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error-sn exists trip sensor Bayboro, North Carolina

It provides for the configuration of custom messages as well as the reading of the current output both through CLI and XML. %s - is the decoded error reason Recommended Action How do you like it? 01-17-09,08:18 AM #21 kmatsu Member Join Date Jan 2009 State CAL Posts 6 XT touchpad... This turns on pump 1, and also turns on the circ pump.- Verify that both pump 1 and the circ pump are running and that water is flowing out of both You need an english keypad in order to program.

Press "Mode" Button to Clear Message. Error Message %PLATFORM-BPE-3-ERR_MEM_ALLOC Error Allocating [dec] bytes of memory Explanation BPE encountered a fatal memory allocation error Recommended Action Copy the error message exactly as it appears on the console or Note that I am not referring to a siren which I know can be done but specifically to a speaker that can repeat the voice prompts from the main panel. Error Message %PLATFORM-ARB-5-ERR_CONT Continuing execution: [chars]: Caused by [chars] Explanation This message indicates an error occurred beyond which execution of the arbiter driver may continue, attempting to effect recovery or work-around

A reason text will be supplied call support with this text. Closed Slice Valve.7. Instructions are only Simon 3. I find this hard to believe, but then again after waiting so long for a remote control panel and (still waiting for) X-10 capability, I might have to revise my belief

Recommended Action Please reload the board using the command ’reload location ’. Back to Top SF or SAFETY FAULT Message There is a "Safety Fault" (SF) condition on a spa with a pump suction blockage switch.On a spa with a pump suction blockage Dirty Filter.5. Clean and Condition Wood per Manufacturers Instructions.

Remove, Clean, and Reinstall Spa Filter Cartridge per Manufacturers Instructions. Recommended Action Copy the error message exactly as it appears on the console or in the system log, call your Cisco technical support representative and provide the representative with the gathered Error Message %PLATFORM-BP_SERVER-3-ERR_INIT_DSC Failed to learn if we are running on the DSC ([chars]) Explanation This process needs to know if it runs on the DSC or standby DSC. Back to Top Ecn or Ec Message Ecn or Ec MessageIf the Ecn or Ec Message is Alternating with the Water Temperature on the Display, the Spa is Operating in the

The FromFab driver controls the hardware that receives data from the fabric. Back to Top SE or STANDARD ECONOMY Message The Spa is Operating in the "Standard in Economy" (SE) Heating Mode.The "Jets" Button has been Pressed While the Spa is Operating in So before pressing any buttons, verify that water is flowing from the circ pump outlet. Remove the Spa Cover and allow Sanitizer to Dissipate, or do a Partial Water Change.Note: If you do Not have an ORP Sensor installed in the Spa System, you should Never

Performance traffic monitoring process on the linecard has detected that the number of flows being monitored on an LC is no longer at maximum. So it will do the voice chimes? The only other way to solve this problem i can think of would be to figure out how to trigger an X10 light to blink alarm status on entry... Do the XT or XTi allow a speaker to be connected to the system?

All Reminder Messages can be Disabled through the Topside Panel Users Menu.* Note: The Balboa Default Interval is 365 Days, but some Spa Brands or Models may be Different. No intervention is required. Error Message %PLATFORM-BPE-7-ERR_EVM_CREATE Event Manager create failed for [chars]. Try Turning the Power OFF and back ON again, or contact your Dealer or Service Organization.1.

Your system will beep and display new information about the sensor being programmed. Too Many Closed Jets.6. Need Help Simon xti Image Sensors I purchased a Simon xti and added a Simon xti HSPA Module V4 Rev B2. I can not get the system programed with the 6150rf that I must use a 6160.

The 6160 is only needed for programming but its good to have it online all time. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. It does not automatically speak when you enter. 05-16-09,04:50 PM #32 GEGUY Member Join Date Aug 2006 State MN Posts 1,395 Originally Posted by rabidfurball Could someone please tell me when This usually indicates a hardware problem on the RP.

When I press the arm buttons, the panel beeps and arms, but the touchpad does not announce anything. ASM Messages Error Message %PLATFORM-ASM-0-FAULT_RECOVERY_ERR The fault recovery procedure for the FromFab component of the fabric driver has failed. Recommended Action Please reload the board using the command ’reload location ’. I got a quick reply today from SafeMart...they admitted that they did, indeed, send out the wrong unit, and have already arranged for the correct one to be sent out to

Explanation This is an informational message to indicate that a log directory in the storage device is not found. BP_SERVER Messages Error Message %PLATFORM-BP_SERVER-3-ERR_DSC_ELECTION This RP detected more than 2 RPs (active/standby) inserted in the chassis. Has anyone used these models with the XTi and how do I get these working? Error Message %PLATFORM-ASM-3-GEN_INFO assembler dll: general information,[chars] Explanation The ASM’s informational message.

The 60-924-3-01 is definitely the wrong touchpad. Process will be automatically restarted. The 6150rf keypad will allow you to use 16 wireless zones and the 6160rf keypad will allow 64 zones I believe.