freshclam error incorrect argument format for option httpproxyport Saranac New York

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freshclam error incorrect argument format for option httpproxyport Saranac, New York

In these cases make sure the script name does not contain any spaces or the configuration parser will choke because it can't determine where the script name ends and script options Sum of neighbours Truth in numbers Two right-angle marks coded to be congruent but look different Framing "standalone" class output with "framed" and others Is intelligence the "natural" product of evolution? OpenVPN 2.0 introduces a new mode ("server") which implements a multi-client server capability. --local host Local host name or IP address for bind. After removing completely those values (all the line, not only the white space), they disappeared in subsequent configurations (sudo dpkg-reconfigure clamav-freshclam) and the generated freshclam.conf was right.

As of OpenVPN v2.3 it is now a strict requirement to have full path to the script interpreter when running non-executables files. Like the --dev directive, this directive must always be compatible between client and server. The local flag will cause step 1 above to be omitted. Should be used in conjunction with --dev tun or --dev tunX.

If this installation is mainly used to\nscan data which comes from a different location, please enable this\noption and enter a two-letter code (see\nof the country of origin.", "country-code" }, { Normally the up script is called after the TUN/TAP device is opened. Though all command line options are preceded by a double-leading-dash ("--"), this prefix can be removed when an option is placed in a configuration file. --help Show options. --config file Load This requirement for authentication is binding on all potential peers, even those from known and supposedly trusted IP addresses (it is very easy to forge a source IP address on a

Please contact [emailprotected] immediately.) -- 678247: Debian Bug Tracking System Contact [emailprotected] with problems CD: 16ms Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no You can of course combine all three, but please note that since setcon requires access to /proc you will have to provide it inside the chroot directory (e.g. This option behaves exactly like --log except that it appends to rather than truncating the log file. --suppress-timestamps Avoid writing timestamps to log messages, even when they otherwise would be prepended. This has the benefit of overriding but not wiping out the original default gateway.

I can't tell if it's inadvertent data entry or some other issue, but it's not a clamav bug. With this option you can enable the compression.\nThe change will take effect with the next database update.", "" }, 452 453 { "ExtraDatabase", NULL, 0, CLOPT_TYPE_STRING, NULL, -1, NULL, FLAG_MULTIPLE, OPT_FRESHCLAM, Note that if cmd includes arguments, all OpenVPN-generated arguments will be appended to them to build an argument list with which the executable will be called. Additionally, two environment variables will\nbe defined: $CLAM_VIRUSEVENT_FILENAME and $CLAM_VIRUSEVENT_VIRUSNAME.", "/usr/bin/mailx -s \"ClamAV VIRUS ALERT: %v\" alert < /dev/null" }, 275 276 { "ExitOnOOM", NULL, 0, CLOPT_TYPE_BOOL, MATCH_BOOL, 0, NULL, 0, OPT_CLAMD,

When activated for\nthe first time, freshclam will download a new database file (safebrowsing.cvd)\nwhich will be automatically loaded by clamd and clamscan during the next\nreload, provided that the heuristic phishing detection is Keep this value low to prevent clamd hanging.", "200"}, { "ReadTimeout", NULL, 0, CLOPT_TYPE_NUMBER, MATCH_NUMBER, 120, NULL, 0, OPT_MILTER, "Waiting for data from clamd will timeout after this time (seconds).", "300" Use this option only if the TUN/TAP device used with --dev does not begin with tun or tap. --topology mode Configure virtual addressing topology when running in --dev tun mode. This option can be combined with --inactive, --ping, and --ping-exit to create a two-tiered inactivity disconnect.

On Windows, --route-delay tries to be more intelligent by waiting w seconds (w=30 by default) for the TAP-Win32 adapter to come up before adding routes. --route-up cmd Run command cmd after This can be useful in linking OpenVPN messages in the syslog file with specific tunnels. Currently n can be 1, 2, or 3 and defaults to 1. --mute n Log at most n consecutive messages in the same category. Valid options are yes|no|only", "yes"}, 224 225 { "LocalSocket", NULL, 0, CLOPT_TYPE_STRING, NULL, -1, NULL, 0, OPT_CLAMD, "Path to a local socket file the daemon will listen on.", "/tmp/clamd.socket" }, 226

The --mtu-test process normally takes about 3 minutes to complete. --fragment max Enable internal datagram fragmentation so that no UDP datagrams are sent which are larger than max bytes. Closes: #660966 * Fix pending l10n issues. Apply the given flags to the OpenVPN transport socket. In any case, OpenVPN's internal ping packets (which are just keepalives) and TLS control packets are not considered "activity", nor are they counted as traffic, as they are used internally by

I'm guessing it is just white space, but that needs to be confirmed. This goes further than --user and --chroot in that those two, while being great security features, unfortunately do not protect against privilege escalation by exploitation of a vulnerable system call. This article outlines some of problems with tunneling IP over TCP: There are certain cases, however, where using TCP may be advantageous from a security and robustness perspective, such as Useful when pushing private subnets. --tun-mtu n Take the TUN device MTU to be n and derive the link MTU from it (default=1500).

