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To find out the name of the directory, use either of the following commands: select value from v$parameter where name = 'user_dump_dest'; show parameter user_dump_dest; Refer to Section K.2.2, "Generating Trace Setting the property in the file does not help, because the system property is read first before OC4J reads this file. See Section 7.2, "Using the Application Server Control Console" for more information. Increasing numProcs: numProcs is the number of default instances of an OC4J that will be instantiated at startup.

Cookie from Another Server Is Received If you have recently accessed another OracleAS Portal that is configured with a domainwide cookie scope, then an ORA-20001 error may be raised. Infrastructure components run across wide networks with multiple routers. Portlets do not have direct access to the URL, the HTTP message body, or the page parameters. The available Show modes are described more fully in Chapter 6, "Creating Java Portlets": Shared Screen mode is described in Section, "Shared Screen Mode (View Mode for JPS)" Edit mode

The default value is false. The default value is sysdate. See Also: Managing the Oracle Directory Integration and Provisioning Server in the Oracle Identity Management Integration Guide Diagnosing Oracle Directory Integration and Provisioning Server Problems in the Oracle Identity Management Integration See Section K.2.4, "Using Application Server Control Console Log Viewer" for more information.

If any instance should fail for any reason, then you still have 25 threads while OPMN restarts the instance that has died. function get_default_preference ... To get more debugging information, you can also use: set serveroutput on size 1000000 begin wwdav_loader.create_dav_content( p_debug_mode => true); end; Running the DAV Loader removes any temporary documents, and any locks Check the status and configuration of the SQL* Net Listener.

From your browser, go to the URL for the PL/SQL Generator. Note:Portlet parameter names should not start with an underscore (_) because those parameters are reserved for internal use by OracleAS Portal and are not passed to the portlet. function is_portlet_runnable ( p_portlet_instance in wwpro_api_provider.portlet_instance_record ) return boolean is begin if (p_portlet_instance.portlet_id = PORTLET_HELLOWORLD) then return helloworld_portlet.is_runnable( p_provider_id => p_portlet_instance.provider_id ,p_reference_path => p_portlet_instance.reference_path ); elsif (p_portlet_instance.portlet_id = PORTLET_SNOOP) then return If the problem persists contact the site administrator" error when you try to access OracleAS Portal.

Check if Oracle Internet Directory is up. See Section 7.2, "Using the Application Server Control Console" for more information. string defaultLocale Specifies the language the portlet renders by default. The initial, one-time call from the middle tier to the OracleAS Portal schema to determine the OracleAS Portal version may have failed.

If Oracle Internet Directory starts successfully, then check if you can log in. end show; The show_edit procedure renders the page for Edit or Edit Defaults mode. K.1.17 Stale Content Is Displayed on Portal Pages The content on your portal pages is not getting refreshed and stale content is displayed. To access OC4J_Portal monitoring and administration pages in the Application Server Control Console, click OC4J_Portal in either of the following: Parallel Page Engine Services page (available from the Component Status table

OracleAS Portal handles the closing of the transactions itself. You get errors on OracleAS Portal pages after you have been authenticated. Please close your browser and reconnect." This error indicates a corrupt or otherwise invalid session cookie. When you complete the wizard, click Finish.

Table 8-1 Show Mode Constants in wwpro_api_provider Show mode Constant Shared Screen MODE_SHOW Edit MODE_SHOW_EDIT Edit Defaults MODE_SHOW_EDIT_DEFAULTS Preview MODE_SHOW_PREVIEW Full Screen MODE_SHOW_DETAILS Help MODE_SHOW_HELP About MODE_SHOW_ABOUT Link MODE_SHOW_LINK 8.1.2 Recommended Portlets can also expose their parameters to OracleAS Portal. If the status is 'Down', then start OC4J_Portal using the Application Server Control Console. Check the DADs table to see if the DAD configured for your portal is up.

Problem Changes to style sheets are not reflected on portal pages. See Section 4.5.3, "Configuring a Portal DAD" for information about configuring the DAD from the portal's home page. Solution In case of unhandled exception errors, the actual cause of the error is not clear. The default preferences are associated with an instance.

If the status is 'Down', then click the name of the DAD in the DAD table and verify that all properties are set correctly. Clicking Details in the portlet enables the user to reset the counter via Clear. K.1.19 Unhandled Exception Errors When accessing or using OracleAS Portal, you may encounter an unhandled exception error. If the status is 'Down', then start the Oracle Directory Integration Platform server using Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control Console.

register Initializes the portlet at the instance level. Use the wwui_api_portlet.portlet_text() API when generating the content of the portlet so that the output uses the portlet CSS. */ htp.p(wwui_api_portlet.portlet_text( p_string => 'Hello World - Mode Show' ,p_level => 1 The OC4J_Portal status is displayed in the System Components table. string createdOn Defines the portlet creation date.