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gcc turn off error Wanakena, New York

A function returns normally if it doesn't contain an infinite loop or return abnormally by throwing, calling abort or trapping. The C standard specifies that such arguments are ignored. The ISO type of an integer constant has a different width or signedness from its traditional type. For example, in: float area(float radius) { return 3.14159 * radius * radius; } the compiler performs the entire computation with double because the floating-point literal is a double. -Wduplicate-decl-specifier (C

This can be useful when preparing code to use with the FLOAT_CONST_DECIMAL64 pragma from the decimal floating-point extension to C99. Next:Debugging Options, Previous:Language Independent Options, Up:Invoking GCC 3.8 Options to The compiler sees only the calls to setjmp. Note these are only possible candidates, not absolute ones. This option can be used to suppress such a warning. -Wno-incompatible-pointer-types (C and Objective-C only)Do not warn when there is a conversion between pointers that have incompatible types.

the OpenMP for parallelization... ;) –Dee'Kej Feb 17 at 0:12 add a comment| up vote 32 down vote Sometimes you just need to suppress only some warnings and you want to Note that there may be no warning about a variable that is used only to compute a value that itself is never used, because such computations may be deleted by data Is there a Korean word for 'Syllable Block'? Level 2: Aggressive, quick, not too precise.

cov(x,y)=0 but corr(x,y)=1 Developing web applications for long lifespan (20+ years) How to limit a xorg installation to a single video driver? Furthermore, the prior value shall be read only to determine the value to be stored.”. The next way to ignore the undesired warning is to disable the warning for that translation unit. -Wno-foozle-mcgoogle, just for that particular translation unit. It warns about code that might break the strict aliasing rules that the compiler is using for optimization.

Here is an example of such a case: { if (a) if (b) foo (); else bar (); } In C/C++, every else branch belongs to the innermost possible if statement, This warning is only issued if the base of the constant is ten. These occur after the evaluation of a full expression (one which is not part of a larger expression), after the evaluation of the first operand of a &&, ||, ? : Browse other questions tagged gcc compiler-warnings compiler-options or ask your own question.

Note these are only possible candidates, not absolute ones. A function-like macro that appears without arguments. Higher levels also correspond to more effort, similar to the way -O works. -Wstrict-aliasing is equivalent to -Wstrict-aliasing=3. To inhibit the warning messages, use -Wno-long-long. -Wvariadic-macrosWarn if variadic macros are used in pedantic ISO C90 mode, or the GNU alternate syntax when in pedantic ISO C99 mode.

Programs whose behavior depends on this have undefined behavior; the C and C++ standards specify that “Between the previous and next sequence point an object shall have its stored value modified For instance, the following comparison is always false: int n = 5; ... This allows GCC to more aggressively devirtualize the polymorphic calls. Dec 30, 2013 at 5:40am UTC cire (7697) A quick look inside a system header reveals: #pragma GCC system_header http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/cpp/System-Headers.html#System-Headers Last edited on Dec 30, 2013 at 5:42am UTC Dec

There are four levels of warning supported by GCC. Often, the problem is that your code is too big or too complex; GCC refuses to optimize programs when the optimization itself is likely to take inordinate amounts of time. -Wpointer-sign See Options Controlling C Dialect. After talking with the project owner, he told me my system Ada compiler (gcc-4.3.4) "smells too new" for the code base, and my options were to hack the source code or

I.e. I get the following warning, which in turn causes the gcc or make to report an error: gcc -c -g -O2 -gnatpg -gnata -nostdinc -I- -I. -Iada -I../../gcc/ada ../../gcc/ada/exp_ch5.adb -o ada/exp_ch5.o This warning is enabled by -Wall. -Wunused-labelWarn whenever a label is declared but not used. Alas, you've stated you cannot do this. :-( NOTE: Have warnings turned up as verbose as your team can tolerate! [see below] The next best way to ignore the undesired warning

They do not occur for variables or elements declared volatile. What do I do when two squares are equally valid? This analysis requires option -fipa-pure-const, which is enabled by default at -O and higher. It is equivalent to -Wstrict-aliasing=3 -Wstrict-aliasing=nThis option is only active when -fstrict-aliasing is active.

The absence of these prototypes when compiling with traditional C would cause serious problems. How should I calculate the determinant? Identifier conflicts with labels. Browse other questions tagged gcc g++ warnings or ask your own question.

For example, instead of -IC:\\boost_1_52_0, say -isystem C:\\boost_1_52_0. These warnings are made optional because GCC is not smart enough to see all the reasons why the code might be correct despite appearing to have an error. This option is independent of the standards mode. This construct, known from C++, was introduced with ISO C99 and is by default allowed in GCC.

This warning is also enabled by -Wextra. -Wbad-function-cast (C and Objective-C only)Warn when a function call is cast to a non-matching type. It is possible for this option to produce a warning even though there are circumstances under which part of the affected line can be executed, so care should be taken when For example, the following new expression is not diagnosed at this level even though it has undefined behavior according to the C++ standard because it writes past the end of the For example: x + 1 > 1 is simplified to x > 0. -Wstrict-overflow=4Also warn about other simplifications not covered by the above cases.

The C standard specifies that zero-length formats are allowed. -Wformat=2Enable -Wformat plus additional format checks. This warning is enabled by -Wall. -Wunused-but-set-parameterWarn whenever a function parameter is assigned to, but otherwise unused (aside from its declaration). c++ gcc warnings pragma share|improve this question asked Jun 7 '12 at 13:09 piwi 2,12121236 1 -fno-permissive is the default. -fpermissive and nothing are the "negative" and "positive" versions of This warning is enabled by -Wextra in C99 and C++11 modes (and newer). -Wshift-overflow-Wshift-overflow=nWarn about left shift overflows.

This warning is enabled by default for C++ programs. -WclobberedWarn for variables that might be changed by longjmp or vfork.