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file system error reading inode Maple View, New York

HPUX : How to remove or release share memory and Semaphore Database got hung , and it is believe that it was not cleanly down. HPUX:- HPUX Partitions details HPUX : CRON AND CRONTAB HPUX : Trusted system definition: HPUX :HOW TO RELEASE THE EXT_BUS INSTANCE SCRIPT : Conditional Expressions. Running a dd to /dev/null on both disks would also be a good idea to verify there is not a disk problem.# dd if=/dev/rdisk/disk2 of=/dev/null bs=1024k# dd if=/dev/rdisk/disk3 of=/dev/null bs=1024kIf that In either case, unmount the file system and use fsck to run a full structural check. 066 NOTICE: msgcnt x: mesg 066: V-2-66: DMAPI mount event - buffer Description An HSM

If the file system was mounted at the time and the full fsck flag was being set, the file system will probably be disabled and Message 031 will also be printed. The activation time in the FCL is reset to the time of reactivation. Each inode stores all the info... See the umount_vxfs(1M) manual page. 077 WARNING: msgcnt x: mesg 077: V-2-77: vx_fshdchange - mount_point file system number fileset, fileset header: checksum failed Description Disk corruption was detected while changing fileset

If the system load appears normal, increase the vx_ninode parameter in the kernel. Action To avoid a system hang, reduce the value of one or both parameters to less than 50% of physical memory or to 66% of kernel virtual memory. If the error is ENOENT or ENOTDIR, an inconsistency was detected in the directory block. This is an indication of file system corruption.

Restart the snapshot on an error free disk partition. Usually, the system halts or reboots automatically. It should clean up the file system. If the system won't come up and a full structural fsck hasn't been run, reboot the system on a backup root and manually run a full structural fsck.

If the problem persists after the full structural fsck and there are no I/O errors, contact your customer support organization. 023 WARNING: msgcnt x: mesg 023: V-2-23: vx_unmountroot - root file Restart the snapshot on an error free disk partition. If the problem is not related to an I/O failure, find out how the disk became corrupted. If the problem is not related to an I/O failure, find out how the disk became corrupted.

Description The size of the FCL file is approching the maximum file size supported. Showing results for  Search instead for  Do you mean  Menu Categories Solutions IT Transformation Internet of Things Topics Big Data Cloud Security Infrastructure Strategy and Technology Products Cloud Integrated Systems Networking Action Informational only; no action required. 100 WARNING: msgcnt x: mesg 100: V-2-100: Inode inumber can not be accessed: file size exceeds OS limitations. This is not a mandatory action, but is recommended. 087 WARNING: msgcnt x: mesg 087: V-2-87: vx_dotdot_manipulate: file_system file system inumber inode ddnumber dotdot inode error Description When performing an operation

Since no other error has set the VX_FULLFSCK flag, the failure probably occurred on a data block. In other cases, you replace or reformat the disk drive and restore the file system from backups. Login to the quorum server and update the file... This number has exceeded the default value of vx_maxlink, which causes the above errors to be encountered.

This size is platform specific. Rerun any backups that failed when the error occurred. 060 WARNING: msgcnt x: mesg 060: V-2-60: vx_snap_getbitbp - mount_point snapshot file system bitmap read error Description An I/O error occurred while HPUX : How to configure Quorum server for the clus... Resolve the error on the disk and rerun any backups that failed when the error occurred. 031 WARNING: msgcnt x: mesg 031: V-2-31: vx_disable - mount_point file system disabled Description File

Often, there is plenty of space and one runaway process used up all the remaining free space. Action Resolve the condition causing the disk error. Action Unmount the file system and use fsck to run a full structural check. 078 WARNING: msgcnt x: mesg 078: V-2-78: vx_ilealloc - mount_point file system mount_point fileset (index number) ilist Action Make sure the snapshot file system was given the correct amount of space.

When inode information is no longer dependable, the kernel marks it bad on disk. If the problem is not related to an I/O failure, find out how the disk became corrupted. Any subsequent inode allocations will fail unless a sufficient number of files are removed. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. End of content United StatesHewlett Packard Enterprise International CorporateCorporateAccessibilityCareersContact UsCorporate ResponsibilityEventsHewlett Packard LabsInvestor RelationsLeadershipNewsroomSitemapPartnersPartnersFind a PartnerPartner

ioscan -P health ioscan -P health |grep -i offline ioscan -m lun disk 216 64000/0xfa00/0xd9 esdisk CLAIMED DEVICE limited... The system either remounts the root cleanly or runs a full structural fsck and remounts cleanly. Ignite is failing on the server , with error related to stand. The VX_FULLFSCK flag is set in the super-block.

This inconsistency could be a bad free count, a corrupted hash chain, or any similar directory structure error. Which left some shared memory and semaphore on the server. If the VX_FULLFSCK flag can't be set, the file system is disabled. This happens only if the super-block update or log write encountered a device failure.

HPUX : how to remove/validate the limited state in ioscan. Check the console log for I/O errors. Daily fight and struggle with (monster) server to deliver it flawlessly to (King)Client Humor HPUX LINUX SOLARIS POST ISSUE SCRIPTS PHOTOS HPSUPPORT REFERENCES Friday, June 13, 2014 VERITAS :File system need This message should be accompanied by another file system message describing the particular file system metadata affected, as well as a message from the disk driver containing information about the disk

Images of Version 2 disk layout file systems created by copy utilities, such as dd or volcopy, will become unusable after a disk layout upgrade. This usually occurs because a user or process has written directly to the device or used fsdb to change the file system. If any file data was lost, restore the files from backups.