explain the protein error of indicators East Pharsalia New York

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explain the protein error of indicators East Pharsalia, New York

Diabetes mellitus B. Renal - Results from Gomerular or tubular damage Postrenal Proteinuria - Protein added in the lower urinary and genitourinary tract •    Explain the "protein error of indicators," and technique errors •    What is the level of glucose in the urine dependent on? Different proteins react differently: this strip is sensitive to albumin.

Polyelec ionizes releasing H+ ions in solution. In addition, similar to the Protein test strips, higher temperatures tend to shift the color higher. Learn more about Chemical Screening of Urine by Reagent Strip (online CE course) » How to Subscribe MLS & MLT Comprehensive CE PackageIncludes 94 CE courses, most popular$95 Add to cartPick Double sequential enzyme reaction D.

nitrites •    What is the method used on the multistix for nitrite detection in the urine? Positive reactions with porphobilinogen B. exercise, emotional stress, exposure to heat or cold (hyper/hypothermia), fever, pregnancy •    What are some pathological causes for protein in the urine? Specimen contamination C.

At least once every 24 hours D. Cardiovascular disease risk D. Both A and C D. Dip the strip in the urine quickly, allow the excess to run off the side of the cup, blot the SIDE of the strip on a paper towel, match the colors

Your browser needs to be zoomed to a normal size to record audio. Nitrite C. fructose, galactose, lactose, maltose, dextrins, homogentisic acid, glucoronates •    What does Clinitest detect? Porphobilinogen D.

Non-glucose reducing substances •    The primary reason for performing a Clinitest is to: A. Interference stems from any substance precipitated by acid. Temperature can affect the color development: higher temperatures tend to shift the color higher. reducing sugars only •    What is another name for the Clinitest?

Pseudoperoxidase reaction A •    All of the following can cause a negative nitrite reading except: A. Recommendations please? However, in the presence of protein (albumin), the color changes to green, then blue, depending upon the concentration. Blood reading C.

Storing in an opaque bottle C. This method is more sensitive to albumin than to globulin, detecting as little as 5 mg albumin/dL urine. Post renal 1 lower UTI 2 Injury/trauma 3 Menstrual contamination 4 Prostatic fluids/spermatozoa 5 Vaginal secretions    Describe the clinical significance of proteinuria Tubular disorder. Your microphone is muted For help fixing this issue, see this FAQ.

low-molecular weight proteins are filtered through the glomerulus, but are mostly reabsorbed and should not be found in the urine. •    What proteins can be found in the You can only upload videos smaller than 600MB. Basophils C •    The principle of the leukocyte esterase reagent strip test uses a: A. Urobilinogen (colorless) is broken down into urobilin (brown) and passed in the feces. •    What is the normal amount of urobilinogen in the urine? 1-4 mg/day, or less

Sources of error: Strong oxidizing agents cause false positive. Not affect the chemical reactions C. The color chart provided with the test strips has been calibrated to certain concentration values of protein, in particular, the level of albumin present. Speciļ¬c gravity A.

Reaction of peroxide and chromogen D. Heavy bacterial infection B •    A positive nitrite test and a negative leukocyte esterase test is an indication of a: A. Alter the color of the specimen C. Frequently asked questions | List of available courses | Help & Support | LabCE.com News | Site MapCopyright ©2001 - 2016 LabCE.

in the proximal tubules, will spill out into urine if in plasma excess of 160-180 mg/dL •    What is the method used to detect glucose on the test High levels of glucose D. Compare to manufacturers results and all results should be logged. •    What are the sources of error for strip tests Interfering substances, technical carelessness •    PROTEIN POLL:: What is the recommend daily amount of protein for a woman.....?

They yield a false positive in alkaline conditions. highly pigmented urines, high specific gravity + low pH, levodopa, sulfa drugs, phenylketones, phthalein compounds. •    What are some reasons for a false negative for ketones in a Renal disease C. Beta-hydroxybutyric acid D.

bile flow to colon is obstructed, liver damage, hepatitis, cholestasis •    How is urobilinogen formed? high specific gravity + glucose or protein (crenated WBCs cannot release esterase), ascorbic acid, oxalic acid, cephalexin, gentamicin, tetracycline (all antibiotics) •    What other tests can be included