In this context, the last command line parameter passed to the script will be init. Closes: #660475 . [ LoÃc Minier ] * Pass --without-included-ltdl to configure instead of hardcoding --with-ltdl-include= and --with-ltdl-lib= pathnames, the pathnames wouldn't work with multiarch anymore. * rules: let clamav-dbg depend The path and arguments may be single- or double-quoted and/or escaped using a backslash, and should be separated by one or more spaces. This mode allocates a single IP address per connecting client and works on Windows as well.

Closes: #653409 - Polish (MichaÅ KuÅach). Settings for level: 0 -- Strictly no calling of external programs. 1 -- (Default) Only call built-in executables such as ifconfig, ip, route, or netsh. 2 -- Allow calling of built-in This option is described more fully above in the --up option documentation. --setenv name value Set a custom environmental variable name=value to pass to script. --setenv FORWARD_COMPATIBLE 1 Relax config file Make all failures fatal.","Auto"}, 304 305 { "Statistics", "statistics", 0, CLOPT_TYPE_STRING, "^(none|None|bytecode|Bytecode|pcre|PCRE)$", -1, NULL, FLAG_MULTIPLE, OPT_CLAMSCAN | OPT_CLAMBC, "Collect and print execution statistics.\nPossible values:\n\tBytecode - reports bytecode statistics\nPCRE - reports PCRE

An OpenVPN client will try each connection profile sequentially until it achieves a successful connection. --remote-random can be used to initially "scramble" the connection list. A member file download can also be achieved by clicking within a package contents listing on the according byte size field. Closes: #660475 . [ LoÃc Minier ] * Pass --without-included-ltdl to configure instead of hardcoding --with-ltdl-include= and --with-ltdl-lib= pathnames, the pathnames wouldn't work with multiarch anymore. * rules: let clamav-dbg depend This directive can be used multiple times.\nSee for the complete list of PUA\ncategories.", "NetTool\nPWTool" }, 310 311 { "IncludePUA", "include-pua", 0, CLOPT_TYPE_STRING, NULL, -1, NULL, FLAG_MULTIPLE, OPT_CLAMD | OPT_CLAMSCAN, "Only

Scott Kitterman (supplier of updated clamav package) (This message was generated automatically at their request; if you believe that there is a problem with it please contact the archive administrators This may be desirable in order to avoid leaking internal names.\nIf unset the real machine name is used.", "" }, 537 538 { "VirusAction", NULL, 0, CLOPT_TYPE_STRING, NULL, -1, NULL, 0, It can also be used multiple times.", "/\n/home/user" }, { "OnAccessIncludePath", "on-access-include", 0, CLOPT_TYPE_STRING, NULL, -1, NULL, FLAG_MULTIPLE, OPT_CLAMD, "This option specifies a directory (including all files and directories\ninside it), which Be quick or fork to\navoid unnecessary delays in email delievery", "/usr/local/bin/my_infected_message_handler" }, 539 540 { "Chroot", NULL, 0, CLOPT_TYPE_STRING, NULL, -1, NULL, 0, OPT_MILTER, "Chroot to the specified directory.\nChrooting is performed

Note: Using --topology subnet changes the interpretation of the arguments of --ifconfig to mean "address netmask", no longer "local remote". --tun-ipv6 Build a tun link capable of forwarding IPv6 traffic. The IP addresses may be consecutive and should have their order reversed on the remote peer. Please replace XY with your\ncountry code (see\ is a round-robin record which points to our most reliable\nmirrors. Closes: #660966 * Fix pending l10n issues.

To disable the 120 second default, set --ping-restart 0 on the client. For TUN devices, which facilitate virtual point-to-point IP connections (when used in --topology net30 or p2p mode), the proper usage of --ifconfig is to use two private IP addresses which are This option overrides DatabaseMirror, DNSDatabaseInfo\nand Scripted Updates. Hi, Have you tested that that is a valid config file?

The reason the support for the system flag was removed is due to the security implications with shell expansions when executing scripts via the system() call. --disable-occ Don't output a warning This information was last pulled 8 hours ago. Having said that, there are valid reasons for wanting new software features to gracefully degrade when encountered by older software versions. Changed in clamav (Ubuntu): status: New → Confirmed Michael Tautschnig (mt-debian) wrote on 2012-03-04: #8 Hi, Could those seeing this issue please send the part of their freshclam.conf file that has

autolocal -- Try to automatically determine whether to enable local flag above.