error your userfile is not writable Baldwinsville New York

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error your userfile is not writable Baldwinsville, New York

Just chmod the directories? you have to enter the path from your including page to the twg installation e.g. 'TinyWebGallery/'. a white border you can set the values to 0:0 and the border will be transparent. If you are done with setting up galleries: Set $cache_dirs to true to enable session caching!

could any one give me some help? The file speed.htm does measure the speed of a connection and calls the index.php with the parameter lowbandwidth or highbandwidth - if you want to provide the same settings for all To add a new language you have to translate one of the existing languagefile (e. Configuration with an url parameter Configuration by url parameter - They have only to be added to one request only! &twg_noborder=true - Adding this parameter to the url disables the border.

the compress css files is stored in the cache folder for one day. The images are not cached in this modus because they can get very big! $preselect_folders_search (true/false) New 1.5 - Preselect the folders checkbox in the search window $preselect_last_search (true/false) New 1.5 Several functions may not work. Generates thumbnails (size 100) of ~ 4k.

This function needs the FreeType library installed! $print_text_original (true/false) Prints the text or a watermark (see below) on the download image! - $enable_direct_download has to be set to false. $font (String) Otherwise it stays open until you close it - you can change this behavior by the small marker in the right upper corner of the tree. see password_file and the how-to for more infos!! If you want to move or rename folders please read how-to 35 first!

language/language_de.php - the name of the needed flag is language/language_de.gif) and copy it in the 'language' directory (+ the flag). Look for the sections first and then you don't have that many options anymore (maybe only 50 ;).)I will update the web site when I have some more time.New parameters in Copyright © 2007-2016, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. Now in order to correctly setup the file permissions: Create a folder on the server to store all uploaded files (/home/joe/www/

Installation When you are sure that your server configuration is correct, complete the steps below to start using CKFinder. Restart Apache. this works too for the folder.gif and the private.gif! $use_sha1_for_password (true/false) New 1.2 - you can use SHA1 or SHA256 to generate the hash values of the passwords. You can change the colors of TWG with the Color Manager.

This value determines the size of this corner. $comment_corner_backcolor_R $comment_corner_backcolor_G $comment_corner_backcolor_B (Number) New 1.2 this are the colors of the comment corner (RGB value in decimal) $enable_drop_shadow (true/false) New 1.3 - Log in or register to post comments News itemsDrupal news Planet Drupal Association news Social media directory Security announcements Jobs Our communityCommunity Getting involved Services, Training & Hosting Groups & Meetups Copy the folders of your pictures into the 'picture' directory. Valid values 'TRUE' and 'FALSE'; $enable_maximized_view (true/false) New 1.3 - = fullscreen modus -- This modus is intended for people who want to show their images like in a slideshow but

to fix it (Different error, same solution) h0bbel - Gallery Team If you found my help useful, please consider donating to Gallery Kestrel Joined:2004-08-24 Posts:10 Posted: Mon, 2005-10-10 01:59 Simply try the Upload Flash (Use Upload in the TWGXplorer). This has only happened on galleries which I have reloaded onto my webserver and are thus "owned" by my user. size of the thumbnails. $strip_thumb_pic_size (Number) New 1.5 - You can show the thumbs for the big navigation in a different size then on the thumbnail page!

All else is © Copyright 2000-2014 Bharat Mediratta. Jun 20th 2011, 8:03am I have installed the nagvis-1.5.9.tar.gz The install log is below: [[email protected]_1 nagvis-1.5.9]# ./ +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Welcome to NagVis Installer 0.2.17 | +------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | This script is built If you don't want cache cleanup use -1 here. I make them better quality because they are really small $show_clipped_images (true/false) clipped images in the thumbnail view - all images will be shown as squares - if you change this

The generated big images are deleted a little bit faster than ;). If CKFinder does not work as intended after the initial configuration and your server settings adjustments, please have a look at the Debugging and Logging section. If SHA1 is not available on your system (php <4.3) the internal SHA256 is used! JSON MIME Type Support If you are using IIS Express as your web server, you will need to make sure that JSON is an allowed MIME type.

Most style settings can be found in the style.css. images you don't need to scroll at all - if you set this to true the thumbs below are static no mater which one you select (the actual thumb in not Please write the language in English and then in the language of the country in Brackets e.g. If you make settings in my_config.php and you use TWG Admin later to configure TWG your settings are overwritten.

It's then not possible to get on the detail page anymore. Just chmod the directories?

You should have them chown (not chmod) the gallery directories so they are owned by the web server. I have drupal working on another virtual server on this machine, so I can't figure out what this error message is. Username Forum Password I've forgotten my password Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers Privacy Policy

on the flash. If false, there is a small zoom icon in the left upper corner of each thumbnail. if you find errors in the debug file because of this - use false here ... $image_file_extension (String) New 1.4 - image.txt can be renamed to image.php - this can be This site uses cookies.

This is maybe interesting for admins who enable upload with the front end and want eben the flash anonymous. $enable_ie_filename_fix (true/false) New 1.6 - shows the right file name in ie click on the 2nd image the 1st thumbnail is shown and after wards the 3rd 4th and 5th on the left side - the dividor is added between the thumb of Therefore this is disabled by default. New parameters in 1.7 and 1.8All new parameters in 1.7 and 1.8 can be found at the bottom in config.php.

The password is the plain password! - when the administration is available I will add a kind of encryption. $browser_title_prefix (String) This is the title which is shown in the browser