freepbx registration error 404 Savona New York

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freepbx registration error 404 Savona, New York

Thanx Best Regards Meghna zoa (support at asteriskguru dot com) 03 November 2005 21:50:56 host is the ip address of the phone, not the server. Any help would be great. What could be the problem? houlmbaye walter(walterhoulmbaye at yahoo dot fr)24 June 2009 07:47:40i would like to download this softphone IQBAL HUSSAIN(chargulli at yahoo dot com)13 June 2009 08:15:14i want to use a software,low cost.

my phone rings, I can hear them and they can hear me... HIPPOLYTE (hfasah at yahoo dot com dot au) 25 March 2006 14:16:39 Hi all, I am a new commer.I want to be an asterisk guru.My problem is I don't know where All I can get is '503 - Service Unavailable'. I went through the settings and tried to remove all references to xten but it still makes the connection.

Just click on the Menu button - left from the Clear button below the screen. The Asterisk box, soft phones, and hard phones (Polycom 650) are all on the same LAN. It's making UDP connections back to home base. No SIP device (truck or phone) will register with Asterisk server FreePBX Installation lee586 2010-04-27 21:26:30 UTC #1 HELP HELP HELP!!

Thanks for those who helped! They couldn't find anything wrong.Seems OK what you tried. I also installed the x-lite softphone in the same linux box where I installed Asterisk and configured it the same but instead of xxx, i used yyy This is the sip.conf is it right or it should be the ip address of x-lite phone?

You can download it from Files: Doc1.docx Reply URL Leave a Comment Unordered List Ordered List Align text to the left Center text Align text to the right Upload Image Link to Image Attach a Is this some variety of alien technology/ or is simply some distinctive wall artwork? everything works fine on asterisk side like when I do database show it shows me the registeration of windows messenger.

Le Son Phat (sonphat_le at yahoo dot com) 14 April 2006 11:15:33 I dont know Why it shows: Login timed out! I'm pretty sure that you extension/secret on the phones are not matching the extension/secret on the asterisk box. It wasn't to do with iptables/firewalls. dori (dori dot starosa at gmail dot com) 02 May 2007 07:33:18 I need to see whose clients number are calling in.

When you download the phone it looks like this on the picture below: Do not worry about the error message that appears on the top of the screen. he always says date hour] Notice[2273]: chan_sip.c:14354 handle_request_register: registration from ´´ failed for ´´ - No matching peer found. Am new to asterisk. mekashron Newsterisk Posts: 6Joined: Thu Feb 22, 2007 2:10 am Website Top I got hte same problem!

Powered by: UseResponse - Feedback Software CounterPath Technical Support Submit Ticket Topics New Topic Knowledge Base Store Login New Topic CounterPath Technical SupportTopicProblemUncategorized Properties Category Uncategorized Similar Topics What does After that I can not get through. here is my configuration for two phones in sip.conf [321] type=friend username=ivan host=dynamic canreinvite=no context=sip disallow=all allow=g729 allow=alaw allow=ulaw [123] type=friend username=ivan host=dynamic canreinvite=no context=sip disallow=all allow=g729 allow=alaw allow=ulaw Now when and in proxy write your IP adress..

Vinod morara (morarabau at yahoo dot com) 24 August 2007 13:39:52 please i cannot log in to my softphone(x-lite).my username is 1398721.please help janasis (amitjanasis at gmail dot com) 19 August Thanks jagdish (dhaliwal dot jagdish at yahoo dot com) 09 November 2008 23:04:23 it says registration error so what should i do puneet singhi (vikash_jammy at yahoo dot co dot in) umesh (umeshmohanty75 at yahoo dot com) 12 September 2006 09:30:09 good sabik (sabikva at hotmail dot com) 08 September 2006 02:57:49 ss Mike (sorry at noway dot com) 15 August 2006 ikzer (rez_inge2000 at yahoo dot fr) 18 March 2006 15:42:13 I want to know how add the second user "test" in sipphone "xlite": 1.

in extensions put as follows [from-sip] exten => 2000,1,Dial(SIP/2000,20) exten => 2001,1,Dial(SIP/2001,20) tejas (tejas705 at yahoo dot com) 01 December 2005 11:14:30 i have set an asterisk server and 2 sip SIP by default is connected to port 5060 unless you have gone in and re-configured things. I haven't signed up for a service yet so I'm just trying to get extensions to call each other. X-Lite cannot use silence detection when it is used with Asterisk server.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. But still it doesn't work it gives me the same error. I can hear them but they can't hear me. Simon (smonlim1 at yahoo dot com) 19 March 2006 03:17:55 Hey all, could your help.

The only way I could get my soft phones to show "logged in" was to configure register=never. i got the same problem HI all! contact network Adm Your number is :ivan Call Timer:0:00:00 Everything was configured:(the same sources in your tutorial) iax.conf: [ivan_iax] type=friend username=ivan_iax secret=lesonphat host= context=tutorial [test_iax] type=friend username=test_iax secret=lesonphat host= context=tutorial extensions.conf: Nediank (nedian2k at hotmail dot com) 18 August 2008 15:36:37 Hello i can receive a call from outside but i cannot do outside call and i have checked completely in outbound

The phone in question has been put in the DMZ of the router so realistically it should have no problems, I think I will go to the site and use wireshark after you have done this exit out of the config editor, and type /etc/init.d/network restart you will now have to log into the box if on a putty session on its Thank you. thanks for all.

I'm using the Windows version, the Linux configuration screens look a little different Right click on the display part of the screen and you should see an option called "SIP Account I don't have a domain assigned to the server, just an IP. hussien m (hussien3 at gmail dot com) 05 August 2008 09:22:31 hi , frined 00962 79 5068605 irfan (fanu86 at yahoo dot ca) 21 July 2008 22:08:02 any one can tell do you have any idea what is going wrong?

Thanks Regards . Board index The team • Delete all board cookies • All times are UTC - 6 hours Powered by phpBB © 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group Idefisk Tools Tutorials Reviews Here's the netstat from the box itself for asterisk:
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 7657/asterisk
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 7657/asterisk
udp 0 0* 7657/asterisk
udp 0 0 Waiting for your reply.

No matter what I do I can't get any device to register with Asterisk. Please refer to this KB article: Best Regards. When I did this, however, the web interface to trixbox changed language to French. Nishant M (nishantmdoak at gmail dot com) 17 January 2006 10:12:22 can anyone let me know the way conferencing can be done in X-lite ?