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flavia creation 400 error code 360 Ossining, New York

You can change this preference below. N.B. Check / replace the wiring between the waste water switches and the KVC (P16-cold water). Internal operating system error.

The LCD display will then change to show the first of the Engineering mode menus. Wird verarbeitet... Machine will need descaling. 308 SELECT PAYMENT SYSTEM 321 PACK INJECT TIMEOUT Free/pay switch set to 'pay' when the payment system menu is set to 'None' Pack inject failedbottom datum switch CG Times, based upon Times New Roman under license from The Monotype Corporation.

if the microswitch starts working again. No action is required13 KLIX OUTLOOK The Simple Set Up & Audit System There are two complementary set up and audit systems available on the K365. Check the operation of the Baseplate Sensor PCB using its red LED, the Manual Control Splitter menus and LED's D34 (inner vane) and D35 (outer vane) on the KVC. 29 PCO GVMC Flash / EPROM damaged or not programmed correctly.

Enter Menu Mode (as described above) and, within 5 seconds, press the Top Right button and hold it pressed for 5 seconds, or 2. POSSIBLY DUE TO (A) AN ELECTRICALLY NOISY ENVIRONMENT, (B) THE NVRAM DEVICE FAILING, (C) RE- PROGRAMMING WITH AN OLDER VERSION OF SOFTWARE. (NOTE: ANY CORRUPTION OF THE AUDIT COUNTERS OR THE Check / replace the wiring between the motor and the KVC (P9-csel / drum motors). Internal operating system error.

The character that the cursor is underneath can now be modified by using the up and down buttons to increase or decrease its value. CUP JAM CHECK CUP STACK The splitter actuator appears to have jammed. Check the operation of the drum system by using the Manual Control Drum menus. There are six operator buttons; left, right, up, down, cancel (shown as //) and enter (shown as < >), which navigate around the menu system.

GVMC Flash / EPROM damaged or not programmed correctly. Replace the main control PCB Replace the main control PCB. If copying a Setup key then check that the key was created on a K24 KLIX OUTLOOK No LEVEL FAULT & POSSIBLE CAUSE ACTION 52 Display PRINTER AUDIT FAILED The audit If the cold tank is full there is a technical fault and an engineer is required.

The Flavia machine will go through the start up cycle and reject the satchet. Download new software to Flash or replace Flash / EPROMs. 15 Log SW E15 Software Failed to update Klixkey Blacklist. The up, down, left and right buttons move from one menu entry to another. SW E06 Software Failed to link to data module.

For information about the availability of translated versions of Operator Error Code Handbook, please write to the Technical Service Manager at the above address3 KLIX & FLAVIA ERROR CODE HANDBOOK / Cabling... 5 4.1 More information Programming. about drinks See our main web site for details on our full range of Vending Machines Flavia | Flavia Zone Sitemap | Flavia Special Offer | Flavia Creation 400 | Flavia https://t.co/bpmLj4wEaI Stories via @bozward @EstatesIT @[email protected]#EarlGrey tea was named after a nineteenth century British diplomat to #China.ReplyRetweetLike Tweet to @ukvending Youtube Channel Subscribe Flavia Creation 500 office Coffee Machine from UK

Test - these allow the mechanics of the Brewer to be tested individually and should only be used by a trained engineer8 ERROR CODE ERROR MESSAGE ERROR CODES FLAVIA CAUSE 301 PSU itself is defective (replace PSU)17 KLIX OUTLOOK No LEVEL FAULT & POSSIBLE CAUSE ACTION 1 System Reset 2 PCO SW E01 Failed to find all the required software modules within Please try the request again. This is normally caused by one of the software tasks becoming very busy for some reason.

Wähle deine Sprache aus. Check the pump motor wiring for short-circuits to earth/0v. The different options can be selected using the up and down buttons. FLAVIA, FLAVIA CREATION 400™, MARS DRINKS OFFICE CONNECTIONS™, ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS™, HARD WORKING COFFEE™, THE BRIGHT TEA CO.™, THINK FRESH!™, FRESH RELEASE™, SOURCE SEAL SERVE™, BRIGHTER TOMORROW™.

Melde dich bei YouTube an, damit dein Feedback gezählt wird. More information Installation Guide. Find the cause of the original device reset level error in the fault history and look up the suggested remedial action for that error elsewhere in this table. 49 PCO (S) A faulty motor or handling mech switch may also be the cause.

Internal operating system error. ACTION Replace main control PCB and or coin mech. Replace the drip tray and/or waste bucket. Check that both are seated correctly.

Check that the mains water pressure is sufficient. Under no circumstances shall we be responsible for any loss More information Vernacare. Possible causes are (1) a wire has shorted to the baseplate, cabinet or front panel, (2) a sensor board has failed short-circuit (e.g. Optional Step by step prompts to help the user through each stage of changing a drink with additional help available at each stage.

If necessary, refine the search by unplugging the loom at each device rather than at the board. Possible causes are (1) the bucket is full of water, (2) the drip tray and/or bucket have not been replaced, (3) the drip tray and/or bucket are not seated correctly, (4) In some cases we look to an external funder to capitalise the agreement if it means we can thus offer you an even better service. Yousuf 42.183 Aufrufe 1:49 Weitere Vorschläge werden geladen… Mehr anzeigen Wird geladen...

A faulty membrane or main control board may also be the cause. 321 PACK INJECT TIMEOUT 328 PACK EJECT TIMEOUT 345 NVRAM CORRUPT PACK INJECT FAILED BOTTOM DATUM SWITCH NOT MADE Check that the pump motor shaft is running freely. Copyright © UK Vending Ltd 1969-2016 All rights reserved.