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format smart media error card Port Kent, New York

i haven't found any respective tools, either, not even cw helped by wiping everything to zero. Where is the Error? I've had this happen twice now. At least I am Fuji Finepix -- Jim ([email protected]), February 18, 2003.

Tips and Techniques Software Tools Photo Gallery Digital SLR / Interchangeable Lens Cameras Canon Digital SLRs / ILCs Nikon Digital SLRs / ILCs Micro Four Thirds Fujifilm ILCs Olympus Digital SLRs what solutions are available to me without the card reader? -- Heather Hyttinen ([email protected]), April 19, 2003. I am desperately trying to recover about 400 pictures from my 128MB SmartCard. Other cards still work fine (will format etc...) with the Olympus so my camera isn't acting up.

My 128mb SmartMedia card stopped working when my battery failed as I took a picture using a FinePix 4700zoom! To fix the problem i selected to view all hidden files on the card where I found a bunch of .chk files> I just renamed the .chk files to .jpg and I wonder if there is a way to safe the situation. -- Bruce SIm ([email protected]), February 10, 2003. Beware of user errors.

That card worked. May 20, 2004 Re: FujiFilm reader - $10 - works great Shari B May 20, 2004 Re: FujiFilm reader - $10 - works great Roy F. The camera used is Fujifilm Finepix1400 zoom, with a Japanese made card from Solid Audio 128Mb memory. September 9, 2008·Sound Cards AMD FX-8350 ProcessorThe first worthwhile Piledriver CPU.

My Nikon Camera says: Card is not Formatted. If you must use your card reader and computer to format your card. I transferred the pictures that were on the card to my computer. Get the answer Anonymous December 3, 2001 11:09:42 PM Panorama is a feature found only in Olympus brand SM cards.

If your camera does not have a panorama function the following programs will be just for you. If you have a card reader with the smprep.exe files you might be able to repair your own card. I have a Photosmart 7260 printer and Windows XP. Forum SolvedCard Error Sport digital camera with micro sd Forum SolvedBought new sd card.

Tips for shooting panorama photos Minimizing shutter lag Transferring your photos to a CD Macro photography Double exposures and xD card questions Battery charging guidelines Truer color indoors Proper settings and Once you format the card, Panorama feature will be deleted. Try this. -- Rick ([email protected]), May 21, 2003. For my case, I have tried the download from

posted by troybob at 10:33 AM on August 18, 2005 umm...sorry for so many posts...a fuller description (with files to download) on the olympus smartmedia fix that might work for you...posted Please use your camera to delete files on the card. I put a different card into camera to make sure it was the card, not something wrong with the camera. If any information in CIS field is damaged the Smprep program reveals it and suggests recovering it according to the specification.

May 16, 2004 Geeze! 'UZ'pShoot'ERS' May 16, 2004 Re: Geeze! There were 200 holidays picture taken and reviewed to save memory. For this procedure you should make a separate copy of the Smprep program. But as I when back to the shop after half an hour, the shop attendant insisted that only one picture can be review, the rest were mark with 'x'.

ok, i've fixed it. Still more strange, I tried the same for another smart media card (4 MB), but there is no such problem. No registration needed! Jun 03, 2013·3Digests Latest News More RSS ASUS Launches R9 200, R7 200 Series, Matrix R9 280X Graphics Cards Oct 08, 2013 Apacer Launches SATA SLC-lite SSD solutions Oct 08, 2013

Jun 24, 2013·Video cards: NVIDIA GPUs i3DSpeed, May 2013Added the test results of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770/780. I am downloading it now and will attempt to fix -- Anon ([email protected]), January 18, 2004. I put the card in the reader, right klick on the drive, format, program starts, klick on format, program said: the CIS tabel is defekt, I will rebuild it. I happened to format the Olympus SM card in my NOMAD MP3 player.

I have tried them anyway, and they don't work. Eventually Toshiba switched to smaller, higher-capacity Secure Digital cards, and SmartMedia ceased to have major support after Olympus and Fujifilm both switched to xD. Are these devices able to format cards? If you're having card error problems caused by your PC writing to your SmartMedia card I strongly recommend this fix option.

Try this programm, It's free. I usually download direct from the camera but this did not work as camera could not see the card so neither could the PC. The card has pictures that I can not loose. If a memory card is new or has been used in another camera, it is best to format the card in the camera that it will be used in.

The program will reveal a wrong CIS and recover it in a "wrong" form. And thats it. There are also free and trial versions of media recovery software that can be found on the Internet. Formatted on camera, all back to normal.

Voila! remove card and wipe with soft cloth 2. Memory card corruption If you get an error message on the camera LCD screen that says CARD ERROR or FORMAT CARD, or the computer says there are no images on the Format the Card.

i believe that was a problem with the CIS block of the smartmedia card. Shari B May 17, 2004 Re: My 128MB problem..... 'UZ'pShoot'ERS' May 18, 2004 Shari, see my reply to Paul Pasco. Thanks Jim!! -- Hamal ([email protected]), February 15, 2004. fig. 2 fig. 3 In conclusion I should note that I do not recommend to fulfill these operations on serviceable SmartMedia cards which have guarantee of the seller, as well as

My PC thinks there is no disc so will do nothing to the card. Here's the fix...