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failed to create nodes for pwwn error=5 Hannacroix, New York

Verify the controllers, now all should be available online. [[email protected]:/]# cfgadm -al Ap_Id Type Receptacle The odd thing is that the 2nd time I issue the same command it succeeds with no error. [[email protected]>]cfgadm -c configure c4 cfgadm: Library error: failed to create device node: 500a09839627d919: Invalid pathname. and I am very appreciate for their help.

In the above example, the designation would be "c3::256000c0ffc028e4". Enabling only a subset of Fabric devices available to Solaris by default can be accomplished by setting the property “manual_configuration_only” in /kernel/drv/fp.conf file. The HBA is a Qlogic QLA2462 attached to a Brocade switch and zoned to my array. The logical ap_id is a shorter, more user-friendly name.

The internal condition of the device cannot be guaranteed. The Type field of a Fibre Channel device ap_id shows the SCSI device type of LUN 0 in the device. Options cfgadm defines several types of operations in addition to listing (-l). If a Fibre Channel device has multiple FCP SCSI LUNs configured, the configure command on the associated port WWN ap_id results in creating a Solaris device for each FCP SCSI LUN

unusable_SCSI_LUN For unconfigure operation, any offlined device nodes for a target device is removed. -s listing_options Refer to cfgadm(1M) for usage information. -t ap_id No test commands are available at All Fibre Channel devices are available to Solaris by default. Subscribe Via Email Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates to your inbox. ;-) Labels Brocade (5) SAN Fundamentals (7) SRDF (5) Time Finder (3) Unix (6) VMAX (2) To resolve this problem you must perform fallowing procedure.

Refer to fp(7d) for additional details on the “manual_configuration_only” property. Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Tag Search Advanced Search Unanswered Threads Find All Thanked Posts Go to Page... learn unix and linux commands SAN Configuration in Solaris UNIX emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 5.0337]emlxs0: NOTICE: 710: Link down. forceload: drv/qlc forceload: drv/fctl forceload: drv/fcp forceload: drv/fp If the following drivers are being used by the system it would be worth forceloading these as well.

With it saying i/o error it still makes me think hardware but i dont know what. Some times when you assign luns or storage from any hitachi array through fibre channel for the first time, the luns will not be visible, Usualy it's problem with HBA card When a Fibre Channel device is listed as an unknown type in the output of the list operation the device might not be configurable. Has anyone ran across this before?

The library I'm having problems with is a FC attached STK L180 with 10xLTO2 drives. The unconfigure command with force_update hardware-specific option unconditionally removes the attachment point of a failing Fabric device from the repository. The drives all showed up in /dev/rmt/ and we can access them just fine. This done so we wouldn't have to re-configure every time a drive failed.

Anyone any ideas? To avoid this problem in the future, use the following command before removing the device from the Storage Area Network(SAN): # cfgadm -c unconfigure If no device has been moved Fibre Channel devices are named with a port World Wide Name (WWN). Got the latest SAN4.4.10 installed with all patches etc.

No attempt is made to configure devices with unknown types. I repeat my environment at the following: Host: SUN 280R HBA card: Qlogic 2200F FC Switch : Brocade 2800 Disk Array : HDS9900 Tape Library: ADIC Scalar 1000 with 2 LTO For an fp port with Fabric related type such as fc-fabric and fc-public, device node creation happens by default at the boot time and can be managed by the cfgadm configure The receptacle and occupant state for attachment points at the fp port have the following meanings: configured One or more devices configured on the fp port connected fp port active disconnected

The “pwwn-lun-blacklist” property in the fp.conf file is applied to the private loop device in the same way it works on a Fabric device. -f Force the configure change state Some failures seen I'm also getting the I/O error using sji commands. #sjiinq [email protected] SJIINQ: Device busy 1640:(pid 8154): Code:0x29, Str= # #luxadm -e dump_map /devices/[email protected],700000/SUNW,[email protected],1/[email protected],0:devctl Pos Port_ID Hard_Addr Port The default behavior may be changed through the use of the “manual_configuration_only” property in the fp.conf file. Attachment points are locations in the system where hardware resources can be dynamically reconfigured.

