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error zfs pool does not support boot environments Angier, North Carolina

For example: # zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT rpool 7.17G 59.8G 95.5K /rpool rpool/ROOT 4.66G 59.8G 21K /rpool/ROOT rpool/ROOT/zfsBE 4.66G 59.8G 4.66G / rpool/dump 2G 61.8G 16K - rpool/swap Creating boot environment . The device is not a root device for any boot environment; cannot get BE ID. Also use this procedure after you have used the luupgrade feature to upgrade a ZFS root file system to at least the Solaris 10 5/09 release.

Updating compare databases on boot environment . dataset mount-point Use the optional dataset keyword to identify a /var dataset that is separate from the root dataset. Boot the system from the newly-created root pool. 3. Previous: Creating a Mirrored Storage PoolNext: Creating a RAID-Z Storage Pool © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates Documentation Home > Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide > Chapter 5 Installing and

You can mirror as many disks as you like, but the size of the pool that is created is determined by the smallest of the specified disks. Will the below process work: Again rpool is an existing mirror using 2 internal disks add SAN LUN to rpool # zpool attach rpool c4t60060E800547670000004767000003D8d0 3 way mirror created... Reset the mount points for the ZFS BE and its datasets. People have been waiting for this for a long time, and will naturally be eager to migrate their root filesystem from UFS to ZFS.

All rights reserved. Reboot back to multiuser mode. # init 6 [edit] Primary Mirror Disk in a ZFS Root Pool is Unavailable or Fails * If the primary disk in the pool fails, you He works as a consultant with Sun Microsystems and has contributed extensively to the Solaris certification program and simulation technology. I've chosen rootpool to make it clear what the pool's function is.

Check your OS release for the available FMA diagnosis engine capability. # fmdump TIME UUID SUNW-MSG-ID Aug 18 18:32:48.1940 940422d6-03fb-4ea0-b012-aec91b8dafd3 ZFS-8000-D3 Aug 21 06:46:18.5264 692476c6-a4fa-4f24-e6ba-8edf6f10702b ZFS-8000-D3 Aug 21 06:46:18.7312 45848a75-eae5-66fe-a8ba-f8b8f81deae7 ZFS-8000-D3 scrub: resilver in progress for 0h1m, 24.26% done, 0h3m to go config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM rpool ONLINE 0 0 0 mirror-0 ONLINE 0 0 0 c1t0d0s0 ONLINE 0 0 Confirm that the zones from the UFS environment are booted. The default file system is still UFS for this Solaris release.

Size should equal or greater than existing rpool disk. Updating system configuration files. Reset the mount points for the ZFS BE and its datasets. 8. # zfs inherit -r mountpoint rpool/ROOT/s10u6 # zfs set mountpoint=/ rpool/ROOT/s10u6 9. To boot from the new BE, zfs2BE, select option 2.

The active BE is s10u607bbe2. File propagation successful File propagation successful File propagation successful File propagation successful bash-3.00# lustatus Boot Environment Is Active Active Can Copy Name Complete Now On Reboot Delete Status -------------------------- -------- ------ Why Should learn ? - Part 1 3 weeks ago Configuring NFS HA using Redhat Cluster - Pacemaker on RHEL 7 August 24, 2016 Pandora FMS - Opensource Enterprise Monitoring System Set the bootfs property on the root pool BE. # zpool set bootfs=rpool/ROOT/s10u607bbe2 rpool 9.

Confirm that the zones from the UFS environment are booted. 4. Review the zfs list output. The mount points can be corrected by taking the following steps. [edit] Resolve ZFS Mount Point Problems 1. For example: # zfs set volsize=1G rpool/swap 21.

For example: # zpool create rpool mirror c0t0d0s0 c0t1d0s0 /* The Solaris 10 10/08 dump creation syntax would be: # zfs create -V 2G -b 128k rpool/dump /* The SXCE build My examples would be all based on Sun xVM VirtualBox. For example: # zfs list -r -o name,mountpoint rpool/ROOT/s10u6 NAME MOUNTPOINT rpool/ROOT/s10u6 /.alt.tmp.b-VP.mnt/ rpool/ROOT/s10u6/zones /.alt.tmp.b-VP.mnt//zones rpool/ROOT/s10u6/zones/zonerootA /.alt.tmp.b-VP.mnt/zones/zonerootA The mount point for the root ZFS BE (rpool/ROOT/s10u6) should be /. Disk Replacement ExampleReplacing Devices in a Pool * In this example we are assuming that "c4t60060160C166120099E5419F6C29DC11d0s6" is the faulty disk and we will replace it with "c4t60060160C16612006A4583D66C29DC11d0s6" host:~ # zpool status

I followed the below steps to successfully rename my zone's name.STEP 1: Shutdown the zone "orazone"Issue the following commands from the globalzone to shutdown orazone.globalzone# zoneadm list -iv ID NAME STATUS In this example, two BEs are available, s10s_u6wos_07b and s10u607bbe2. If you will be configuring zones after the JumpStart installation of a ZFS root file system and you plan on patching or upgrading the system, see Using Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade Live Upgrade with Zones Review the following supported ZFS and zones configurations.

Display even more details with fmdump -eV. # fmdump -eV TIME CLASS Aug 18 2008 18:32:35.186159293 ereport.fs.zfs.vdev.open_failed nvlist version: 0 class = ereport.fs.zfs.vdev.open_failed ena = 0xd3229ac5100401 detector = For example: # zpool create -f -o failmode=continue -R /a -m legacy -o cachefile=/etc/zfs/zpool.cache rpool c1t1d0s0 5. The same bug also prevents the BE from mounting if it has a separate /var dataset. After a master system is installed with or upgraded to at least the Solaris 10 10/09 release, you can create a ZFS flash archive to be used to install a target

Copying. Solaris OS Components – All subdirectories of the root file system that are part of the OS image, with the exception of /var, must be in the same dataset as the In addition, all Solaris OS components must reside in the root pool, with the exception of the swap and dump devices. Updating boot environment description database on all BEs.

The package add to the BE completed. bootenv Identifies the boot environment characteristics. Analyzing system configuration. When he’s not working in the field, he writes UNIX books and conducts training and educational seminars on various system administration topics.

Due to a bug in the Live Upgrade feature, the non-active boot environment might fail to boot because the ZFS datasets or the zone's ZFS dataset in the boot environment has Roll back the root pool snapshots. # zfs rollback -rf rpool/[email protected] 115. A few days back i had a need to rename my Solaris zones from "orazone" to "oraprodzone". ok boot net or ok boot cdrom Then, exit out of the installation program. 2.

Mount the remote snapshot dataset. # mount -F nfs remote-system:/rpool/snaps /mnt 3. Solaris 2.6 Administrator Certification Training Guide, Part I (New Riders Publishing, ISBN 157870085X) . Updating system configuration files. Making boot environment bootable.

For more details about using Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade for a ZFS root migration, see Migrating a UFS Root File System to a ZFS Root File System (Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade). Creation of boot environment successful. Checking selection integrity. Create the ABE as follows: # lucreate -c ufsBE -n zfsBE -p rootpool This command will create two boot environments where: ufsBE is the name your current boot environment will be

Determining which file systems should be in the new boot environment. In most cases, all of the disk's capacity should be in the slice that is intended for the root pool. # zpool create rpool mirror c1t2d0s0 c2t1d0s0 # lucreate -c ufsBE Updating compare databases on boot environment . Solaris 7 Administrator Certification Training Guide, Part I and Part II (New Riders Publishing, ISBN 1578702496) .