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exact audio sync error Chimney Rock, North Carolina

This reports (IIRC) a timing error, presumably because it's failing to overread into the leadout, but the rip does contain all the audio data up to the end of the CD. This is why the files are too big to write them as data files, but it should be possible to write them as audio CD instead. However, as almost everyone has said above, if the checksums match the probability that an error occurred should be essentially zero. I'll try lead-in/lead-out and see what happens.

Go To Compression Options, and check if all compression options are correct. Usually the gaps are not copied to the (single) WAV files anymore. I'm not certain why my other drive generally rips those tracks at 100% - just lucky I guess. In the original poster's case, his problem *may* be occurring because his drive possibly doesn't support overreading into the lead-in/lead-out area.

If both fail, the output is probably not correct anymore. As many of you will know, some of these discs take a looooong time to rip. Select song from wherever it's saved. If not, try to lower speed or even to extract in burst mode, sometimes this will give better results (but no error reporting though).

Head-Fi's Best Sellers ASUS Xonar Essence STX14 Reviews “great neutral sound, easy installation” “absolutely neutral, decent headphone amp, built quality, design” » More on ASUS Xonar Essence STX $210.16See it FiiO Last Edit: 16 March, 2013, 10:55:53 PM by db1989 sin(α) = v sound/v object = Mach No. If it detects errors it may be able to correct them. When I look on the harddisk I see that the files are more than 800 MB in size.

Is there an explanation for this? If the stream ever breaks, it will tell the user in the status report by showing up suspicous positions. What does the Track Quality really mean? Full Review Shure SE535LTD RED Reviewed by Dte102 So I decided to jump ship from my old SE215s to the SE535LTDs.

It could possible to revive them by copying them in burst mode to hard disk. The newer drive rips more consistently at 100% quality than the older drive. In this case it is possible that only silence is returned. But this will help the program to obtain best result by comparing all of the retries.

At least last EAC version I routinely used, would go through its entire ripping procedure first (and give all the warnings) and then do the AR lookup.- you purchased dBpoweramp without If an error occurs (read or sync error), the program keeps on reading this sector, until eight of 16 retries are identical, but at maximum one, three or five times (according What is C2? These are all different methods for retrieving the index markers (gaps, etc.).

Another mode (up to half of maximum speed) is for non-caching, accurate stream drives (without C2 support). The EAC wizard does not always make the optimal choices for drive settings and you may need to experiment with what works for your drive. Looking at the numbers that are coming out though, I'm tempted to guess that it could be something as simple as arguments being supplied to a datetime function in the wrong So it only indicates read problems.

Modny Well-Known Member Location: Parma, Ohio David R. The program also tries to correct the jitter artefacts that occur on the first block of a track, so that each extraction should be exactly the same. I didn't configure EAC at the first time and EAC extracted the audio really fast, somewhere between 8x and 14x. Thanks for the info.

David R. Test it with burst mode. Try setting the speed to maximum, for some Teac drives a firmware update will improve speed settings. Third, are any resident applications that might interfere with DAE (apps like Daemon Tools, Cl*neCD, Allkoholl, Nero InCD, AnyD*D or maybe some strange antiviral software) running in the background while you

Logged boojum Trade Count: (1) Needs to get out more... I get this error often but not all times. http://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?title=EAC_Drive_Options   Did you setup Accurip with a test CD as well? I also have an alternate source for one of the other shows, so hopefully it will not have the errors.FYI, one of the discs took around 10 hours to extract, with

Was it simply tricking the C2 error detection into not realising that it had failed to read the final sector, or was it tricking the drive into actually overreading into the I guess the problem is in the drive. Have a look on the CD if it is dirty. Active Member Location: Toronto From the Wiki on Slimdevices.com: NOTE: if you experience trouble with errors on every track, you may want to experiment with the "Fill up offset missing samples

With your click on OK, you agree to the use of cookies to. I need EAC to rip them in order to flac them for uploading.Back to the errors. greynol Hero Member Joined: 01 April, 2004 Posts: 12,173 Logged Global Moderator EAC sync error on a brand-new CD Reply #3 – 16 March, 2013, 10:03:57 PM Quote from: SonicBooom! The EAC wizard does not always make the optimal choices for drive settings and you may need to experiment with what works for your drive.

This is indeed most likely the culprit.