibly be when I tell you to do something and you say I am wrong and I ask you to check again and I am able to image restore to 5.211.65-6 if we can't figure this out. I activated the DAHDI config module and my FXO / FXS ports show up under the analog tab as expected.

The error did not come back and I can still see my analog ports. nsc-faq-snmp-expose-root-tree Regular Expressions in the Dial Plan Can Virtual Machines Introduce Jitter? Confirmation tail -f /var/log/messages 5. So you are doing something wrong on your end.

RM_BATTDEBOUNCE 16 Battery debounce parameter. Show Andrew Nagy added a comment - 25/Feb/14 12:38 PM Please update dahdiconfig to the newest version. Configure and Start Drivers If using ADSL /usr/sbin/wanconfig -a /etc/wanpipe/wan_adsl.list card wanpipe1 up else /usr/sbin/wanconfig card wanpipe1 up 3. Diagnosis:-The Sangoma Wanpipe driver was not installed correctly against the running version of DAHDI- Make sure your sources for DAHDI are the same as the running version of DAHDI- In Linux

Done and cleared, thanks Andrew! You don't need to restore over a notification. james (James Zhu) 2016-07-08 01:45:15 UTC #3 mppkll: Anyone have any suggestions? Stop Wanpipe with the command: wanrouter stop2.

What security settings should the file have? This issue does not affect anything about your system, other than a notification. PCISLOT PCIBUS FE_MEDIA T1 E1 Front End Media type. This is not the first time. 2.

The fact that the answer was "it would be cool if that worked, but experience tells us it doesn't." has gotten him moving forward again. Wanpipe Power User Operation Wanpipe package contents 1. Doesn't mean we aren't going to fix other bugs. Hide Permalink JessicaRabbit added a comment - 25/Feb/14 2:21 PM You are correct.

Do you have the file /etc/wanpipe/global.conf? Then amportal a r Then delete the message Hide Permalink tletourneau added a comment - 22/Feb/14 6:12 PM I am also seeing this issue on an installation using the FreePBX Distro. After a startup error run this command to get a possible solutioni.e. dicko 2016-08-09 20:38:51 UTC #9 from your original post mppkll: . . . .

It'll get fixed if there is an issue. My Sangoma setting is No and has been all along. I guess there is always going to be these kind of issues with multi vendor open products but I was hoping things would improve when Sangoma took over the FreePBX project. Hide Permalink Andrew Nagy added a comment - 22/Feb/14 6:04 PM Type amportal chown.

TE_HIGHIMPEDANCE YES NO Enable/Disable RX High Impedance mode. Show Andrew Nagy added a comment - 25/Feb/14 1:53 PM 2.11.38 has been out since yesterday and several users have already downloaded it and I see it in the module.xml on Make sure it stays selected to "yes". user error.

tm1000 (Andrew Nagy) 2014-03-13 01:50:28 UTC #2 run: amportal chown then clear the error kpenner36 2014-03-13 01:30:26 UTC #3 Running 2.11.39 the newest version. if no sangoma card inside, you can ignore that. Force SBC to send 180 instead of 183 with SDP How to Investigate a core dump How to do SBC factory reset from ssh or console Appendix SIP Code to Cause Or being a pragmatist.