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It is best to use it only when there are unavoidable circular references between two or more archives. --accept-unknown-input-arch --no-accept-unknown-input-arch Tells the linker to accept input files whose architecture cannot be See --entry and --undefined. If a successfully built fully linked output file does not have a ".exe" or ".dll" suffix, this option forces the linker to copy the output file to one of the same The one causing the trouble was gcc.   I could compile a c program, but after I installed another gcc via macports,  the error on ifort disappeared.

However, an undefined symbol in an object appearing later on the command line will not cause the linker to search the archive again. But since it doesn't need func, this object file is not included in the link. If you're using gcj to build your Java program, you should be able to link in the other libraries you need via "-l[libname]". If you later link a program against this filter object, then, when you run the program, the dynamic linker will see the DT_AUXILIARY field.

If you fully understand why this depends on linking order, as well as how to avoid the problem (and more serious problems, like circular dependencies) then congratulate yourself and move on When casting a cube spell on a hex grid do you pick a honeycomb for origin or an intersection for origin? This is currently only supported on ELF , XCOFF and SunOS platforms. Note that registered members see fewer ads, and ContentLink is completely disabled once you log in.

Note that those options are only available for ELF systems. --hash-size=number Set the default size of the linker's hash tables to a prime number close to number. This is to prevent gaps between symbols due to alignment constraints. If it is, see if adding "-lsensors" to a link path either in Netbeans or in the makefile works. A type cast explicitly changes the type of data from one type to another, but you haven't used one.

can you tell me how to solve this problem? This error will cause you no end of trouble. Useful Searches Recent Posts Options Please select a forum to jump to News and Article Discussion MacRumors.com News Discussion Mac Blog Discussion any sugestions???

Most Liked Posts mikezang, Jul 25, 2015 mikezang macrumors 6502a Joined: May 22, 2010 Location: Tokyo, Japan #1 I tried to create a cross compile for my old Lego RCX, I Normally the linker will perform this check, and if it finds any overlaps it will produce suitable error messages. When I try to load the lib the "UnsatisfiedLinkError" is catch. The default dynamic linker is normally correct; don't use this unless you know what you are doing. --fatal-warnings --no-fatal-warnings Treat all warnings as errors.

Normally the linker will add a DT_NEEDED tag for each dynamic library mentioned on the command line, regardless of whether the library is actually needed or not. --as-needed causes a DT_NEEDED In the United States is racial, ethnic, or national preference an acceptable hiring practice for departments or companies in some situations? Typically, the alignment will be set by an input section. and also, What happened to LD_LIBRARY_PATH that can't be set.

This tells the dynamic linker that the symbol table of the shared object should be used as an auxiliary filter on the symbol table of the shared object name. Not the answer you're looking for? You have either forgotten to declare a variable before using it, or else you have mistyped a variable name. Using this option has a significant performance cost.

Then, when it reaches -lc, the object file holding memcpy from the C library does get linked in because by now memcpy is on the undefined list. Anyhow, as you can see the object files and libraries are provided in a certain order on the command-line, from left to right. here is the class Quote: public class Warnings { public static void loadNativeLibraryOrProvideWarning(String libName) { try { System.loadLibrary(libName) ; } catch( UnsatisfiedLinkError e ) { System.err.println(e) ; if ( e.toString().indexOf("libnetsnmp.so") != Top E K.

Imagine that instead of simplefunc.c, the func symbol is provided thus: $ cat func_dep.c int bar(int); int func(int i) { return bar(i + 1); } $ cat bar_dep.c int func(int); int This is only useful for a few object file formats. Assuming the memcpy here was packed into the libstray_memcpy.a library: $ gcc -L. With --no-copy-dt-needed-entries specified on the command line however any dynamic libraries that follow it will have their DT_NEEDED entries ignored.

First if you are getting a linker error then all of your syntax is correct because the compiler has moved past the syntax checking stage and onto the linking stage. Browse other questions tagged c osx gcc osx-mountain-lion or ask your own question. If the linker finds an object with an audit entry while searching for shared libraries, it will add a corresponding "DT_DEPAUDIT" entry in the output file. Not the answer you're looking for?

This book contains many real life examples derived from the author's experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. For a native linker on an ELF system, if the file /etc/ld.so.conf exists, the list of directories found in that file. This is only meaningful for object file formats such as MIPS ECOFF which supports putting large and small objects into different sections.

This is normally used to turn an archive file into a shared library, forcing every object to be included in the resulting shared library. See VERSION for more information. --dynamic-list-data Include all global data symbols to the dynamic list. --dynamic-list-cpp-new Provide the builtin dynamic list for C ++ operator new and delete. For i386 PE , symbols explicitly listed in a .def file are still exported, regardless of this option. C statements usually start with a reserved word, a variable name, or a function name.

Steve - Intel Developer Support Top Kevin D. (Intel) Wed, 01/14/2015 - 11:35 I have not been able to coax ld into shedding light on where those external references are resolved Looks like you are using the wrong GCC. The default behaviour (of not performing this garbage collection) can be restored by specifying --no-gc-sections on the command line. --gc-sections decides which input sections are used by examining symbols and relocations. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

Why is absolute zero unattainable? The options read are inserted in place of the original @file option. unterminated string or character constant You have an unbalanced number of single or double quotation marks. Specifically, on ELF and SunOS systems, ld will search a directory for a library called libnamespec.so before searching for one called libnamespec.a. (By convention, a ".so" extension indicates a shared library.)

Here's what the linker does: The linker maintains a symbol table. The linker does know about, and does make allowances for sections in overlays. The C library I mentioned before makes a heavy use of this feature, by mostly splitting itself to an-object-per-function. If the dynamic linker resolves any symbols from the filter object, it will first check whether there is a definition in the shared object name.