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eudora link history .tmp error Brainard, New York

This controls whether or not Paige windowsdownload HTTP images while viewing. If you use Netscape, thenprevious to this fix clicking on a URL in Eudora would have reused anexisting Netscape browser window. Eudora creates two sets of files, the operating stuff in Program Files and the mailboxes and such in Application Data. By default, DefaultMailto is 0, meaning Eudora doesn't automatically make itself the default mailer, and WarnDefaultMailto is 1, meaning Eudora puts up the aforementioned warning if it's not the default mailer

The problem occurred if the IMAP folder contained anymailboxes. The default is disabled. It now requires anunique signature name.Fixed odd behavior when you tried to File-Exit while editing astationery.SENDING/CHECKING/FILTERING MAIL-------------------------------We now send out a CAPA command in order to support SSL.Unfortunately, some servers have If you do not have WinZip installed and/or there is no such key present, this item will be ignored.

This started happening however under Vista HPE x64, and has continued under Windows HPE x64.... Of course, I'm more than ready to move on to a new PC. Core duo? Wednesday, October 23, 2013 4:01 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Install onC:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\Eudora (at least I did on Windows 7) and then follow the editing of

This request for action is ignored if the directory does not exist. But still I do not like it.  Prefer to stay to use Eudora    but ,,,,.   I do hope that someone to clear  this problem. (too minor issue ??) TNX MS Internet Explorer Typed URLs MRU Purges and Deletes Key Action: Purges and deletes registry key "\HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs". Hey, it's been fun and a great way to spend 30 min while waiting for Eudora to time out using SSL.

Delete has been moved to the bottom of thelist of options.Fixed bug in the Find Messages results tab when you right-click andselect "Open mailbox". Or you may omit any undesired key specifications from the file VGCleanUserSpecified.ini. [FileValuesToErase] Format: This section should list fully qualified file specifications naming existing INI-type files containing specific values within designated How to Block: You may uncheck the appropriate check box on the main form to prevent processing the User File VGCleanUserSpecified.ini. TABCTL32.OCX Contains Tab Control used in main form (added in version 5.0) REVISIONS HISTORY (This information is probably of interest only to the developer).

What is interesting is that I can temporarily fix the problem by closing Eudora on the desktop, deleting linkhistory.dat, and then re-opening Eudora from the laptop which happily works using the You can nowchange your registration if you've already registered. Miscellaneous Empty Recycle Bins Purge Directory(s) Action: Purges the recycle bins on drives with specified drive letters. Windows 95/98/ME users should now see the bitmaps underthe flagged text.Fixed problem where parts of the URL would not be linked becausesome of its text was flagged as misspelled.If you have

Check your temporary directory settings and try again." Here C:\abc\file.ext is a link to the file to be send as attachment. If the error is the files are in use, make sure is enabled VSS and run some jobs before starting to filter everything. You just appear to be confused about how to define "temp" files.It's the use of the temporary internet folder that made me think theywere temporary.This is a common error message that Netscape Newsgroup Directory Purges Directory Action: Removes all subfolders and files from the Netscape (or Mozilla) newsgroup directory location which you specify.

May sound like a dumb question but I'm not sure how I could do an install. Change the values for "TEMP" and "TMP". -- Katrina katrina knight 9 20th July 19:32 katrina knight External User Posts: 1 linkhistory.dat permissions problem Is that definitely the temp However the laptop is being denied access to the file, preventing Eudora loading on it, even though I have set full read/write permission on all the data folder and all And if so, does the word “compatibility” really go in parentheses?

An example value is"return all" which would allow you to see all of the information forthe Ph record.IMAP----Fixed a crash related to creating IMAP mailboxes.We clarified the dialog when forwarding/redirecting an Specifically, it "cleanses" the user's hard drives of undesired files, folders, registry keys, registry values, INI file values, and other stored information which are placed there by various programs such as One other issue -- also the fast search (X1) doesn't seem to be working well -- only some folders seem to be included in the fast search domain (yes I have Upgrade for client packages is b...

If not, you may need to adjust the permissions to allow access. As you add new software, you may wish to make additions to this file. The default is enabled.Improved synching with Palm conduit and large messages.Fixed a crash that occurred in the course of Kerberos authentication.Fixed a crash that could occur upon creating a new personality.Fixed How to Block: You may uncheck the appropriate check box on the main form to prevent processing the User File VGCleanUserSpecified.ini.

Seeing Win 7, which is two versions later, running *faster* and more reliably on the same older hardware: that's a very laudable accomplishment. There is no file in that folder with the name nsmail.tmp Should I be looking somewhere else? Next Speed Upgrade Rumor - 50Mbps upload [OptimumOnline] by radioguinea© DSLReports · Est.1999feedback · terms · Mobile mode

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Also, Print Preview is nowenabled when the focus is in a mailbox summary and one message isselected.Fixed a bug where font changes made in Tools/Options/Fonts weren'ttaking effect if Tools/Options/Viewing Mail/Use Microsoft's This is because the user receives no indication that the program is running in Windows XP as the splash screen does not show. This statusoccurs when the connection was successfully negotiated, but there is aconfiguration setting that forces the connection to be dropped.SSL now supports exporting of certificates in the CertificateInformation Manager. Information about the most recently accessed files in Access 97 is thereby eliminated.

The installer will offer to do this for you if this is thecase. I have created a Eudora shortcut on the laptop to point at a Eudora data folder on the desktop in the standard way. As it usually works eventually, it's just an annoyance, but big time and shouldn't happen. Check your 'Temporary Directory' setting." bug today, while importing from my Outlook program data.

Open Questions Upgrade for client packages is b... How to Configure: The user can specify the directory from which to clear Trash.* files by pressing "Chg", or clear your previous choice with the appropriately positioned button "Clr". Once I found and turned off that last item, the errormessages ceased.Check those settings. Do an internet search for this (such as <"access is denied" > or <"error accessing file">.

Do not end with a backslash and do not include quotation marks, even for file paths containing spaces. This build fixes a problem where long mailbox nameswere not being displayed properly.Fixed bug where the Label would be lost when transferring a message tothe Out mailbox.Improved system performance when mailboxes I am permuting testing combinations and different debug settings. Comment 5 Joshua Cranmer [:jcranmer] 2008-12-18 08:15:39 PST RESO INCO due to lack of response to last question.

How to Configure: Add or delete this file specifications to this section of the User File VGCleanUserSpecified.ini. How do I redo the install so these files get loaded into a string that I can access so I can move my stuff in there so it all works?