frames with bad packet crc error Riegelwood North Carolina

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frames with bad packet crc error Riegelwood, North Carolina

Inspect the backplane pins and reinsert the module. This internal function generates the error message. The use of a broadcast or multicast MAC address as the source MAC for a frame is not standards-compliant behavior. Description This example shows the syslog output that you see when this error occurs: SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Invalid traffic from multicast source address This multicast source address syslog message is generated when the

Instead, this method stores the changes in DRAM until you issue the write memory command from the command line. For more information, refer to the Even After You Remove the Modules, the show run Command Still Shows Information About the Removed Module Interfaces section of Troubleshooting Hardware and Common Issues Email: [email protected] 1029 Corporation Way Palo Alto, CA 94303-4305 Alt email: [email protected] -- Drew Perkins wrote: > > I assume that that packets with bad CRCs will be dropped, not These messages typically accompany %PAGP-5-PORTFROMSTP messages.

Refer to Cisco bug ID CSCdx79107 (registered customers only) for more information about this issue. This message indicates that the Network Management Processor (NMP) detects a multicast data stream that disabled the protocol redirection escape logic. Compare the previous configuration with the current configuration in order to verify the proper conversion of all configuration information. Then, the switch starts snooping again, which is called normal mode.

We can send thru small requests: no problem. The second [dec] is the ASIC number that reports the error. The rest of the configuration is saved in the NVRAM in binary format, as before. The switch wants to send a packet out on a particular port for some VLAN, and the CBL logic says that the port is blocking/disabled/learning.

The first [chars] is the process ID; the [dec] is the stack type, and the second [chars] is the process name. The next packet that is received from the port after this aging out takes place aids in the repopulation of the CAM and NVRAM with the PSecure MAC address. DTP-1-ILGLCFG: Illegal config (on, isl--on,dot1q) on Port [mod/port] Problem The switch generates DTP-1-ILGLCFG: Illegal config (on, isl--on,dot1q) on Port [mod/port] errors. Console> (enable) show netstat udp udp: 0 incomplete headers 0 bad data length fields 0 bad checksums 0 socket overflows 110483 no such ports Console> (enable) These syslog messages indicate that

Take either one of these approaches in order to detect which switch generates traffic to 01-00-5e-00-01: Issue the set span sc0 mod/port command in order to monitor the sc0 port and The overlap and reset are possible because all eight ports share the processor. Which doesn't matter that much anyway, because if the frame gets damaged only on the last cable towards the analyzer you'd capture something with no relevance to the real network (except Be sure that you press the levers completely against the front panel of the module.

If re-initialized messages appear in a close interval, contact Cisco Technical Support for further investigation. %SYS-3-SYS_MEMERR:[chars] while [chars] address 0x[hex] Problem These error messages appear in the syslog: %SYS-3-SYS_MEMERR:Bad magic number However, the switch still forwards traffic that is sourced from a multicast MAC address. The NVRAM monitoring feature, which was introduced in version 6.4(x), generates these messages. Procedure 1 Use Diagnostic level: Configure the switch for complete POST analysis.

This error message is visual only. Therefore, a reseat of all the modules can be necessary. If the referenced module is not an MSFC, capture the output of these commands: show tech-support show log show logging buffer 1024 show test mod_number Note:Issue this command once for each There are switch fabric module problems.

The messages do not indicate a problem with the switch and do not affect switching performance. The messages can also occur when you load a switch configuration that another switch generates or when you use a switch configuration from another version of code. Instead, check the switches for errors on their port counters - that's much easier. The Supervisor Engine then resets the MSFC if the MSFC fails to respond to three consecutive pings.

What can I do to help my poorly trained ISP techs to solve my issue? Note:Do not worry about the no such port counter. Check for bent pins. All Rights Reserved.

The only concern is that there is a device that sends bad packets. Known issue—When the Catalyst 6500/6000 system is loaded with CatOS system software image release 6.1(1b), synchronization error messages can occur on the Supervisor Engine 2. We have pretty good idea how it may shape up. > > > > We are not > > > > talking taking-chance with ignorance, or try-and-error. Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices.

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WHat am i missing/ Am I barking up the wrong tree? VLANs that are pruned from trunks have their traffic dropped. The frame has a Frame Check Sequence (FCS) error. You can configure these ports as gateways, Media Termination Points (MTPs), or hardware conference bridges. %SYS-4-NVLOG:SYNDIAGS:Bus ASIC sync error Problem The syslog reports this error message in the log: 2002 Aug

These reset messages can overlap to the active gateway ports and cause an unwanted reset. In most cases, you can issue the set config acl nvram command in order to solve this problem. When the switch console is connected to an async line of a terminal server and you perform a soft reset on the switch, garbage (random characters) streams across the screen for MGMT-5-LOGIN_FAIL:User failed to log in from Console Problem The switch generates MGMT-5-LOGIN_FAIL:User failed to log in from Console errors.

Description This example shows the console output that you see when this error occurs on the switch: %SYS-6-CFG_CHG:Module 3 block changed by SecurityRx %SYS-6-CFG_CHG:Module 4 block changed by SecurityRx This message By default, the switch forwards untagged traffic with the native VLAN that is configured for the port. Description This example shows the syslog output that you see when this error occurs: %SPANTREE-3-PORTDEL_FAILNOTFOUND:9/5 in vlan 10 not found (PAgP_Group_Rx) These syslog messages indicate that the PAgP attempted to remove