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from distutils.core import compile error South Cairo, New York

It also contains the Mingw32CCompiler class which handles the mingw32 port of GCC (same as cygwin in no-cygwin mode). 10.7. distutils.emxccompiler -- OS/2 EMX Compiler¶ This module provides the EMXCCompiler Thus, when you say packages = ['foo'] in your setup script, you are promising that the Distutils will find a file foo/ (which might be spelled differently To disable it explicitly in the rare cases where a type needs to juggle with its tp_dict internally without paying attention to cache consistency, this option can be set to Also provides find_executable() to search the path for a given executable name. 10.21. distutils.sysconfig -- System configuration information¶ The distutils.sysconfig module provides access to Python's low-level configuration information.

transforms a .c file to a .o file.) sources must be a list of filenames, most likely C/C++ files, but in reality anything that can be handled by a For Python 2.4 and 2.5, the compiler is Visual Studio .NET 2003. The files in the dist directory are the ones needed to run your application. 4. Thanks a lot anyway. –Neo Sep 28 '10 at 8:06 add a comment| up vote 7 down vote I ran across this error on a Beaglebone Black using the standard Angstrom

If output_dir is given, object files will be put under it, while retaining their original path component. The value for this keyword is a list of strings, each of which names a Python module or package, and optionally identifies the version. distutils.util.get_platform()¶ Return a string that identifies the current platform. if --quiet is the "negative alias" of --verbose, then --quiet on the command line sets verbose to false.

The constructor for each subclass creates an instance of the Compiler object. distutils.sysconfig.EXEC_PREFIX¶ The result of os.path.normpath(sys.exec_prefix). For Windows 95/98/Me, you need the Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU) dll from here (Internet Explorer is required to download it: Scroll down to the Win95/98/Me section). You signed out in another tab or window.

If a source file is older than any file in depends, then the source file will be recompiled. the OS packages split distutils in a python-devel package) and you can’t ask a sysadmin to install the missing piece, then you’ll have to install your own Python. Will be detected from the source extensions if not provided. There are new samples for the 'typelibs' support, including the new option of pre-generating a typelib and specifying the file as an input to py2exe.

See the Classifier field. plat defaults to (eg. 'posix', 'nt'), and compiler defaults to the default compiler for that platform. The installer puts a copy of the DLLs in the directory C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS (XP), inside subdirectories with mangled names. Any help would be appreciated.

The only clever feature is that if the first line of the script starts with #! and contains the word "python", the Distutils will adjust the first line to refer There are plenty of good installer builders out there including some that are open source (e.g., NSIS) and some that are free (e.g., Inno Setup). The basic idea behind a compiler abstraction class is that each instance can be used for all the compile/link steps in building a single project. options is a list of (long_option, short_option, help_string) 3-tuples as described in the constructor for FancyGetopt.

macros, if given, must be a list of macro definitions. Compiling with Sage¶ The Sage notebook allows transparently editing and compiling Cython code simply by typing %cython at the top of a cell and evaluate it. Either that, or I find distutils archive for python 2.5. –Neo Sep 28 '10 at 7:35 2 If you are installing local Python switch to 2.6 or 2.7 They come base_dir will be the common prefix of all files and directories in the archive.

sys.path.append("C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\\VC\\redist\\x86\\Microsoft.VC90.CRT") win32ui special case win32ui needs MFC DLLs to run .exe, see Py2exeAndWin32ui for extra informations 5.2.2. Each qualifier may consist of a comparison operator and a version number. You may need to add some python paths in your windows path variable (I forget). Updates the current line number, so calling warn() after readline() emits a warning about the physical line(s) just read.

You can specify the data_files options as a simple sequence of files without specifying a target directory, but this is not recommended, and the install command will print a warning One way is to compile it manually with the Cython compiler, e.g.: $ cython primes.pyx This will produce a file called primes.c, which then needs to be compiled with the Subject to the license terms for the software, you may redistribute the folder (unmodified) in the application local folder as a sub-folder with no change to the folder name. Here's a slightly more involved example, which we'll follow for the next couple of sections: the Distutils' own setup script. (Keep in mind that although the Distutils are included with Python

extra_preargs and extra_postargs are implementation-dependent. The versions identified by the qualifiers are those that are obsoleted by the distribution being described. A new command lives in a module in the distutils.command package. distutils.ccompiler.gen_lib_options(compiler, library_dirs, runtime_library_dirs, libraries)¶ Generate linker options for searching library directories and linking with specific libraries.

I actually do all my windows python development using msys:, which is a complementary shell for mingw and other useful unix tools. optimize must be one of the following: 0 - don't optimize (generate .pyc) 1 - normal optimization (like python -O) 2 - extra optimization (like To prevent unicode encoding error, py2exe now by default includes the codecs module and the encodings package. A useful analogy for command classes is to think of them as subroutines with local variables called options.

a list of strings export_symbols list of symbols to be exported from a shared extension. Some examples: Provides Expression Explanation mypkg Provide mypkg, using the distribution version mypkg (1.1) Provide mypkg version 1.1, regardless of the distribution version A package can Where are sudo's insults stored? COM servers COM servers are built by passing a com_server keyword argument to the setup function, again the value must be a list of Python module names containing one or more

It is possible to take a copy of these files and remove the filename mangling, to embed them in your application as described in 5.2.1. 6. distutils.util.execute(func, args[, msg=None, verbose=0, dry_run=0])¶ Perform some action that affects the outside world (for instance, writing to the filesystem). Currently only 'posix' and 'nt' are supported, and the default compilers are "traditional Unix interface" (UnixCCompiler class) and Visual C++ (MSVCCompiler class). Other arguments are as for the link() method.

macros is a list of macro definitions as for compile(), which will augment the macros set with define_macro() and undefine_macro().