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flexnet licensing error 10 32 Orchard Park, New York

SERVER host hostname port_num USE_SERVER The SERVER line in the client system License File should be the same as the SERVER line found in the License File on the license server. Took me too long to find it. Error code: -10 Feature has expired. type of error Feature: compiler5 Expiredate: 31-oct-2015 License path: C:\license.dat path to license file(s) FlexNet Contact us.

Cannot Read Data from License Server This error indicates that the path to the MATLAB vendor daemon on the DAEMON line in your License File is incorrect. Feature Has Expired to learn how to reset the system date. See the system administrator about starting the server, or make sure that you're referring to the right host (see LM_LICENSE_FILE). Contact your publisher for further information. -184 The number of characters in the license file paths exceeds the permissible limit.

Your license file should contain an INCREMENT line for each licensed product Make sure that your License File does not contain extra carriage returns or tabs. Since error codes are pretty generic when it comes to the license manager (i.e. About PTC Management Team Investor Relations History News Room Careers Corporate Responsibility Key Topics PTC Windchill Upgrade Center PTC Creo Upgrade Center Multi-CAD Connected Products Systems Engineering Service Transformation Product Data Error [1.5.-4]) I have decided to post a list of the common error codes here for quick reference.

A typical subnet mask is Legal and Trademark Notice Installation Guide for Windows License Manager Error Messages This section provides brief descriptions of some common license manager errors, listed in order by error number. Feature Has Expired License Manager Error -12: License Checkout Failed. Note that "yyy" is usually a negative number, as it comes right from FlexLM.

Mention me with @TravisNave HOT: Download Aborted | Invalid Serial Number | Windows 10 Support | LiteHTML.DLL error | Error 8 or 9 during installMy Expert Contributions to the Discussion Groups: The license files (or license server system network addresses) attempted are listed below. FLEXlm Error -10Feature has expired. Problems After InstallationTroubleshooting an Installation That Uses Dongles

In Windows 95/98, right-click on Network Neighborhood and select Properties. FLEXlm Error -4Licensed number of users already reached. Please report to Flexera Software Inc. -173 Bad filter context. You can check this by looking at the license file.

Re: license issue: new license file but port is in use david_leslie Aug 23, 2013 2:54 AM (in response to ccrawford) Hi,Firstly, if you have a nodelocked license, then FloEFD and Anybody knows what is the reason for the error. Peer has closed socket. -142 Error, cannot generate version specific license tied to a single hostid, which is composite. -143 Version-specific signatures are not supported for uncounted licenses. -144 License template Click the HOSTID button.

For example, if your SERVER line looks like this,

SERVER hostname INTERNET= 27000 Add the following line to your TCP/IP hosts file. hostname Save the changes to the TCP/IP The vendor daemon can't handle any more users. See the debug log for further information. -110 Cannot read dongle: check dongle or driver. Check your License File to see if you are licensed to use this product.

The FlexEnabled application is installed on a physical machine so checkout has been denied. Each installed BASIS product must have its own separate license file. In order to read the FLEXid hostid, the correct driver must be installed. See the following FAQ for more information: How do I install my node locked license?

You need to obtain a SIGN= version of this license from your vendor. -115 Error in Public Key package. -116 TRL not supported for this platform. -117 BORROW Re: license issue: new license file but port is in use rachel.stanley Aug 19, 2013 11:03 AM (in response to ccrawford) Stop the license manager using lmtools then restart. One way to check for extraneous tabs and carriage returns is to open your License File in a text editor and view all nonprinting characters. Verify that you are not running a seven-day temporary license or a demonstration license and that the date has not expired.

By default, if a port is not specified, FLEXlm uses a port number in the range 27000 to 27009. My license is node locked and I am unsure as to why I am getting an error.The following FLEXlm errors were found: Server C:\Documents and Settings\ccrawford\My Documents\FloEFD\Site_3109593.txt: License server machine is Contact your publisher for further information. -175 Invalid SUPERSEDE_SIGN syntax. The IP address specified for the LM_A_INTERNET_OVERRIDE attribute, used to override the existing IP address, is invalid.

This is a warning condition. At Step 2: Start the Installer, select the Update license option. Thank you! ⤵ Reply 0 Kudos TravisNave AUTODESK EXPERT ELITE 13705 Posts 1791 Kudos 1060 Solutions

Post 8 of 9 Share Report Re: FlexLM Error Code Chart Options Mark License Manager Error -31: License Checkout Failed.

Their meaning is not documented. License Manager Error -3: License Checkout Failed. No SERVER Line in License File License Manager Error -14: License Checkout Failed. If the license manager isn't running, see Starting and Stopping the License Manager for information about starting it.

Contact your publisher for further information. -159 Invalid fulfillment record. In UNIX, license files are located in the blmgr directory. Please make sure to include the article link in the email. If none of your product licenses has expired, verify that the system date and time on your computer are correct: Click the Start menu.

Perimeter Drive • Suite 109 • Scottsdale, AZ 85255 • US tel: 480-889-8600 • US toll free: 800-879-8284 • fax: 480-889-8610 • email: [email protected] GTX Europe, Ltd. • Unit 9A, Intec Ask the community. These drivers are available from your software vendor. -114 SIGN= keyword required, but missing from license certificate. One utility, lmutil, runs in DOS in character mode; the other utility, lmtools, runs in GUI.

FLEXnet Licensing Error Codes Error Code Description -1 Cannot find license file. -2 Invalid license file syntax. -3 No license server system for this feature. -4 Click Control Panel. Mentor Graphics Communities Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Feedback © Mentor Graphics Corp. On client systems, the License File is $MATLAB\bin\win32\license.dat; on your license server, the License File is $MATLAB\flexlm\license.dat, where $MATLAB is the root MATLAB installation folder.

Verify that there is a license pointer file. Mention me with @TravisNave HOT: Download Aborted | Invalid Serial Number | Windows 10 Support | LiteHTML.DLL error | Error 8 or 9 during installMy Expert Contributions to the Discussion Groups: Workaround: Use IP address (e.g., 123.456.789.123) instead of host name. -15 Cannot connect to license server system.