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ford error codes list Piffard, New York

Refer to our Generic OBD II code list for definitions on all other Ford diagnostic trouble codes.Manufacturer Specific Codes P1000 OBD System Readiness Test Not Complete P1001 KOER Test Cannot Be EEC-V, DI 7.3L Turbo Diesel & Villager Connect analog voltmeter to data link connector located in engine compartment. DTC 99 indicates a fault in the E4OD transmission Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) circuit. Recent Ford OBD-II forum topics1998 ford ranger code p1740 & p17412006 Ford Focus Code P2258 air pump, P0202Ford ranger 2.2 6 speed U0418 and U0001What is code P1506 on a 98

This site may, at times, run advertising banners or text link ads from entities mentioned on these pages. Accessing DTCs. EEC-IV Continuous Memory 1. Recent Ford OBD-II forum topics1998 ford ranger code p1740 & p17412006 Ford Focus Code P2258 air pump, P0202Ford ranger 2.2 6 speed U0418 and U0001What is code P1506 on a 98

COPYRIGHT © 2007 - 2016 WWW.SUPERDUTYPSD.COM, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Contact | Privacy Policy To conduct Key-ON/Engine-Running (KOER) Self test portion, hold in all three buttons, turn ignition On and release three buttons. All information on this site is copyright protected. TIP: This helpful resource site will reveal problem, cause, solution for every fault code.

If your vehicles code is not found on this page, then downloaded our free Windows OBD Code Lookup Software — which also includes car manufacturer codes. Accessing DTCs. Below you will find the most complete list of Ford trouble codes available. TIP: To quickly find an error code, use your browsers Search function.

Some shops will scan your codes for free. To extract DTCs from the computer for diagnostic purposes, the Self Test connector is used. is not responsible for any actions you take on any vehicles. Or do it yourself with the procedure posted below.

MCU system does not have KAM to retain service DTCs Also see this page EEC IV Diagnostic page for more Ford information. P0400 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Malfunction P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected P0402 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Excessive Detected P0403 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Circuit Malfunction P0404 sensor ckt. For example, a dirty MAF sensor might be causing the car to overcompensate in its fuel-trim adjustments.

The vehicle service manual should be consulted for more information on possible causes of the fault, along with required testing. Remove jumper wire and reconnect DTC. 6. If at this point you still need assistance use the "Get Help" link and let us know how we can help. low input Short to ground, biased sensor, PCM P0713 Trans.

So to avoid unpredictable hazards when fixing a vehicle based on it's DTC codes -- make sure you get a reliable OBD2 reader that'll thoroughly scan the vehicle for faults beyond Additional code groups are however available to allow for expansion of these code lists. d. If you find one missing let us know and we we'll add it immediately!

Record all codes received. On 87–90 models, a base readout of 4030 indicates engine running self test has been entered. MCU System To clear DTCs, turn ignition Off. Aspire, Capri (1.6L), Escort & Tracer (1.8L), Probe (2.0L w/4EAT, 2.2L & 2.5L) & 88–93 Festiva 1.

Here is how we suggest you proceed. Turn the ignition on. 3. This page lists 5,000+ generic OBD2 Diagnostic Trouble Codes. NOTICE: The information contained on this site is presented for information only.

Activate the self test by grounding the Self-Test Input (STI) connector. The Check Engine lamp can be used to read DTCs. malfunction Open/grounded circuit, sensor fault, short to power P0341 Camshaft position sensor ckt. This site is neither authorized by, nor affiliated with, Ford Motor Company.

Activate diagnostic test mode. 2. Conduct self test to ensure DTCs have been erased. EGR Vacuum Regulator circuit malfunction P1409? If there is a link to a specific diagnosis strategy for the code then follow that and start testing.

These codes are stored when a sensor in the car reports a reading that is outside the normal/accepted range (Eg: fuel mixture too rich). We can provide information on component location, specifications, circuit color/location and more. OCIL, remove jumper wire from self test connector and signal return pin of self test connector. 3. If you have any doubt as to repairs on your vehicle, please contact a qualified technician.

Look up your code definition. Open/short circuit P0542 Manifold intake air heater... EGR, EVAP etc. NGS tester, depress STOP button.

Message center See Image above On 87–90 models, a base readout of 4255 indicates that KOEO self test has been entered. The connector may have a removable cover. 2. Service pass code is 4011. Connect scan tool to the 16-pin data link connector (DLC) located underneath the steering column.

On 91–97 models, DTCs will be displayed on message center. intermittent Harness routing, charging ckt., sensor, int. Click here for "C" (Chasis) codes. is not responsible for any actions you take on any vehicles.

When DTCs begin to display, deactivate self test as follows: a. Your OBD-II Trouble Codes Repair Site Home Trouble Codes FAQs Forums Store Search Close Ford OBD Trouble Codes Note: See this page for generic OBD-II codes (they start with P0XXX).