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freebsd read error 0xbb Shushan, New York

We were able to recover most of the data in that situation, but still have some doubts about whether our analysis of the underlying issue is complete. LIL The second stage boot loader has been started, but it can't load the descriptor table from the map file. zio_wait+0x10d/0x150 [zfs] [ 1718.383616] [] dsl_deadlist_open+0x101/0x180 [zfs] [ 1718.383622] [] ? Find more details in the release announcement (in Serbian).

I wouldn't give up on the drives, maybe just set them aside, or make a dd copy, until we have time to take another crack at them. SMART Attributes Data Structure revision number: 16 Vendor Specific SMART Attributes with Thresholds: ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAG VALUE WORST THRESH TYPE UPDATED WHEN_FAILED RAW_VALUE 1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x002f 166 112 051 Pre-fail Always Retrieved 2009-04-26. lilo(8)–Linux Administration and Privileged Commands Manual lilo.conf(5)–Linux File Formats Manual References[edit] ^ Wiedorn, Joachim (2015-11-22). "LILO Bootloader for GNU/Linux". Linuxo Live! 0.3 Linuxo Live!

But will be running without a cold spare until then as I only ordered 3 replacement drives. Select Distribution 0Linux4MLinuxAbsoluteAbulÉduAgiliaLinuxAlpineALTAndroid-x86AntergosantiXAPODIOApricityArchArchBangAryaAsteriskNOWAUSTRUMIAV LinuxBackBoxBaltixBaruwaBerryBicomBio-LinuxBlack LabBlackArchblackPantherBLAGBlankOnBlueOnyxBluestarBodhiBOSSBridgeBSDRPBunsenLabsCAINECaixa MágicaCalculateCanaimaCentOSChakraChaletOSChapeauClearOSClonezillaConnochaetCoreOSCRUXCubDebianDebian EdudeepinDevilDevuanDragonFlyDuZeruEasyNASEdubuntuElastixelementaryEliveEmmabuntüsEndianExeExherboExTiXeZeYFedoraFermiFinnixFreeBSDFreeNASFrugalwareFuguItaFuntooGeckoGentooGhostBSDgNewSenseGoboLinuxGPartedGreenieGrmlGuadalinexGuixSDHaikuHandyLinuxHanthanaIPCopIPFireKaianaKaliKANOTIXKaOSKaroshiKDE neonKNOPPIXKodachiKolibriOSKororaKubuntuKwortKXStudioLakkaLeeenuxLegacyLFSLinExLinHESLinpusLinuxBBQLinuxConsoleLinuxfxLiteLliureXLubuntuLunarLuninuXLXLEMageiaMakuluLinuxMangakaManjaroMauiMAXMetamorphoseMidnightBSDMiniNoMINIXMintMiracleMirOSMythbuntuNanolinuxNAS4FreeNeptuneNetBSDNethServerNetrunnerNexentaStorNixOSNSTNuTyXOB2DOLPCOmoikaneOpenBSDOpenELECOpenIndianaOpenLXopenmambaOpenMandrivaOpenMediaVaultopenSUSEOpenwallOPNsenseOracleOSMCOverclockixOz UnitypaldoParabolaPardusParrotParsixParted MagicPCLinuxOSPeach OSIPearlPelicanHPCPentooPeppermintpfSensePinguyPisiPlamoPLDPlopPointPoliArchPorteusPorteus KioskPrimTuxProxmoxPuppyQ4OSQubesQuirkyRancherOSRaspbianReactOSRebeccaBlackOSRebellinRed HatRefractaRemixOSREMnuxRescatuxResulinuxRISCRobolinuxRocks ClusterRockstorROSARuntuSabayonSalentOSSalixScientificSecurepointSELKSSemplicesiductionSimplicitySlackelSlackwareSliTazSmartOSSME ServerSmoothwallSMSSolarisSolusSolydXKSonarSophosSource MageSparkyLinuxSpringdaleSteamOSStellaStressLinuxSuliXSuperXSUSESymphonyOSSystemRescueT2TailsTangluTENSThinstationTiny CoreToutouTrisquelTrueOSTurnKeyUberStudentUbuntuUbuntu DPUbuntu GNOMEUbuntu KylinUbuntu MATEUbuntu StudioUHU-LinuxUlteoUltimateUniventionUntangleURIXUrukVectorVineVinuxVoidVolumioVortexBoxVoyagerVyOSwattOSWebconvergerWhonixWifislaxWM LiveXStreamOSXubuntuZentyalZenwalkZeroshellZevenOSZorin • • • • • • • • Stay logged in Sign up now! ZFS on Linux member behlendorf commented Dec 19, 2014 @simonbuehler Again sorry and thanks for your patience.

