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Make token names clear and readable so that the message makes sense to a reader even before substitution takes place. In many cases, the careful use of capitalization and descriptive words may be sufficient to set apart a value or field name. You can modify your messages at any time using the Messages window. If you are trying to get a message from a stored procedure on the database server side to a form, you should use FND_MESSAGE.SET_NAME and, if necessary, FND_MESSAGE.SET_TOKEN in the stored

You call FND_MESSAGE.SET_NAME once for each message you use in your client-side PL/SQL procedure. Code Logic to Display Messages Once you have set up or retrieved the message and substituted any tokens, you can then display it to a user (on the forms server side; Most frequently used procedures are FND_MESSAGE.SET_NAME and FND_MESSAGE.SET_TOKEN Example /*Here FND_MESSAGE.SET_NAME is used to retrieve the message and put it on the message stack. Sample Block : EMPCCLOCOVD employee_name - Non database field.

Please inform your support representative that: (then blank line) Please inform your system administrator or support representative that: (then blank line) Please inform your system administrator that: (then blank line) Please Navigation or Menu Paths in Messages Never use a navigation path (what a user chooses from the Navigator window) to a form or function in a message, because the navigation path Translators would need to know the entire corresponding menu path in the target language to translate the path correctly. Attention: Specifying no buttons produces a "Cancel/No/Yes" three-button display.

After the user selects a button, FND_MESSAGE.QUESTION returns the number of the button selected. This information is important to translators, since your token often provides critical information about the purpose and context of your message. and access GeekInterview anytime... FND_MESSAGE.CLEAR Summary procedure FND_MESSAGE.CLEAR; Location FNDSQF library and database (stored procedure) Description Clears the message stack of all messages.

name The message name that identifies your message. It returns up to 2000 bytes of message. For each button, you must define or use an existing message in Message Dictionary (under the Oracle Application Object Library application) that contains the text of the button. If you must use a menu path for a choice on the default menu, use -> as the delimiter between menu entries.

Write test case for adding beneficiary to an account Severity or priority of defects Bulk testing Apply form handlers in existing Oracle forms Difference between mobile app testing and mobile app Example /* Display a warning, asking OK/Cancel question */ FND_MESSAGE.SET_NAME ('FND', 'WANT TO CONTINUE'); FND_MESSAGE.SET_TOKEN ('PROCEDURE', 'Compiling this flexfield'); IF (FND_MESSAGE.WARN) THEN /* User selected OK, so add appropriate logic ... Use for text not covered by any other type. Message Description The Description field in the Messages form describes your message for other developers and translators.

This routine looks for your button name message in the Oracle Application Object Library messages, so when you define your message, you must associate it with Oracle Application Object Library (the Top Posts Today HZ tables in Oracle Receivables Key Tables in Oracle Inventory OPEN_FORM vs. Possible causes: 1. See: Message Standards and Messages Window.

What could have happen if polymorphism is not present?Asked by: shanky_06What is internal audit?Asked by: scottTest case design for website file uploadingDesign a test case for a website feature "user upload Message Type Standards Message type is used primarily for translation purposes. Follow by Email There was an error in this gadget Total Pageviews Picture Window template. End users do not necessarily want to know information such as the routine name of the routine that generated the error, or other technical information, unless it helps them solve the

For example, you can display your messages in a dialog box or on the message line. If there is no message defined for the button, the button text defaults to the message name. Label technical actions that are intended for system administration, development, or support personnel so that your end user knows what to do. Language Select the language that your message is written in.

If a problem can be resolved by a system administrator, use the same heading, but substitute "system administrator" for "support representative". Arguments (input) application The short name of the application this message is associated with. Type The message type indicates which message components are applicable, determines whether implicit logging and incident creation occurs, and determines the logging level if the message is logged. These messages mainly provide information about business rule errors, such as missing or incorrect data, and how to resolve them, warn about the consequences of intended actions, inform about the status

value The string to display. icon - Specify the icon to display in the decision point box. Tip: If a field requires a message like "Choose A for Amount or R for Rate", because there is no list of values available, the field itself should probably be changed. Messages with the Hint type can be up to 190 characters long in English and allow a translation length expansion up to a maximum length of 250 bytes (at least 30%

You can write PL/SQL code in triggers to respond to a particular event occurred in your forms like when...Asked by: Interview CandidateDifferences between orafin 10.5 and 10.6 ? If there are no tokens, and a support representative or other person could look up the entire message given only the message number, then use the "Please contact your..." version. FND_MESSAGE.SET_TOKEN - Substitutes a message token with a value you specify. After the user selects a button, It returns the number of the button selected.

For example, a 23-character field prompt in English would be allowed to expand to 30 bytes when translated. If you do not specify an icon, a standard FND_MESSAGE.QUESTION icon is displayed.