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free pascal error operator is not overloaded Saint Regis Falls, New York

Can I not > compair 2 records? Error: function header doesn't match the previous declaration "arg1" You declared a function with the same parameters but different result type or function modifiers. Warning: Procedure named "arg1" not found that is suitable for implementing the arg2.arg3 The compiler cannot find a suitable procedure which implements the given method of an interface. Member Posts: 85 Re: Error: Operator is not overloaded « Reply #9 on: December 17, 2011, 10:05:04 pm » While doing a test example to post as requested by Bart I

Error: Impossible to overload assignment for equal types You cannot overload assignment for types that the compiler considers as equal. savedlema 17 159 posts since Sep 2012 Community Member group tuple values with tolerance and average Last Post 11 Hours Ago Dear All, I have a very long list of values by lainz [Today at 01:59:03 am] Ouch! cuando lo quiero compilar, me aparece un error en cada una de las lineas que pinte en rojo, en el quote que hice..

Muchas gracias por su ayuda, pero lo arregle poniendo TODO cono interger. You may be able to obtain the desired effect using type x = objcclass(y) end; resp. Error: Procedure directive "arg1" not allowed in implementation section This procedure directive is not allowed in the implementation section of a unit. It implicitly converts r2 to a complex, so it can use the above exp function.

However it is not easy to tell them apart, but if you don't use o-overloading in your program, it is the other kind. 1.0.4 had some problems with int64 in this The procedure you specified is not a destructor. as I'm not doing > anything with overloaded operators... Objective-C messages require their Objective-C name (selector name) to be specified using the message ‘someName:' procedure directive.

Its not fixed. function isNull(str : AnsiString) : String; begin if str = EmptyStr then str := Null else str := '' + str + ''; isNull := str; end; share|improve this answer answered Add Information'); writeln('2. else str := '' + str + ''; // concatenation with empty strings, use QuotedStr(str) end; And as @DavidHeffernan said isNull is a procedure and can not be used in function

Its not fixed. The reason is that any non-primitive entity may have padding in its representation, and the padding content is not standardized. Also "abstract" isn't allowed in either mode. This means it becomes impossible to take addresses of individual array elements or record fields.

The comparision operators that can be overloaded are: equal to (=) to determine if two variables are equal. The extended syntax of new needs an object as a parameter. Error: Dynamic arrays cannot be packed Only regular (and possibly in the future also open) arrays can be packed. Error: Class methods must be static in records Class methods declarations are not allowed in records without static modifier.

Warning: Destructor should be public Destructors must be in the 'public' part of an object (class) declaration. Therefore, the following code will produce this error:    Procedure X;      var p : longint absolute x;    Error: Only one variable can be initialized You cannot specify more than one variable with a initial value in So, given the above definition of the multiplication, the compiler will not accept the following statement: var R : real; C,Z : complex; begin C:=Z*R; end; since the types of Z Para programar hay que aprender a pensar y ese es el objetivo.

as I'm not doing > anything with overloaded operators... Un Abrazo!! __________________ Adivino del Foro y Admirador de Sabios #7 (permalink) 16/09/2008, 05:11 dogduck Fecha de Ingreso: enero-2006 Ubicación: ¿Atlantida, Hesperides, Islas afortunadas? It is accepted for compatibility in TP and DELPHI modes, but the compiler will still warn you if it finds such a construct. Where are sudo's insults stored?

Macro undefined: arg1 When -vc is used, the compiler tells you when it undefines macros. At least generics and operator overloads aren't that new. Si a=3, b =5, S= (a*b)/2 = 7.5, al trabajar con Integer te dará S=7 Si a=3.4, b=5.234 . Error: C array of const must be the last argument You cannot add any other argument after an array of const for cdecl functions, as the size pushed on stack for

Error: Implements-property must have read specifier A property which implements an interface must have at least a read specifier. exponentiation to exponentiate two types, the ** exponentiation operator must be overloaded. Error: Typed constants of the type 'procedure is nested' can only be initialized with NIL and global procedures/functions A nested procedural variable consists of two components: the address of the procedure/function Not the answer you're looking for?

Error: Only class methods, class properties and class variables can be referred with class references This error occurs in a situation like the following:  Type :      Tclass = Class of Tobject;     Var C : TClass;     begin   ... Procedures cannot return a value. However when I goto compile I get the error Error: Operator is not overloaded: "Constant String" + "untyped" Frankly I have no idea what this means, I checked the fpc parser However you *can* force equality by rcd1 := > rcd2; Some systems allow the equality check, but it is *not* > portable.

Even worse I don't fully unserstand WHY it had a > problem to begin with. They should be overridden by a descendant class. Objective-C classes however do not automatically derive from NSObject, because one can have multiple root classes in Objective-C. Correct declarations are:  const     p : procedure;stdcall=nil;     p : procedure stdcall=nil;    Error: The value for a property index must be of an ordinal type The value you use to index a property must be of

Hint: Type "arg1" redefinition This is an indicator that a previously declared type is being redefined as something else. Warning: Don't load OBJPAS unit manually, use {$mode objfpc} or {$mode delphi} instead You are trying to load the ObjPas unit manually from a uses clause.