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exact audio copy freedb http error Central Islip, New York

The flashing LEDs bug is already removed, but on these systems there is another bug on it (perhaps very similar to that other bug), that will read now the first part Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. So from now on, please accept that I will not answer the registration cards anymore, sorry about this! What's the problem? 2.10.

In general, it is not important which server is used, because all freedb server are hosting the same content. but it should be the same info than on the regular cddb, right? Anyone know how to do that generally on a computer? As a Linux-User, you can try Emptytree Seedy or gtcd.

Hope you will like it May 10, 2005 It took quite some time until this new version but I had to write my diploma thesis inbetween… Stability should have greatly improved I am experiencing an error when I use the option on ExactAudio Copyto get (Track List) cd info from the remote freedb site. Construction of database export lines (Default:%A;%N;%T;%L) This option only effects the functions Database -> Export CD Information To/Export Whole Database To -> DB Text File... Next version will include AccurateRip and another nice feature (surprise), it will be finished christmas, but due to the needed translations, it will be released january at best.

It should show up the possible speeds in the selection box. Another alternative is to run a VPN like Hotspot Shield (Hotspot Shield is a free, ad supported VPN). As a solution you should download the Windows-format database archive instead. On which ports do the freedb-servers run? 1.8.

Can you provide additional information regarding a CD in the database? I've heard of similar things happening to FooBar recently but not of any solution that I could apply in my situation. Spirit Crusher, Dec 6, 2007 #14 Grant A Musical Free-Spirit Location: Arizona, United States Foobar just quit working for me. Some bugs are fixed (e.g.

Yes, I tried exactly that on EAC, but for 2 classical CDs, it provided wrong and/or no information... Are any of these questions really frequently asked? The program is brilliantotherwise, and I really want to get ripping.Any help appreciated.Thanks and Regards,Bruce Gillespiebrucegillespie-***@public.gmane.orgOfficial Exact Audio Copy mailing list http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/To unsubscribe send mail to eac-unsubscribe-***@public.gmane.orgAn offset list can be Groups is subject tohttp://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/Official Exact Audio Copy mailing list http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/An offset list can be found onhttp://www.ping.be/satcp/eac00.htmPost by peter9fYour use of Yahoo!

I hope to have fixed it now, please tell me about your experiences. FWIW, I installed FooBar2000 and I couldn't get it to access freedb either (by default it connects to freedb2.org, I also tried freedb.freedb.org). Happy Easter! swap channels, spin up, etc.) 3 different gap detection methods, so at least one should work with each drive Better support for external compressors Support for 10 types of external compressors

Some more smaller additions… ;)) Display of actual extraction position in real music time (for error checking) Small corrections to ID3V2 routines, I hope they will still work 😉 Correction of A new version of EAC is also in the works, but this can still take some more weeks… February 21, 2006 The german magazin c't published an article whether EAC is Joined 5/2006 Select All Posts By This User I wonder if a recent update to Norton could have broken things? PS: If you disabled submission, it can be enabled again in EAC Options / Tools.

The EAC application itself is still completely free from advertisement or spyware (and will be)! This is not supported by the gateway.foobar2000 (1.0 and later) doesn't work with the gateway any more. I sometimes use an internet connection that is filtered (filtered for pr0n, P2P, etc) and one of the effects of that filter is that it breaks EAC freedb access. The following main changes are made from 0.9pb9 : Again many bug fixes (ID3V2 tag size for VBR header, Ricoh writing, compression in the background, etc.) It is now possible to

Please use the foo_musicbrainz component instead.Bug Reporting/QuestionsOur Bug Tracker has a component for mb2freedb, please report all problems there, including as much detail as possible: problem seen software and version the Data is always returned in UTF-8 to cater for extended character sets. I will build one huge database of all your CDs and put it somewhere in the web. Groups is subject to http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/ peter9f 2003-03-05 03:30:08 UTC PermalinkRaw Message I've been having the same problem, and this proposed solution did notwork for me.

I've noticed that withthe same CD, I can type in all the info manually and submit it to thefreedb, and the next day that info is retrievable from freedb. And I will soon get DSL, so costs will increase even more. I have the same issue with both v.95 and v.99 Reply post #4 of 12 6/6/09 at 11:37pm Ham Sandwich Trader Feedback: 0 offline 2,615 Posts. I tried updating to EAC v.99b from v.95b with absolutely no luck, among a few other small tweaks to the configuration settings (I made no changes to my config settings when

The new version includes New fast secure read modes for accurate readers and also for drives that caches Complete improvement of read modes and Test read function, allowing to calculate CRC As re-releases with the same track listing are always combined with the original, the year returned might not match that of the disc in hand. Enter "http://freedb.musicbrainz.org:80/~cddb/cddb.cgi" and click OK. Thanks a whole lot.

to 16.4 visiting USA for a car trip around Texas, Colorado, Nevada, California… So please do not send any registration cards nor emails (whatever kind), as my mailboxes would explode otherwise Therefore I added command line options for these drives for the moment. The creator was Dean Giles, thanks for creating it! A google search hasn't been of any help - doesanyone knowwhat is happening here, and how to fix it?

The new version includes Normalization of extracted audio Safety check for available harddisk space Compile-time dynamic linking of the ASPI interface more or less bugs 😉 July 20, 1998 I recognized But anyway, the problem with the ExactAudioCopy.de domain should be gone by now. I've noticed that withthe same CD, I can type in all the info manually and submit it to thefreedb, and the next day that info is retrievable from freedb. November 29, 1998 Work is going on pretty well, but I have to say that it is most probably, that CDDB submission will not be in 0.8beta.

I just removed these bugs and already put up an updated version (same version number though) If no WM Audio Codec was installed, EAC would produce WMA files instead of WAV This will delay development at least some weeks, I hope I find my guarantee billet, I don't want to buy a new drive… September 27, 1998 I am back from holidays… Copy the complete entry to your e-mail program, do the changes you want to do and increase the "Revision" by one. It will be possible to append the gap or to left it out.

I already try to fix it, but didn't found the bug yet. Can you (freedb) add more genre categories to the database? 2.6. If both are not working, it is an old bug not found yet, otherwise it is one that is new in 0.6beta (What is interesting for me to know…) October 1, Thread Status: Not open for further replies.

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