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fatal error leaving specman Keuka Park, New York

This post specifies problem identification, and will providehandling guidelines, for the following error types:1. run time aspects). Sometimes it may be advantageous to build an e testbench structure that parallels the corresponding RTL structure. This will slow down simulation tremendously, and will keep on printing GC messages to the screen.

Hope that answers the question :-) over 4 years ago More Cancel Anonymous Hi SN-techies, I did not catch up the long passage which seemly try to comfort user by saying"We This specman.err file includes the following parts: Top section - specifies the error Raw stack trace - stack that contains the interpreted symbols of the compiled code (generated when the compiler This will allow other tools to catch their signals, and might facilitate a more informative stack. 5. in this example), it is treated as a list of strings, where each repetition element is represented as a separate string.

The first and more common error you might get from Specman's memory management is the following error:*** Error: Total memory requested from operating system exceeds get_config(memory,max_size) (419430400). Will exit at get_config(memory,absolute_max_size) (471859200). When dealing with these kind of situations, we need to first identify which of these applications is the one taking most memory, and moreover, which is the one that can go In those cases, Specman allows great flexibility for a user, to control the memory management mechanism and try to "circumvent the issue elegantly", until he fixes the real source of the

These sections contain the header files that simulators must provide for VPI applications to include. All Blogs Breakfast Bytes The Design Chronicles Cadence Academic Network Custom IC Design Digital Implementation Functional Verification High-Level Synthesis IC Packaging and SiP Design Insights on Culture Logic Design Low Power If we will identify this point, and the reason for this "misbehavior," we will be half way towards the resolution of the problem (or the identification of a Specman bug...). re: Shameless plug, ....

More 3D-IC Design Advanced Node Automotive Low Power Mixed Signal Photonics ARM-Based Solutions Aerospace and Defense Services Services OverviewHelping you meet your broader business goals. Full-Flow Digital Solution Related Products A-Z Tools Categories Block Implementation Tools Innovus Implementation System First Encounter Design Exploration and Prototyping Equivalence Checking Tools Conformal Equivalence Checker Functional ECO Tools Conformal ECO Back to top #4 Tudor Timi Tudor Timi Member Members 242 posts LocationGermany Posted 08 April 2014 - 04:09 AM I would rather have a clear separation of error messages by Intel fight just got good" theme prompted by ARM's 64 bit architecture announcements at ARM's Techcon.  In short, I'll reiterate my oh-so-daring prediction I made back at CES that whoever can

Shameless plug: We discuss all of this and more in the Doulos UVM Adopters class . Let's take a simple class definition: package some_package; class some_class; int some_variable; rand int some_rand_variable; endclass endpackage Using the reflection API, we're able to print the random type of some_rand_variable: module OS112. So we must have done something right.

In AXI eVC package there is a config_wizard directory, it seems that it can generate configuration file automaticaly. I have no clue how to debug this error. So this error tells us that we had hit some pre-defined values (max_size, absolute_max_size) that are supposed to limit Specman's memory consumption. If Specman's check consistency option did not return anything, try to get more information on the memory consumption by turning on the memory debug flags and rerunning; the recommended flags are:

Because the expression type is unknown, you cannot use a real method; instead, you can define a pseudo-method, presumably using a macro. and b.       Reload the code and issue ‘br on gen action # cfs #’ (in our example, ‘br on gen action 2 cfs 20’), so that the test reruns and stops We want our rf_manager to be able to give us an object that contains all of the information about a certain class. Happy Verifying!

It is very important to identify whether it's a Specman error that is complaining we have a setting that is responsible for this error, or an OS error that is complaining It seems that it does not work well.   irun -processor 4 irun -processor 4 -profthread The version is :   irun: 12.20-s009: (c) Copyright 1995-2013 Cadence Design Systems, Inc.  

To resolve the later memory consumption problem, search for "Specman memory consumption is too high" in Specman documentation, and ascertain what steps you should take to tackle the problem.5. Remember that a type id is required for conditional extensions and that these extensions are not dynamic throughout the test. 9.

However in general, it is usually better to keep these components separate, so that future verification can be completed utilizing these components as building blocks. Now our task is to identify the cause of failure. ASSERT/WARNING (time 707830810500 FS) from process system.u_chip.u_core.u_cpsTop:u_ethComplex:i_ethernity_top.i_switch_top.i_mea_lx.i_if_top.if_core.ihp.st.i_st_dp_wrapper.hash_mem_grp_1[0].m_grp1.m_1w1r_ram.ram_2:VITALBehavior (architecture eth_lib.SZLA40_1024X40X1CM4:behavior)   No.2 ** MEM_Warning: Read and Write the same address. I encourage you to get in touch with your Cadence AE or salesperson to discuss your needs with us.  For more information on AVIP, click here.  Pete Heller

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It's a lot quicker than Disc-Based GC, and uses less memory by far than the Copy GC. To achieve this solution, the above macro should be rewritten as follows: define "double_assign[ ]\(,...\)" as computed {     if .size() != 3 then {         reject_match();     };     Started by ljepson74 , Apr 07 2014 09:27 AM UVM_ERROR UVM_FATAL messaging override Please log in to reply 7 replies to this topic #1 ljepson74 ljepson74 Junior Member Members 99 posts All the rest IS garbage.

These could be useful for writing super generic code,but the main use I can see, though, is in testing. a memory allocation request will return NULL) the application that was doing the malloc in that time frame would have to deal with it, but the entire process is thrown out. While invoking it by typing virtuoso, its giving folllowing error "ERROR: Can not find any 32 bits or 64 bits executable version of "virtuoso""  Can you please suggest necessary modification to Writing reusable verification code takes extra effort and requires engineers to follow some basic guidelines.

UCIS - the new standard on the block: Given that coverage and metric driven verification is now a mainstream best-practice for functional verification, the high interest in the launch of the I had ever use following "-processor" options.