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freebasic error codes Scaly Mountain, North Carolina

This program will calculate the factorial of the number you supply. Variable not declared This is a description of what has gone wrong. But the actual opening of the database would have been right before that assignment. What you will need To get the most out of this tutorial, you should actually run the FreeBASIC compiler with the example source code to see for yourself what the output

Error codes See Runtime Error Codes for a listing of runtime error numbers and their associated meaning. LicenseCopyright © 2007-2014, FreeBASIC Extended Library Development GroupDistributed under the FreeBASIC Extended Library Group license. That's when trouble strikes. No matter how many errors pop up, don't get discouraged.

As always I'm opened to comments, suggestions and ideas about this document. Of course, if it finds enough errors, it assumes that we have enough on our hands to deal with and calls it a day. The error can be processed in the next line. It handles the preprocessing and the interpretation of your source code, then it hands the rest of the process off to other programs to do the grunt work.

Typically, all erroneous results from a formula needs to be reported. Warnings are worse than errors. You know how you intend each piece to fit together. If it says "Preprocessor" is a variable, it is because we told it that is was.

Mathematical Errors: The more classic example is the infamous Division by Zero Error. The error can be processed in the next line. Back then, if your program relied on a mathematics coprocessor to perform an operation and it wasn't present it would be considered an internal operation error. I won't tell you what it is, but I will say that it has nothing to do with entering letters instead of numbers.

General FreeBASIC programming questions. Quote Postby 1000101 » Oct 09, 2005 0:23 v1ctor, lillo, DrV! fbc returns both an Exit Code (0 or 1) and an Error Code. I am sure that by now you would rather not see another error message for a long, long time.

If you're saving you'll want to give a few options to see if there could be a way to not loose the file for example. In this case code should process possible errors in the next line by using the Err function. These are warnings. Peripheral Access Error: Well this one pretty much speaks for itself when you think about it.

Instead of waiting for errors to pop up for the first time when you are trying to learn something else, we are going to force a handful of common error messages It's usually a back and forth, in and out activity, which creates a lot of chances to make simple errors. No user error code range is defined. Some IO functions such as Open and Put #...

The only thing that could change is if you can't save to a network file, an option to save locally could be added so the work done to a file isn't Before you'd have the option to have a floating point coprocessor present in the system or not. The first quotation mark is the opening quote and the second is the closing quote. Well, the warning for line #25 wasn't an issue, and we're sick of dealing with line #28.

A mistake in any of these lines changes the intended meaning of RANGE_TXT, which is in line #28. On the other hand, we did invest a bit of time writing this program, and we really want to see it run, so we roll up our sleeves and begin at Its nose is right up against each line, and it only sees one piece at a time. We can fix it by changing IsInRange back to InRange , or we can change line #39 and line #17 to match the new name.

test.bas is done for. This way we can be sure that the error messages that we get are the result of the specific changes that we make. Either way, save the source code as test.bas in the directory we just created. 'Preprocessor definitions #Define MAX_NUM 10 #Define MIN_NUM 0 #Macro MAKE_RANGE( _lb_,_ub_ ) ( "[" & ( _lb_ Then when the network situation is resolved, you could ultimately tell the user and offer to copy the local files to the designated network location.

In the command console, use these two commands to create a subdirectory named cfTut and to enter that directory after it has been created. Out of memory errors can be managed in a civilized manner, however Memory leak errors should be reported and the application halted in some way. That thought didn't sit comfortably, so he came at the problem from a different angle. Internal System Errors: There's two types of internal System Errors.

Usually, I have code snippets for all my error management situations and I just paste the appropriate code in the appropriate sub or function. When the Source is Good Now, just to get an idea of what we are working with, go ahead and run the program with this command: test I know. The error number helps categorize the message that follows. (This number has uses that don't concern us right now). Before we made our change, InRange was finally defined down at the bottom of our source code, where the compiler eventually found it.

We have to look pretty close before [email protected] begins to resemble anything in our program. DimAsIntegere Open"xzxwz.zwz"ForInputAs#1 e=Err Printe Sleep (The example program supposes there is no xzxwz.zwz file). Create a working directory To keep your FreeBASIC installation some what clean, we will create a subdirectory under your FreeBASIC directory to store the files we will create. You can delete these files when you are done with them.

When we move on to look at lines #11 through #14, we're at a loss. Some programmers love the preprocessor. It forges ahead to look for more errors so that it can give us as much information as possible. Input may be in the range: & RANGE_TXT Enter a number:5 5! = 120 That's an error in the program.

There are the software errors, operating system errors and the hardware errors.