etc/cups/interfaces/ exec format error Big Flats New York

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etc/cups/interfaces/ exec format error Big Flats, New York

D [06/Dec/2015:13:54:31 -0500] [Job 40] libusb_get_device_list=12 D [06/Dec/2015:13:54:31 -0500] [Job 40] STATE: +connecting-to-device D [06/Dec/2015:13:54:31 -0500] [Job 40] STATE: -connecting-to-device D [06/Dec/2015:13:54:31 -0500] [Job 40] Printer found with device ID: MFG:MINOLTA-QMS;CMD:NA;MDLagePro Warning - hp_psc_950: Bad printcap entry - missing 'sd' or 'client' If this error is from trying to print with lpr, you have probably installed CUPS on top of another spooler To determine the actual filtering for a particular print job for a particular printer model on a particular Linux system inspect the CUPS log messages in /var/log/cups/error_log - for example to Tests Test print for PostScript, e.g.

Use the wrapper script to avoid having to run lpadmin every time# this file is modified.##### Please set the following variables#-------------------------------------# plot_queue=< name of the plotter queue >plot_queue=hp500## path_append=< path to PHASE ITEMS Indexing Packages 750/750 Changed src/osdep/unix/Makefile so that CC=/usr/bin/cc SSLCERTS=/etc/openssl/certs SSLKEYS=$(SSLCERTS) SSLINCLUDE=/usr/include/openssl SSLLIB=/usr/lib It looks like you need to install this by hand. SunOS 5.11 snv_111b November 2008 [email protected]:~# ifconfig -a plumb [email protected]:~# ifconfig eri0 dhcp [email protected]:~# cat > /etc/resolv.conf nameserver

[email protected]:~# rm /etc/nsswitch.conf [email protected]:~# cat /etc/nsswitch.dns > /etc/nsswitch.conf [email protected]:~# umount /etc/netboot [email protected]:~# You've been most helpful. –Pedro Gaiao Dec 23 '15 at 9:36 add a comment| active oldest votes Know someone who can answer?

D [21/Dec/2015:16:51:46 +0000] [Job 5] Device protocol: 2 D [21/Dec/2015:16:51:46 +0000] [Job 5] Sending data to printer. Thus, if you want to print from a remote client, the option must be explicitly entered on the command line every time or the instance must be created on the client more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science Limitations and Restrictions Neither optional PCL printing for PostScript+PCL printers nor PostScript or PDF preprocessing for PostScript printers should be considered as a panacea for printing any PostScript or PDF document.

Here is the log : > > > > [SNIP] > > [Job 4] /usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip: Aucun fichier ou répertoire > de > > ce type > > D [13/Sep/2003:13:23:35 +0200] [Job Setting particular printing options with PJL commands when printing in PCL mode: If your printer understands PCL and PJL, you can use PJL commands to activate some printing options. Good Term For "Mild" Error (Software) What is the most expensive item I could buy with £50? Now cups begins working but i've already > some errors . > Running cups with debug2 loglevel in /var/log/cups/error_log I found > these messages, do you know where I can find

D [05/Dec/2015:09:46:09 -0500] [Job 1] Waiting for read thread to exit... So I need the username/password of the user who is currently logged into the Linux Desktop to be sent to the Windows server together with the print job. The Ghostscript driver pswrite is used for PostScript preprocessing with Ghostscript. Since the move away from PostScript to PDF as the standard print job format (see Concepts printing) it might be even better when that special kind of PostScript is directy fixed

The CUPS option -o document-format=application/postscript-pswrite enables you to set the MIME type of the PostScript document to print to application/postscript-pswrite on the command line. Alternatively, use the generic CUPS PPD file /usr/share/cups/model/Postscript.ppd.gz or a generic Foomatic PPD file like /usr/share/cups/model/Postscript-level2.ppd.gz or /usr/share/cups/model/Generic/PostScript_Printer-Postscript.ppd.gz to operate the printer as a generic PostScript printer. As an example assume you use an old CUPS 1.1 version and want to solve the problem described in the old Support Database article "No Landscape Format with CUPS" (for SuSE library/desktop/gtk2/gtk-backend-cups Used by the GNOME Apps print dialog print/cups/system-config-printer Print manager for CUPS print/cups/hal-cups-utils local USB printer auto-detection daemon Now my applications are coming up with the queues I defined.

It is similar to the problem I had previously but I cannot resolve the problem like I did before. and in the last lines of the output is the ghostscript directory path. E [05/Dec/2015:09:21:21 -0500] [cups-driverd] Bad driver information file "/usr/share/cups/drv/sample.drv"! How to make files protected?

Why are unsigned numbers implemented? OK I can do that. To get a relatively generic ppd file I went to the postscript printers at and downloaded the ppd for the Apple 12/640ps. You can use the command recode "lat1..ibmpc" to convert ISO-8859-1 text to IBM PC-compatible character code.

for his particular needs. Designed by STSoftware, modified by Katt, Konservburk & Peetra. d [15/Sep/2003:12:46:10 +0200] UpdateJob: Removing fd 5 from InputSet... I just wanted to save myself from writing the same lines over and over while I was testing something out.

D [06/Dec/2015:13:54:31 -0500] [Job 40] Read 40 bytes of back-channel data... Ignore all data with the MIME type text/plain except the relevant form data: If you want to use a dot matrix printer to fill in forms with carbon copies on continuous As of CUPS version 1.1.18, this works correctly. You made it sound like you couldn't.

D [06/Dec/2015:13:54:31 -0500] [Job 40] Pondering option 'time-at-creation=1449428071' D [06/Dec/2015:13:54:31 -0500] [Job 40] Unknown option time-at-creation=1449428071. So, I should really start getting the disk copied over. Since CUPS 1.4 there is support for explicit priority settings for MIME types (check "man mime.types" for "TYPE MATCHING AND PRIORITY" and see E [05/Dec/2015:09:43:33 -0500] [cups-driverd] Bad driver information file "/usr/share/cups/drv/sample.drv"!

After some poking around I found that all I really needed to do was to edit /etc/opt/SUNWut/auth.props and make the setting allowLANConnections = true But that's not all, … I was with rh6.0 and cups 1.1.4 > don't happen! > bye > Marco Bye Martin Next Message by Thread: Re: Re: problems installing printer with cups 1.1.14-15 Hi! YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR FONTS INSTALLED!!? Yeah, I edited my last post before I realised you'd replied again, that explains a bit about logging in etc.

To be useful, you much change the logging level. Printer-specific data is then sent to the printer. Interestingly, while under my previous install (nv128) the printers showed up in my print menus, they are not doing so here. Optional PCL Printing on PostScript+PCL Printers PostScript printers may fail to print extremely complex PostScript documents.