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first stat quarter error Middle Island, New York

Share February 24, 2015 Coin collectors appreciate rare coins because they may increase in value and can be an excellent investment. It was found by Jack Martin in March of 1999. coin courtesy of Fred Weinberg The 1999-P Pennsylvania quarter displays a nice Straight Clip of about 15% at 11:30 . In this case, some lubricating grease escaped from the machinery onto the surface of the 2005-P Kansas quarter obverse die then in use.

New Jersey piece shown here was struck off-center by about 20% while another coin was resting partially on top creating a huge indented area with an incuse mirror design of the Reply Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Some of these errors may include die breaks, off-center striking, planchet clipping, die cuds, grease strike-through errors and missing layers. I'm sure that many of us can still remember watching commercials for the quarter program many years after its inception.

Nickels U.S. I Had NO IDEA! Order your copy here: ECE Watch for the next installment of this series in Numismatic News. Brittany4 years ago I just started collecting coins so Im pretty new to it but does anyone know of a website that lists & shows pictures of errors found or common

U can still see a couple steps on the montecello. In my ten years as a collector, I've never found any British coins. Especially the western states. Thanks!

Joe Macho4 years ago from Colorado Author Valarie Ann - Sounds like you have a really great quarter! While it is a unique find, it's not a valuable one. Michael Lauer4 years ago This is an excellent source of valuable information for coin collecter, I just went through the quarter rolls (7) and found several dated between 64' - 69', Values will greatly vary with the condition of the coin.

Reverse. Another is a ‘low leaf’ pointing downwards, and the last is a ‘high leaf’ pointing upwards. 2005 – Minnesota errors The Minnesota quarter featured the error of an extra tree in rick14 months ago i have a Tennessee quarter with silver front and copper back tring to find its worth Joe Macho13 months ago from Colorado Author Mercella - Depending on how I heard u say that u were looking thru nickles so i thought id ask ur opinion.

OK This item has been successfully added to your list. However, individual error coins have sold for as much as $1,500 in the past. Kurt Bellman says: June 9, 2016 at 3:00 PM And if it would take a pyscho to pay $35,000, how much would a psycho pay? This new book contains a special section on Statehood quarter errors.

It was a truly amazing feat, but since they were produced in such vast quantities, the majority of these coins retain very little value. This coin's image features an unstruck area, making the quarter highly collectible. Great find. Mint began releasing the 50 State Quarters series and other different coins throughout the years?

The designs found on these quarters were chosen by the state governor and will never be reproduced again. Good luck to you! All activity on JustCollecting is rewarded with exclusive points which can be used to spend on amazing products, special discounts and entry into monthly competitions. Rebell013 years ago I received a quarter in some change after buying a soda.

These coins were produced until John F. alex3 years ago i have a conneticut quater that the front is centered when you flip it the tree on the back is upside and slanted didn't know if that was Values vary, but coins are generally sold around $10-20. 2009 District of Columbia Double Die Reverse: Some quarters minted in Denver exhibit doubling on the "ELL" in "ELLINGTON." With this variety, The metal is of a quarter though.

Joe Macho2 years ago from Colorado Author Bryan - As it turns out, you most likely have a Gold Plated State Quarter. An off-center strike occurs when a planchet fails to enter the striking chamber in a centered position. Has anybody heard of this happening. steve18 months ago the New York State Quarter that appears to be on nickel.

A: Quick Answer State quarter errors are mistakes made on coins from the U.S. Although it may look unique, if the "A" was added after the quarter left the mint, the quarter is most likely worth no more than 25 cents. Caroline Bayard Thank you for watching! Mint's state quarter series, which was launched in 1999.

Come learn more about National Park Quarter errors and values! 31CoinsRoosevelt Dime Error ListThe Roosevelt Dime Collection is a unique piece of U.S. Commemoratives U.S. An Educational Image Gallery with links to more educational articles and the error clubs may be accessed on his website at: Ken Potter's Variety Vault Ken Potter P.O. catspirit5 years ago Great Hub!

The coins look cool, but since they were altered after they left the US Mint, there's absolutely no value in these coins. EXPLORE OTHER CATEGORIES Art & Literature Beauty & Fashion Business & Finance Education Family Food Geography Government & Politics Health History Hobbies & Games Holidays & Celebrations Home & Garden Math You can send the pictures to [email protected] Nick York2 years ago I have a quarter with the imprint of the back of a penny over Washington and I the back it's Box 760232 Lathrup Village, MI 48076-0232 Phone: 1-(313)255-8907 E-mail: [email protected] Visit our website clicking below: Ken Potter's Variety Vault Our eBay Auctions

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This error occurs when a blank sheds one of its outer copper-nickel "clad" layers before it is struck. Photo Courtesy: coinpage.com1999 New Jersey Clipped Die Error. I saw a misprinted quarter […] This has got to be a joke,” he wrote. Based on what you've said, the coin could be a Weak Strike, Strike Through Grease, or other Die Error.

Sign In 75report HobbyLark»Collecting»Coins»State Quarter Errors List State Quarter Errors ListUpdated on November 9, 2015 Value of State QuartersThere's no doubt about it: The Statehood Quarter program was the most It's hard to place a value on the coin, but I'd say somewhere in the $10-$20 range would be a fair value for a mint state specimen. doug2 years ago I have a 2007 Utah quarter that for the most part looks normal, but I noticed that it sounds different than most quarters when i drop it on Today, the rare half-dollars can be worth up to 250 times their monetary value.

Coins missing their outer layer only have a copper coating on one side and may be worth between $200 and $2,000 to collectors. I have seen a few quarters where the dress & feet of the Commonwealth Statue are very faint, but never one with the "1" in the founding date missing. The second strike is about 80% off-center and occurred while the coin was resting on top of another blank. Joe Macho5 years ago from Colorado Author @cmlindblom - eBay is the perfect place to pick up uncirculated state quarters.