The operation is similar to the hot unplugging of devices by way of management user interfaces. When a Fibre Channel Fabric device is configured successfully to a host using the -c configure operation, its physical ap_id is stored in a repository. The FCP SCSI LUN level ap_id is not valid for the configure and unconfigure commands. Other strange thing is i can see the wwn of the med changer but it wont configure and therefore wont create the correct device paths on solaris.

I've been battling with issue now for over 3 weeks & it's very frustrating to keep having stumbling blocks. A simple listing of attachment points in the system includes attachment points at fp port nodes but not Fibre Channel devices. Attributes See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: ATTRIBUTE TYPE ATTRIBUTE VALUE Availability SUNWcfpl, SUNWcfplx See Also svcs(1), cfgadm(1M), svcadm(1M), config_admin(3CFGADM), libcfgadm(3LIB), attributes(5), smf(5), fp(7d) Warnings Do not use hardware-specific The following example shows how to list ap_ids with FCP SCSI LUN information: # cfgadm -al -o show_SCSI_LUN Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition c0 fc-fabric connected configured unknown c0::50020f2300006077,0 disk connected

When a Fibre Channel device has multiple FCP SCSI LUNs configured and any Solaris device associated with its FCP SCSI LUN is in the unusable condition, the whole Fibre Channel device c6 fc-fabric connected configured unknown c6::500104f000595f97 disk connected unconfigured unknown c6::500104f000595f9d,0 tape connected configured unknown c6::500104f000595fa3,0 tape connected configured unknown c6::500104f000595fa9,0 tape connected configured unknown c6::500104f000595faf,0 tape connected configured unknown c6::500104f000595fb5,0 All Rights Reserved. root at host# cfgadm -al c6 Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition c6 fc-fabric connected configured unknown c6::500104f00093fda2 med-changer connected configured unknown c6::500104f00093fdac tape connected configured unknown c6::500104f00093fdaf tape connected configured unknown

cfgadm operates on attachment points. forceload: drv/ssd forceload: drv/scsi_vhci Other Popular PostsStorage : Expansion of solaris filesystem after expanding the corresponding LUN from storage.Solaris Troubleshooting : how Solaris assigns controller numbersSolaris Troubleshooting : Confirming I've power cycled the library, the server, reconfiguration boots, unconfiguring, configuring the HBA, re-installed Networker, etc, etc... Got the latest SAN4.4.10 installed with all patches etc.

Anyone any ideas? I/O error scsi: [ID 243001 kern.warning] WARNING: /[email protected],600000/SUNW,[email protected],1/[email protected],0 (fcp4): Failed to create nodes for pwwn=266000c0ffe028e4; error=5 The reason for these errors is that the device in question is no longer present Refer to the previously mentioned description and example of FCP SCSI LUN level listing. The only thing I found on Sunsolve that might explain the error was related to NL port mode for FC tapes.

Brocade SAN Concepts Fibre Channel Protocol(FCP) SRDF(Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) ► May (5) About Me Sankar This blog is dedicated to share ideas, approaches and industry best practices on Storage Management. Learn advanced UNIX, UNIX commands, Linux, Operating Systems, System Administration, Programming, Shell, Shell Scripts, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, OS X, BSD. emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 5.054D]emlxs0: NOTICE: 720: Link up. (2Gb, fabric, initiator) ALUA and MPxIO see: NetAPP_vs._MPxIO Retrieved from "" View source | Discuss this page | Page history | It is used only to reconfigure those Fabric devices at boot time.

The private loop devices are configured by Solaris Fibre Channel drivers by default and are not managed through end user– or application-initiated operations. All fabric devices are automatically enumerated by default and the repository is used only if the fp.conf “manual_configuration_only” property is set. Navigation menu Main Page | About | Help | FAQ | Log in Find Browse Main pageSolaris-10Solaris-11SPARC-HWMISCSunClusterMS-World This page PageDiscussionHistory Backup Central HomeMr.