failed to read parameter object error in box server Greenvale New York

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failed to read parameter object error in box server Greenvale, New York

It didn't matter if I used the local copy installed with Crystal XIr1, or the repository version installed with BOE XIr2, I got the same error when trying to export. WWC-38164 - An error occurred while displaying the Navigator. Cause:The provider name specified was too long. Cause:A portlet name was null.

Action:Contact the portal administrator. Request the necessary privileges be granted to perform the task. Action:Contact the portal administrator. Action:This is an internal error.

This problem can occur if OracleAS Portal was unable to communicate with another component. This may be because the requested object has been deleted, or some other internal error. Verify the Querypath Url Prefix in the OracleAS Single Sign-On Server settings. Action:Refresh the screen and verify that the parameter is already at the top of the display order.

Action:Refresh the screen and verify that the portlet is still available. Notify your administrator. We love it when R users help each other, but RStudio does not monitor or answer the comments in this thread. PDK-Java release 2 (OC4J) Web providers do not use this setting if they use servlet sessions.

WWC-43302 - get_portlet returned an implementation type other than Database or Web for Portlet %1.%2. Click Sign In to add the tip, solution, correction or comment that will help other users.Report inappropriate content using these instructions. WWC-43273 - An error occurred during the call to the WSRP Provider: %1. Cause:The session cookie is not consistent with the user session in the repository.

Cause:The specified portlet was not found in the Portlet Metadata Repository. Cause:When editing a user, an attempt was made to assign a database schema to the user's account but the specified database schema has not been granted connect privileges to the Portal Note: if your server.R script matches the last script (above), you need to select mtcars in your select box before you see the validation error message. ## ui.R shinyUI(fluidPage

OracleAS Web Cache was not properly disabled. Cause:The OracleAS Single Sign-On Server does not support the version of the URLC token specified in the partner application configuration. This error relates to the "Unkown error in prompt engine error": I got the "Failed to read data from report file... WWC-44214 - The URL specified is invalid.

param_inv_investments_name currently references the lookup Browse Investments and param_i_manager references Browse Resources.Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Action:Specify a different region for deletion. WWC-43184 - Invalid portlet ID Cause:The portlet ID was invalid or null. Action:Contact the portal administrator.

WWC-44790 - Event not found Cause:The specified event was not found. WWC-43722 - The Provider Group "%1" is not registered. If the R expression returns TRUE, Shiny treats the validation test as if it passed and continues with the app. Action:Contact the portal administrator to restart OracleAS Single Sign-On after diabling its cache.

This field is mandatory for database providers. WWC-41755 - No portlet was specified. WWC-43007 - There were no entities in cache to invalidate. It might have been stopped on purpose in order to front-end with the Oracle HTTP server, instead of OracleAS Web Cache.

Action:In OracleAS Portal, update the information on the Cache tab of the Global Settings page to include the correct user name and password. You must specify its value. WWC-44706 - Error while deleting page parameter "%1" Cause:An attempt to delete a page parameter failed. WOR-70176 - Cannot access the printer: Cause:The printer is not accessible because the security check failed. I am logging this with BO support and if I get a fix I will post it. Action:Verify that the specified group name is less than 50 characters in length, or less than 255 bytes in length (for mutibyte character set databases). WOR-70229 - Your browser cannot display this Reports portlet. Return to Top Error: The context.DQSession argument cannot be null When you try to connect to aData Quality Server using the Data Quality Client application, you might receive the following error:

I had a user that was having this issue.. Alternatively, OracleAS Web Cache might have crashed, or it been restarted at the time when the invalidation messages were sent from OracleAS Portal or providers. Refreshing the report object properties might have failed.