export http_proxy error 407 proxy authentication required Elsa Texas

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export http_proxy error 407 proxy authentication required Elsa, Texas

Cheers Ah-ha zabilcm15th November 2004, 05:47 AMFor people behind a windows proxy which uses NTLM authentication this link will help. The correct text should be: «« humble_coffee, have you tried to use wget as normal user? failed: Connection refused." I am using a proxy server. Then start a new session(window) & try "yum update".

http_proxy = http://host:port/ ftp_proxy = http://host:port/ You need to remove the comment (#) at the beginning of the last 2 lines shown here and at the beginning of the line containing I thought yumex does it for me :confused: Some one Please help me.... I think the problem is that I need the ability to pass a Microsoft domain as well as the Microsoft username and password to the proxy to do the authentication. It basically runs on my fedora desktop as a local proxy, and I can point any web application I like to it, for example, yum and a weather applet.

Lots of messages like this: "Connecting to voxel.dl.sourceforge.net||:80... Why it ignores the @ symbol? As my FULL email address is my username, the above format would expand as below, with two '@'s, so yum would treat abcd.com as password, which would fail. Check the man page for wget, and it'll tell you these things.

http://fedora.intergenia.de/releases/10/Everything/i386/os/repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 407: Proxy Authentication Required ( The ISA Server requires authorization to fulfill the request. When this copy is successful the upgrade button at the top menu of adept appears. All the commands after this will run as root, so you don't to start them with SUDO 4) echo $http_proxy If your proxy is correctly shown then you should be able See how to configure CNTLM here.

Use "-y" to override I am able to view all the Installed packages, packages available to be upgraded but unfortunately i am not able to install them This snap shot of das_deniz15th October 2006, 03:41 AMso the full line in yum.conf should read something like proxy=http://myproxyserver.company.com:8080 if you're doing that and you know the name of the server is myproxyserver for your Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started Use your installation account (which is a member of the admin group) or logon as root Access Synaptic Package Manager and enter this in the settings Settings -> Preferences -> Network

Enter your system password to confirm Download the script setproxy.py https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/397422/setproxy.py OR https://copy.com/ezPIBHwKhg3Ki8f6 Let’s say you have saved the setproxy.py in the Downloads folder Open terminal Type cd ~/Downloads General Command: everything is working .. If I find it, I will post here. Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 403 OK 17:03:14 ERROR 403: OK.

Just include the server/port if you have no authentication on your proxy server. I also tried wget --proxy-user=USERNAME --proxy-password=PASSWORD But it returned Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 407 Proxy Authentication Required 2011-06-09 14:01:18 ERROR 407: Proxy Authentication Required. Edit bug mail Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else Bug attachments Dependencies.txt (edit) Add attachment • Take the tour • Read the guide © 2004-2016 CanonicalLtd. • Terms of use Thanks!

ajay says: December 11, 2013 at 11:49 amit worked…thanx VIKAS says: January 15, 2014 at 12:15 amI have been looking for an option to use DOMAIN\Username and password, but it does And my wireless card can't be seen until I install 'ndiswrapper' (no Linux drivers available) so you have your 'catch-22'. nosupport17th July 2006, 07:12 PMI'm having the exact opposite problem. I specified the http_proxy and ftp_proxy variables in /etc/bashrc and exported them as follows: http_proxy=http://user%40abcd.com:[email protected]:portnumbe r Yum works fine.

ZarckonMay 27th, 2008, 05:55 AMHey Everyone: I'm running Kubuntu Hardy behind a network proxy. Guys (and/or gals), this is too hard. Now I need to find that setting and get rid of it because its driving my crazy having to 'export http_proxy=' every time before i 'yum'. ahora vamos por el postgres y el pgadmin!!

Apt-get works fine once I have the package lists, but it's annoying to have to go back and forth between the programs. Can a Legendary monster ignore a diviner's Portent and choose to pass the save anyway? Yes, I got it working, but I'm a developer and I work with computers all day. I tried to update my bashrc, also problimatic.

Isn't it Sun that thinks "the network is the computer". darkworldOctober 16th, 2007, 08:11 PMsorry im a complete novice on this issue and im running dapper behind a corperation proxy. Thanks, =-Jameson ---------- Post added at 11:26 AM GMT ---------- Previous post was at 11:24 AM GMT ---------- Almost forgot, it gives me: [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 52 niravshahecom26th April 2011, http://ntlmaps.sourceforge.net/ The above program should be run as a proxy on your desktop and all your connections should be directed through this.

Now and then, I require to install packages on it and I'm behind a proxy server. please help me how to solve this i am new to linux so explain in detail previously i was trying to configure and get the gpg key there i have created proxychains.conf: strict_chain proxy_dns tcp_read_time_out 15000 tcp_connect_time_out 8000 [ProxyList] socks5 9999 yum.conf (when not using proxychains): [main] cachedir=/var/cache/yum/$basearch/$releasever keepcache=0 debuglevel=2 logfile=/var/log/yum.log exactarch=1 opsoletes=1 gpgcheck=1 plugins=1 installonly_limit=3 color=never proxy= Does anyone have RichardB27th May 2006, 12:55 AMI can't get the proxy to work either.