fatal error cannot redeclare class ajaxrequest plugin in Indian Trail North Carolina

Welcome to REAPERS. Keeping your electronics repaired and maintained for over 5 years in the Charlotte area. Our heart belongs to the gaming community and our start came from that community. Game consoles are not the only thing REAPERS repairs, but it is the bulk. Over the past three years we have repaired all kinds of electronics from a USB flash drives to mother boards for Nascar shop computers. Therefore we have expanded our business in order to accomidate all types of electronic repairs. We have staffed our shop with unique technitions that specialize in almost every electronic repair and most repairs are completed within 24 hours. ">This site explains the reasons why Game Consoles, Computers, Mobile Devices, and TVs fail and what procedures are used to conduct our repairs. At REAPERS we believe that transparency with our customers along with great prices and a friendly atmosphere is our number one priority. At Reapers we have an "open shop" policy. Meaning that unlike other repair shops where you are completely separated from the staff and they're procedures, at Reapers you get to see us in action. We welcome it

Playstation Repair, Xbox repair, Wii repair, Laptop repair, Screen repair,

Address 3707 Scott Futrell Rd., Charlotte, NC 28208
Phone (704) 588-5558
Website Link http://www.reaperselectronics.com

fatal error cannot redeclare class ajaxrequest plugin in Indian Trail, North Carolina

I did read the topic solved-k2-star-rating-gif but its not quite what I'm looking for I also tried topic k2-rating-10-star-hack and tried using the hack in that page to change .itemRatingList (sorry Facebook Connect Removed Remove unsupported account association in edit profile if user is logged in using JFBC. Bug Fix Cant post plain text status on php 5.5.x Bug Fix Comments are not shown when clicking on "Show All Comments" in photo streams. No fields load for either the email or social network choices (I disabled the "secret" choice).

PS: In TRAC there should be a component called "util"

3010Pake task fix-perms does not work with custom cache, log or upload directoryfabienmajortasks1.0.11fixed Reported by Eric.Lemoine, 02/26/08 14:37:13: Hello The Bug Fix Update user points when group members is removed. So, I'm assuming it's a 1.6.1 problem. Videos Bug Fix Video overlap the pop-up on small screen sizes.

Backend and Installer Bug Fix Filters in user listing are not respected. If you run into this issue again, enable error reporting. 16 Jun 2016 11:39 Krikor Category: English K2 Community 500 Error on k2 items 3 months 4 weeks ago This is Backend and Installer Bug Fix Do not allow admins to reset user privacy until the form is saved. Bug Fix Keep the stream filter after post.

And still my website only says: "...Cannot redeclare class CMSNavigation..." I can get you the contents of the icl_ tables, if that would be helpful? May 21, 2009 at 12:13 pm #10232 Mihai Forum moderator I know you've already mentioned that you tried de-activating all the other plugins, but just to be sure, you don't have Bug Fix Group join approval should only be sent to current group admins. Search Bug Fix Fix alphabetical ordering in advanced search.

To follow the pattern to explicitly state also empty columns (it might be that the default is different so setting it to empty is meaningful) I propose to change it to: Or perhaps we can have both: return $this->renderPartial('templateName'); return $this->renderPartial('templateName', array('name' => $name));

2435Add dependencies to package.xml.tplfabienminorother1.0.0fixed Reported by Pierre, 10/23/07 20:09:53: As some of them are enabled by default Bug Fix Fix actor link in photo comments module. pixelthrone Author over 2 years ago Hi, Yes we want to Improve this shortcode, put more animation options.

When I started testing symfony using the sf_sandbox, I get the error message ... I still can't figure out what's wrong with the component and joomla, though. the post_max_size is 64mb thank you. 06 Jun 2016 16:15 Leandro Nischida Category: English K2 Community Error attachments 4 months 1 week ago I solved the problem by following the link New Feature Online status.

For some reason my best selling product shows out of stock and won't allow customers to purchase…even thought I have 10,000 in stock…it won't let me set it to "in stock". so I can help you. Bug Fix Check for video limits on upload. Bug Fix Can't create announcement in private group.

Groups Bug Fix Editor is not saving unordered list in discussion. Improvement Remove autocapitalize from username and password. Bug Fix Fix the fatal error in configuration at some instances. Project.

Bug Fix Announcement tab show Discussions if admin user is not a member of the group. I reviewed the code and saw that the problem in this part of actions.class.php: if ($this->getRequestParameter('datetime_message')) { list($d, $m, $y) = sfI18N::getDateForCulture($this->getRequestParameter('datetime_message'), $this->getUser()->getCulture()); $test->setDatetimeMessage("$y-$m-$d"); } The sfI18N::getDateForCulture() only returns the date, Bug Fix Update unsubscribe link in email footer. Bug Fix Use different email template when invite message is empty.

Videos Improvement Bring back missing video providers with updated API's. Subscribe to WPML Popular support subjectsPopular support subjectsBrowser Language Redirection SupportBuddyPress Multilingual SupportCompatibilityEmbedded InstallerGravity Forms Multilingual SupportHelp on using icl_register_string and icl_t functionshreflangICL_LANGUAGE_CODE related supportInstall and upgradeLanguage configuration file support topicsLanguage Bug Fix Mutual friends page is not showing mutual friends. Any ideas?

visyon Purchased over 2 years ago Hi, I’ve this question…I use for my work the plugin SEO by Yoast, I wanted to know if this plugin it’s ok or there is pixelthrone Author over 2 years ago Hi, Yes support, just create a new page and choose the template “portfolio”. I love the look of it on desktop, but there seems to be some issues with it on mobile phone. New Feature Import users.

This uses OpenInviter technology to log in to 3rd party websites and send mass invitations. *See note in README file. New Feature Featured activity streams. Bug Fix Fix the missing album cover. Can you give me a url for I see this happen?

Bug Fix Edit groups photo album from My Photos will make that album not belong to group anymore. Question: Do you know if switching off the w3-total-cache plugin will remove the cached version of the site? The form validator always says that no file was uploaded. Search Bug Fix Advanced search returns error when seraching within profiletype.

Bug Fix Correct upoad to S3 storage. Bug Fix Advanced search fails for checkbox fields. eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/05d3if9be5 Junior_yang Purchased about 2 years ago : )THX! Activity Stream Bug Fix Discussion stream shows HTML tags.

I have made a "Blog" item in my main menu and set it to be a K2 User Blog. Facebook Connect Bug Fix Fix the logout issue with jomsocialconnect module. Try clearing your cache. At least, the task should throw an exception if it is unable to extract strings from other formats than XLIFF files.

3155[PATCH] Avoid PHP warning when url_for() has for url

Bug Fix Can't share a photo to Facebook. Bug Fix Members Search module does not work on Search pages. I always get error. New Feature Full Joomla 3 compatibility.

Bug Fix Add proper link for user in Video Comments module. You can do a search in the entire WP folder just to be sure... Thanks. Videos Bug Fix Impossible to upload MP4 videos with audio mime type.

Bug Fix Add proper if/else condition for closing events module. Upload GIF's to the frontpage, profile, group and events stream. Bug Fix Fix hardcoded strings in statistics module. Improvement Open "execute cron" in a new window.