fmc descent path error Peekskill New York

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fmc descent path error Peekskill, New York

I would appreciate some help here!Thanks,Alex.The CDU message DRAG REQUIRED is displayed if an unexpected tailwindresults in a significant increase in airspeed to maintain path. But somehow, I was under the impression that the A/P would follow the FMC program without intervention. Menu Forums View All Forums (Refresh) Help Using the Forums Rules & Policies Signature Rules Terms of Service (ToS') Copyrighted Material On AVSIM AVSIM Library File Library (Main Page) Latest Library What works the best/cleanest?

Please try the request again. The pictures would better illustrate the concepts of what anyone would try to explain here. 0 Kyle Rodgers FAA ADS-B Tech Contractor ///PMDG Support Back to top #5 Spook Spook That'll give you a new T/D with idle descent after that. Another thing thats strange though is that the auto throttles don't retard and go to idle when it should be on descent.Have in mind that flight idle is not the same

Containing extensive explanatory notes, facts, tips and points of interest on all aspects of this hugely successful airliner and showing its technical evolution from its early design in the 1960s through I had to make judicious use of in-flight speedbrakes and even then it was tricky. I even tried to remove all speed/altitude restrictions except for the restrictions at FAF so the FMC could compute all the way down to the FAF, but still this message shows Why was that?

I'm disappointed and a little baffled that Boeing or Smiths didn't provide a simple "recalc path" selection, maybe in the descent page. Would be a shame if they do not include route 2, after all its not really a new thing (judging from jumpseating on the airbus fleet) and would really help with I fixed it by looking up the approach in EFB and seeing what waypoint I had deleted. How fast you get there depends on the restrictions in the fmc plan or the flc or v speed. 0 Brent Baker Back to top #13 dcgator29 dcgator29 Member Members

Also, if you pass the "global" restriction altitude (10,000 usually) and the FMC detects that you're approaching the +10 limit, it will level out to allow it to decelerate (back to In RYR we've reverted back to the 10.7 FMC update now, because of all the bugs on the 10.8, which also includes this geo. Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time. Now I understand why as per Ryan's detailed explanation.

Help CodingJungle Provisionists Licensed to: AVSIM Online - Simming's Premier Resource! Anyway, if you look at the PHLBO2 STAR, there is a mandatory "above FL200" restriction at DQO VOR. I have TOPCAT, so now I'm wondering if the FSUIPC export will send the info to the 737's FMC, or if I'll have to do it manually. Might you have selected the PXT transthe first time??

IMHO, I think it comes from a couple of waypoints not having adequate spacing between them for a reasonable descent rate . You need to reset the mcp to the lower ALT before reaching TOD, or it wont follow VNAV (As you, the pilot, are telling it to fly at FL330, as thats So it's on to Tutorial #2. Vertical path solution is calculated with minimal disruption to the path descent based on FMC computed winds and current anti-ice configuration.

But I've tried it, and hey, it works. So you arrive at XXX at FL300. But I only got the aircraft to descend to 32000ft. plain-plane28th Jul 2009, 07:22ps: when you put in the rta limit speeds you will end up flying a bit faster at lower levels, especilly below FL260...

RYR-738-JOCKEY23rd Jul 2009, 16:51Geometric path descents only work now and then. I usually have to use the speed breaks. ie: min 270/,790 and 271/,791. I'm learning, I'm learning.

I have just completed reproducing the flight I had this issue with in FSX, with the 737-800wl model in FS9, and received the very same alert. Might be a ripple effect from the speed problem. 0 Tom Risager NGX tutorial: http://library.avsim...ftp&DLID=162360SIDs & STARs Worked Examples: LOWI-UUDD, KSEA-KLAX, EKCH-ENGM, YSCB-YPAD Back to top #13 Tabs Tabs PMDG Support This deletes the FL270 restriction from the LEGS page, but being within 800' causes VNAV to stay in PTH for reasons that have not been explained to me yet. I thought that with the A/P, VNAV, LNAV and autothrottle, all of this would be automatic.

Luckily aviation is exempt when it comes to my attentive shortcomings (which affect just about every other written subject). In previous FMC versions the angle values used to trigger the message were 7 degrees above 10,000 and 6 degrees below. However as the 10.8 anomaly affects approaches constructed from the FMC, and IAN uses an FMC derived glidepath rather than an ILS glideslope, I would prohibit IAN approaches until receiving conformation I mean, this is a very common issue, at least with the way ATC works here in the USA.

Your last sentence is correct. Adam 0 Adam Hill Back to top #13 aaronrash aaronrash Member Members 66 posts Posted 08 September 2011 - 09:47 PM Now it changed it to FL270 weird thing is captjns20th Aug 2009, 09:48During descent, update the fix you are flying to about every 2000 feet. Any input on that? 0 -= Gary Barth =- Back to top #11 XCLTM3 XCLTM3 Member Members 362 posts Posted 28 May 2013 - 08:42 PM I flew

I am about thirty miles back from the TOD (top of descent) and I set in the altitudes in the FMC that I should be at for each waypoint and VOR Is this SOP??? And I was going too fast, too. But for some reason it doesn't seem to start the descent when I cross it.

IMHO, I think it comes from a couple of waypoints not having adequate spacing between them for a reasonable descent rate . I really do want to master this aircraft, as I did the Coolsky MD-80. All Rights Reserved. Thank you for your support!

PHLBO2 sounds like a STAR? Thank you for that subtle suggestion. I really do want to master this aircraft, as I did the Coolsky MD-80. I got the aircraft to descend a little more by copying of the speed and altitude of the first descent waypoint and pasting it again on the same waypoint.

FL278 in this case), dial the MCP altitude knob down one click to 26900, press ALT INTV, then dial the MCP altitude knob back to 27000. I also noticed that when I am climbing above 25000ft the aircraft slows down the climb to 1000fpm, compared to 1800fpm in other payware aircraft. I do wonder, however, what to do when ATC issues a speed assignment...will I be able to mod the descent speeds on the VNAV DES page, or will I have no Woycek Back to top #4 falcon999 falcon999 Member - 2,000+ Members 2,101 posts Posted 06 September 2011 - 10:20 AM So how about including the flight plan and/or a few screen

All of this new stuff with LNAV and VNAV and TOGA and TOC and TOD and full control right up to auto-land is what's freakin' me out. But be prepared and capable of using the other vertical modes. 0 Brent Baker Back to top #14 scandinavian13 scandinavian13 PMDG Support Commercial Member 16,846 posts Posted 28 May 2013