fatal error require_once cannot redeclare class apc Kelford North Carolina

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fatal error require_once cannot redeclare class apc Kelford, North Carolina

reply Add new comment Your name E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Replace lines matching a pattern with lines from another file in order Was the Balrog of Moria aware of the presence of the One Ring during the events of Khazad-dûm? I'd like to reproduce the error and want to give more detailed info but I tried my solution on another project with same problem, it works either. The autoload feature doesn't perform significantly differently.

PHP is a dynamic language that is compiled on-demand into bytecode at execution time. Guzzle\Service\Command\AbstractCommand->prepare() phar:///…/aws.phar/Guzzle/Service/Client.php:201 0.5213 5611368 10. I am using Version 7.7 and had just installed the Collapse Text module and had rebooted my apache server. Yes, APC can be used as a cache backend or a "key-value store"; however, this is not recommended.

To learn more about how much memory your site is using, visit the site's New Relic dashboard. I found that setting apc.filters to stop APC caching files inside PHAR archives fixed the issue for me: apc.filters = "^phar://" jeremeamia commented Dec 20, 2013 Great, that is a good If I disable apc.stat then I see "It works" for the first time but after refresh I see: Warning: require_once(C:\Program Files\Apache2\Zend\Application.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in By the way, this bug hit me on RHEL and not windows. [2010-02-05 19:04 UTC] rrothe at mindspring dot com Would it be possible to get 3.1.x compiled for PHP 5.2.x

In trying to provide you with some info from my error logs I rebooted the apache server again and low and behold, problem gone. yes no [2009-10-04 18:40 UTC] info at thomas-peterson dot de Description: ------------ Hello, with Php Version 5.3 and 5.2.9 i become an error with the new APC Version: [apc-error] Cannot redeclare Hope this will help you a bit. In LocalSettings.php I have $wgCacheDirectory = "$IP/cache"; and $wgMainCacheType = CACHE_ACCEL; when I browse to the wiki's main page I get "Fatal error: require(): Cannot redeclare class profiler in path...\AutoLoader.php on

giving hollow objects a thickness A Shadowy Encounter Is it possible to have a planet unsuitable for agriculture? Thanks Log in or register to post comments Comment #8 Chi CreditAttribution: Chi commented October 28, 2011 at 5:26am Component: system.module » database system Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » I have ask the reported to write a smaller reproduce script than the Zend Framework :). After a lot of hair pulling I found that setting apc.include_once_override = 0 cleared things up.

Which class is being redeclared in the error for the reproduction you sent us? I am using Centos 6.3 with PHP 5.3.3, Apache 2.2.15 and mysql 5.1.67. reply Never mind... With the passing of Thai King Bhumibol, are there any customs/etiquette as a traveler I should be aware of? (KevinC's) Triangular DeciDigits Sequence Is it OK for graduate students to draft

Some info for APC is now in phpinfo(). Bin for windows with the patch: http://pecl2.php.net/downloads/php-windows-builds/qa/test/php_apc-3.1-inodefix-5.3-VC9-x86.zip Pls try it. [2009-10-18 17:27 UTC] brian dot white at foxfire74 dot com Here's what I have observed after running this for the past In particular, note that in addition to the apc.include_once_override = 0 solution, the underlying problem may be fixed in subsequent versions of APC. Why?

With apc.stat = 1 pages load but 0 files are cached. 3. Based off of the solution linked to in comment #23 We were running into the issue on OpenScholar with variable apc.include_once_override set to 0, APC version 3.1.3p1, in an Acquia environment For example, the error I got was: [apc-error] Cannot redeclare class someClass In file A I had the following: require_once '/path/to/someClass.php'; In file B which resides in the same directory as Is there a place in academia for someone who compulsively solves every problem on their own?