Would you like to switch discs now? zvol_create_snap_minor_cb+0xa0/0xa0 [zfs] [Thu Jan 7 06:16:59 2016] [] dmu_objset_find+0x49/0x70 [zfs] [Thu Jan 7 06:16:59 2016] [] _zvol_async_task+0x318/0x320 [zfs] [Thu Jan 7 06:16:59 2016] [] taskq_thread+0x21f/0x430 [spl] [Thu Jan 7 06:16:59 2016] Academic now, but for anyone who wants to know. spl_kmem_zalloc+0xbb/0x160 [spl] [Thu Jan 7 06:16:59 2016] [] dsl_dataset_hold_obj+0x1fd/0x890 [zfs] [Thu Jan 7 06:16:59 2016] [] dsl_dataset_hold+0x85/0x210 [zfs] [Thu Jan 7 06:16:59 2016] [] ?

I tried to use '-v' to see where does the dvd stop loading, but I couldn't figure out nothing... If you create a feature request at, post the issue number here.Click to expand... Currently waiting for the Datarescue guys to do their magic, hope they succeed... Xemacs occupies a special place in my heart, as I use it to do just about everything (including writing this).

Now, after an interesting episode with a screwed up boot menu on my screen that didn't accept any keyboard input, I finally got to the web interface setup screen (separate VLAN, Several T of data in there, and although there shouldn't be any single instance bits not present elsewhere, re-aggregating all of this will be a PITA. simonbuehler commented Oct 31, 2014 @behlendorf thanks for looking into this, one question: is there a way to use zdb somehow to find a valid txg faster and speed things up, capability in the BIOS, the FreeBSD loader didn't get stuck at the spinning bar any more, but gave me a "Read Error: 0xbb" I then disconnected the Force 3 SSDs, set

Next step is to set up networking with a static IP address, so I think I'm back on track :) CiPHERDeveloper1136 postsPosted on 19 February 2012 @ 09:39Maybe its your motherboard The best I can hope for at this moment, I think, is to fill up the spare area by repeated test cycles and push the drive into selftest failure. dnode_hold_impl+0x308/0x4c0 [zfs] [Thu Jan 7 06:11:31 2016] [] ? Unless you can run a SMART test and get it to fail you are stuck with the drive.

Still some distance to go until I can release the machine to field testing, I guess ...Last Page LILO (boot loader) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search LILO Unfortunately, the OS has not shed all its bugs, and even has gained a few new ones. Install Android on Your PC With Remix OS 3.0NEW! i IanWorthington, May 9, 2014 #16 survive Super Moderator Moderator Joined: May 28, 2011 Messages: 857 Thanks Received: 22 Trophy Points: 26 Occupation: Senior Systems Engineer Location: Missouri, USA IanWorthington

This is the second time space maps have bitten us, first one was when we figured out that scrubs cant validate free space maps, now this. Checking the gmirror status I saw: # gmirror status Name Status Components mirror/gm0 DEGRADED ad3 In addition, I installed sysutils/smartmontools and got the following output: # /usr/local/sbin/smartctl -a /dev/ad0 smartctl version Noone has asked for it? Free Tech Guides NEW!

Current build is based on #4133 with some of the newer PRs cherry-picked in. The following script worked for me: cdrdao read-cd --device /dev/rcd0c --datafile disc.bin toc cdrdao write --device /dev/rcd1c --datafile disc.bin toc rm toc eject /dev/cd0a eject /dev/cd1a Although I don't run KDE as my desktop, I do make heavy use of KDE tools such Konqueror and Kthesaurus. dnode_hold+0x19/0x20 [zfs] [ 581.424883] [] ?

Hardware recommendations • RAID5/RAIDZ1 is dead Read my guide! Then use the USB stick to boot your real server, which uses different boot mechanics. simonbuehler commented Nov 6, 2014 the data i lost is important so i have to wait, thanks behlendorf added this to the 0.6.4 milestone Nov 7, 2014 simonbuehler commented Nov 18, If you're booting from a SCSI disk or a large IDE disk, you should check, whether LILO has obtained correct geometry data from the kernel or whether the geometry definition corresponds

Mandriva Linux is the new name covering products. Any idea anybody? Then I set the controller back to AHCI mode for all channels, and I was back to the spinning bar upon reboot. Warning: the distribution only supports Portuguese.