get a server busy error with streets and trips Wyandanch New York

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get a server busy error with streets and trips Wyandanch, New York

The road segment leading to that traffic light will have a low average speed. Waze Map Editor is the official name of the current, web-based map editor. This problem can be caused by a variety of issues, including: Internet connectivity has been lost. Tuesday, June 01, 2010 2:18 PM 0 Sign in to vote The issue is definitely a problem with a piece of software running upon startup and confusing the network configuration.

More Waze users would help fix this. We can assume that when there are insufficient records for an individual time slot, a wider time range is used (up to a full day). Can I add a road hazard or accident to the map from home or the office? If the average speed (based on the average waiting time) becomes low enough, a longer route that avoids the light becomes the preferred route.

If you delete your Waze account all your credits, saved favorite locations, drive history and rank will be gone. I have tried not having anything in the credentials manager and have tried adding the server administrator account in the credentials manager, so do not think that is the problem. All driving when Waze is running, whether in navigation mode or not, is tracked and can give you points. In the beginning i had no problem with being able to connect with my wireless work network.

See answer above on how to minimize the report count. The only thing i can think of was the installation of avg security but i am not convinced that this is the issue as i have avg on my laptop and Why isn't the location of other Wazers in the app accurate? For some reason i am now unable to locate my pc on the ps3 and i don't recall changing any settings.

I have identified the problem (hkey_current_userprintersdevmodeperuser) and removed all the unwanted printer info on that page. It is the best road to take, but Waze chooses a different route because it has no information about the speed at 10am and assumes the speeds is 12mph all day. For this reason there is a recommended process everyone is asked to use in order to help answer the hundreds of questions that come in every day. Problem is when you leave the store with new computer nobody wants to know you if you need help!

Q129590: Multimedia Strauss: BETA Misprinted Under Copyright Text The word "BETA" is a production error. Why doesn't Waze learn my routes? Well there is nothing to click on and when i click technical support link, it stalls again. For this reason, do not fire at friendly missiles unless you want to destroy them." Note: Microsoft has taken this down.

Giving an un-editable area with a small red cross at top left conner and "done but with errors" message at bottom. Some of my points are missing If all of your points are gone, refer to the explanation on possibly being on the wrong server. For most short drives such as commutes to work and back under 50km or so, you will likely find them in the editor in under 15 minutes. As the number and density of Wazers grows, this real-time data takes on a greater importance.

Q131109: Earth Rotates in Wrong Direction "When you run Explorapedia and use the Exploratron to look at the Earth spinning, the Earth rotates in the wrong direction." Q157583: No Error When View 2 Replies . The Waze server can calculate which list of roads to take to minimize the total travel time. Generation of the Live Map should take place daily, but the queue of changes is lengthy, so most map edits should appear in the Live Map within 2 days.

We can speculate that there is additional information used that is based upon the day of the week. View 5 Replies . When you continue to play the game, make sure that you do not allow the play clock to expire when you select your first offensive play in the play picker." Q171676: The following browsers are acceptable for use with Waze Map Editor: Chrome (preferred) Safari Firefox Why do I get to see traffic reports hundreds of miles away in the client?

Waze knows the slow vehicles are turning off the exit ramp and the fast ones are continuing straight. The 'server busy' message is appearing because the program is trying to access the internet before the connection is completely ready.   The usual suspects, in no particular order, would be: Retrieved from "" Categories: Wazeopedia Global PageArticles containing potentially dated statements from July 2011Review redirectsWaze operationsHidden category: All articles containing potentially dated statements Navigation menu Views Page Discussion View source History Q832321: Microsoft wireless mouse is unresponsive, inconsistent, or irregular Thanks to Rich for the submission!

Q158592: Problems When Too Many Fonts Are Installed "These problems can occur if you have too many fonts installed for the amount of available program memory." Q249919: Conflicts with Offline Files I went in the registry and changed the value of both options in the exe folder without realizing that i should've just edited the default. Q305681: Computer Turns Off During Text-Mode Setup If it Is Too Hot "SYMPTOMS: The Welcome screen may appear, and your computer may then turn off." Q157035: Date Returned in a Macro The system is windows vista 64 SP2.

Contents 1 Client based routing 2 Routing requests 3 Missing roads and incorrect junction connections 4 Real-time current road speeds 5 Fastest routing 6 Changes in route due to different origin Can I navigate to latitude and longitude or GPS coordinates? It may become so large that it no longer fits on the slide, and may run off the bottom or side of the slide." Q252669: Cannot Suppress the Word Startup Splash This forum getting ready for windows 7 must have been removed.

does not censor any word or combinations of words." They probably had to put that up because someone's mom called. I had downloaded and played a game on my other computer, and the client worked just fine. View 4 Replies . To understand this problem better, consider if we add a short Seg8 between Seg7 and Jnct4.

What's wrong? 15 How are points calculated? 16 Some of my points are missing 17 How does Waze determine my home state or country? 18 How can I delete my account Any solutions? Error Code 1402 - Corrupt Registry Office installation gives me an 1402 error code - cannot open the registry key. Q136001: Tad's Mouth Doesn't Move "In Microsoft Explorapedia, World of Nature, Tad (the frog who serves as the guide) does not move his mouth when he speaks." Q137591: Recycle Bin Icons

Mapping Drive With Server 2003 I cannot map a drive to my server (server 2003). Secondly, if you think there is a better route, check in WME that the roads are all connected along the route. Q248910: Opening and Closing a Form Hundreds of Times Noticeably Affects System Resources "To temporarily work around this problem, free system resources. I am pretty knowledgeable with computer, this has never happened, i have tried everything, this is not something common.

Q182004:E-mail from Macintosh User Garbled Outlook does not recognize the Apple DoubleFormat Internet format. My margins are off by one one-hundredths of a centimeter." Q252463: Index Server Error Message Reveals Physical Location of Web Folders Great. You must set the road category, its name, city and directionality. However when using the import wizard in Streets and Trips (versions 2011 through 2013), if streets detects long and lat columns it will default to pinning by long/lat data and skip

When do my Drives show up in the Waze Map Editor? I have a couple of windows 7 machines that i'd like to be able to get files from our apple servers. When i run a diagnostic on it, it tells me "dns server may be experiencing problems". Q823762: Windows Setup Does Not Support Upgrading from Microsoft Windows 2000 Server" Error Message When You Try to Upgrade to Windows Server 2003 "To resolve this issue, obtain a retail version