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find line where error occurs delphi Mecklenburg, New York

TRY.... New tech, old clothes How many answers does this question have? (KevinC's) Triangular DeciDigits Sequence Sum of neighbours Physically locating the server Is there any job that can't be automated? should generate a zero, a one, or a two. In the first iteration, it won't use the timer I promised you.

Also open your Call-stack Viewer, and verify you actually do have a call-stack. this doesn't pay my bills!!! I really want to know!) unit DD96u1; (*Illustration of using "try... Gradually you will learn the names of the exceptions your programming mistakes give rise to!

In a moment, we're going to run the application "naked". If it gets through all of the provided- for options without finding the number in bNameIndex, it executes what is in the "else" clause. (Remember that in an if... Your cache administrator is webmaster. except...

code we have been working with. AssertErrorProc := MichaelAssertProc; share|improve this answer answered Aug 27 '11 at 14:51 Rob Kennedy 130k13191355 That's a workaround I will use. something... The Delphi help file discusses the pros and cons.

delphi delphi-xe5 share|improve this question edited Apr 3 '14 at 12:51 Toon Krijthe 41.5k19110176 asked Apr 3 '14 at 12:17 Seryth 4517 What errors are occuring? You don't need to close your Delphi session down, just make sure there are no error messages on the screen, and that there is no button for your application on the We can pick out of this class the name of the actual exception class name (EDivByZero) and the message (divide by zero).We could have multiple On clauses for specific errors :except

asked 2 years ago viewed 600 times active 2 years ago Visit Chat Related 1XE5 Android TBitmap.LoadFromStream fail inside a thread3How to install a Delphi XE5 application permanently on a Mac2How Actually, both Borland Pascal and Delphi have a nice feature built-in that automatically finds the right source file and line number for us. If the simple exception is shown in both apps, then we'll probably need to know exactly what exceptions aren't showing to help further. Even if no exception arises, the code in the finally block ALWAYS gets executed.

Since we all know that reproducing an error is just as hard as fixing it, we should be glad to have a feature that enables us to find an error by Too much hassle, for too little reward, I say. The text will flow nicely for you. So, let's open up the FINDMAP.MAP file and look for a runtime error that supposed to have happened at address 0001:0083.

But... This is a matter of using the hierarchical features of Object Oriented Programming. How do computers remember where they store things? If Delphi doesn't show you that exception in the simple app, I'd be very surprised, and some more serious digging will be required.

Let's assume that we've created a detailed MAP file for our application. I'd rather do the following.... You probably need to not have anything else called "E" in your application, if you do use "E" here. bNum2:=random(8); ...

This is guaranteed to be activated above. By: Kendall Sullivan Abstract: The article describes how to use the Find Error feature. End of processing ERangeError on E:Exception do begin// will only execute if exception not yet handled. They offer things for the beginner and the corporation.

This is how video conferencing should work! You can avoid this by changing the debug options.And finally ...Suppose that instead of trapping the error where it occurs, you may want to let a higher level exception handler in Here are the most common exception types :Exception Base class
EAbortAbort without dialog
EAbstractErrorAbstract method error
AssertionFailed Assert call failed
EBitsErrorBoolean array error
ECommonCalendarErrorCalendar calc error
EDateTimeErrorDateTime calc error
EMonthCalErrorMonth calc error
EConversionErrorRaised by Convert
EConvertError Object convert error
EDatabaseErrorDatabase error
EExternal It is destroyed for you at the right time. (This advice pp the Delphi help file entry "Using the exception instance".) When we said....

But programmers often ask the poor computer to do just that. The following would only be part of the program, the part which would be executed when a name had been supplied to the edit box called eName. I use TListView in almost all of my applications I've written, and I was not going to compromise by resorting to TStringGrid… Delphi How to tell Microsoft Office that a word except...

share|improve this answer edited Feb 28 '14 at 7:02 answered Aug 27 '11 at 13:35 David Heffernan 430k27585952 Thanks for the response. and there is no need for you to think deeply about everything that is happening, but if you do think deeply for a moment now, you should realize that Delphi takes If 50 divided by 10 equals 5, then it is also true that 10 times 5 equals 50. and many lines of code can go here, too END; When code is written like this, execution "tries" to do what is in the try part.

var b1, b2:byte; I believe that the effect of the E:Exception bit is (sort of) to dynamically and temporarily create a variable called "E", of data type "Exception". any code as- yet- not- executed in the try part is skipped over. However... by double clicking on the .exe, the "EZeroDivide" message should, I believe, appear in the laErrMsg label each time the code tries to divide by zero.

Each one will start with the word "on" (lacking in the case... Also Assert is not exactly what I want. So any tutorial example is bound to be somewhat artificial, isn't it? The last (number)(colon)...

Seems to me also that the IDE "Search"| "Find Error" option from the menu had something to do with it too... blocks before the final one.) The final on... Note that it is different from the exception arising from trying to do a "/" by 0 ("EZeroDivide").