APC shared memory is separate and distinct for each environment. more hot questions question feed lang-php about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Omega subtheme nuances New Year 2013 Diversifying ► December 2012 Happy Holidays 2012 Time = Money Core contributor without even knowing ► November 2012 Strings to my bow Advanced networking Replicating share|improve this answer edited Nov 20 '11 at 0:19 animuson♦ 33.4k2192124 answered Jul 15 '11 at 8:21 farhad 17912 2 well 2 years down the line, this answer just saved

The D7 site in question starts out fine after apache restart but soon WSOD's with our old friend: [Tue Mar 05 12:27:47 2013] [error] [client ww.xx.yy.zz.] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare for more clarification on the nature of the issue. But it looks like getting rid of a typo in the form of a pass-by-reference solved the problem. How to decrypt a broken S/MIME message sent by Outlook?

You note your cache configuration in the bug report, is that means if you comment the following line, the error disappears? $wgMainCacheType = CACHE_ACCEL; $wgCacheDirectory = "$IP/cache"; Could you also do A corruption in one environment will not affect the other. There are a couple of other potential solutions to consider as well: Don't use the phar. Log in or register to post comments Comment #9 Chi CreditAttribution: Chi commented October 29, 2011 at 5:00am Version: 7.7 » 7.9 Component: database system » system.module The error goes away

You signed out in another tab or window. I'm testing this against php PHP 5.3.1-dev (built: Aug 4 2009 17:47:44) (DEBUG) And it keeps saying "It works", no matter how many times I hit it. [2009-10-15 08:45 UTC] info Hope this helps somebody best regards Log in or register to post comments Comment #30 qqboy CreditAttribution: qqboy commented July 23, 2014 at 2:28am Issue summary: View changes #9 chi helped It was my custom session using classes, and PHP has destroyed objects before the call to write().

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? J'ai supprimé apps\phpmyadmin et ré-installé -> marche toujours pas et même erreur J'ai désinstallé Neard et ré-installé avec 7-Zip -> même erreur Pouvez vous éventuellement me donner un autre lien de Sed replace specific line in file Can a Legendary monster ignore a diviner's Portent and choose to pass the save anyway? For example: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class InsertQuery_mysql in ...

reply Restarting Apache would have Submitted by Adam Malone on Thu, 13/03/2014 - 1:17pm Restarting Apache would have had the site-effect of clearing APC (I'm assuming you have that as opcode I think the better fix is to broadly implement a BASE_PATH constant rather than relying on PHP include path. [2010-04-27 06:56 UTC] slach at 74mail dot ru APC 3.1.3 compiled for You can fix it by either wrapping that class with an if statement (like below), or you can put it into a separate file and use require_once(), instead of include(). Merci pour votre aide.

We can detect where these call time pass by reference issues arise with the following line for our code sniffer. Please note that I got many similar reports (same error) lately. [2009-10-07 00:05 UTC] [email protected] This doesn't reproduce for me with the latest APC. Install the SDK via Composer or the zip. I solved it by commenting out this the following line in config/application.ini: ;includePaths.library = APPLICATION_PATH "/../library" I hope this will help you.

I am running PHP 5.3. I'm %100 sure there is no bug related to apc. It started on my machine after I reinstalled my OS. SVN may cause the same class to appear twice in the conflicted code file; two alternative versions of it ("mine" and "theirs").

My guess is that this is not related to just Twitter's bootstrap (I'm seeing the issue on a site without that) and so we should move it to Core. The inode, and therefore st_ino, has no meaning in the FAT, HPFS, or NTFS file systems. In it, you'll get: The week's top questions and answers Important community announcements Questions that need answers see an example newsletter By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms doudoufly commented Aug 22, 2014 Bonjour, Ok merci.

Which means that the st_ino is unset for a file. If someone posts specific reproduction instructions and/or a simpler reproduction code example I'll debug this further. [2009-10-08 18:06 UTC] info at thomas-peterson dot de I have make an test project: http://www.thomas-peterson.de/apctest.rar However, if the environments are running the same code, they can potentially experience the same problem. What are Imperial officers wearing here?