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SAP BI 4 - Scheduling reports error - source file... Environment BOE XI R3.1 SP 4 This is a generi... migration can be done by Import Wizard or LCMno import wizard desktop intelligenceno desktop intelligence GraphsMore graphs options Not availableDirect connection between SAP BW BEx query to Webi by BICS connection You cannot run this query.

Contact your BusinessObjects administrator. (WIS 30551) 102 WIS Your Web Intelligence WIQT session has reached timeout. Full form of SAP BO components CMC:- Central Management Console CCM:- Central Configuration Management CMS:- Central Management Service Web Application Server port, default 8080 Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) port, default 6410 You must create a connection. (UX0015) 49 UX0016 Could not update the connection locally. (UX0016) 49 UX0023 Cannot open the universe. (UX0023) 49 UX0028 Cannot load the repository. (UX0028) 50 UX0029 Some of these individual components may also be available under alternative licenses.

Error Messages Explained 2122 1 Setup Error Messages Feature is already installed. (STU 00040) The feature you want to add to the current installation is already installed. What is user objects? A chasm trap can be solved using 2 methods: In the universe SQL parameters, the option, generate multiple queries for each measure needs to be selected. Contact your BusinessObjects administrator. (WIS 30752) 104 WIS An error occurred while parsing the Web Intelligence XML document.

If this doesn't work, see your BusinessObjects administrator. (WIJ 20000) 83 WIJ An unexpected problem occurred when Web Intelligence tried to refresh the document data and open the document. See your BusinessObjects administrator. (WIS 00014) 90 WIS Multiple query filters contain a prompt with the same text, but the prompts use a different operand type or operator count of values. All servers on a node run under the same user account. The JRE currently installed is {0}.

Contact Business Objects Customer Support. (ADM0201) This error message may occur when you import data to the repository. This syntax is no longer supported in this version. What is a Loop? Integrate external as well as internal data.

Make available historical data, extending over many years, which enables trend analysis. JackLiUnable to connect to SQL Server on azure VM due to an extra NSG applied to subnet September 18, 2016If you need to open up your SQL Server on an Azure Metadata describes the entity and attributes description. Is the report well constructed and does it serve a real purpose?

On the Properties page, increase the Maximum Binary File Size. 5. General Supervisor Supervisor Designer Supervisor-Designer User Versatile What is a LOV? Administrator : A web based tool can be used to start, stop, schedule and monitor ETL jobs. Instead of re-creating common components each time you create a new universe, you can centralize such components in a kernel universe, and then include them in all new universes.

External Strategies : We can also create our own strategies. Line will not be processed. (ADM 00207) The batch import file includes a DU command (Delete User). Install your distribution on a HP-UX 11 platform. You can use multiple universes to solve a Chasm trap in a WEBINTELLIGENCE universe when Multiple SQL for Measures cannot be used as there are dimension objects defined for one or

This distribution only runs on AIX 5. Contact your BusinessObjects administrator. (WIS 30271) Error Message Guide15 List of Error Messages WIS Max character file size limit exceeded. Remove the name of this feature from the command line. Increasing the value to 200MB should be working fine under normal conditions, but you still should be testing thoroughly, as your threshold might need to be different.

This relational device enables Business objects and Web intellegence users to share resources in a controlled and secured environment. The document is too large to be processed by the Web Intelligence server. (WIS 30271) Cause When you view a Web Intelligence in Portable Document Format (PDF) or Microsoft Excel format, Request valid licenses from Business Objects Support. Typically a universe can have more than one fact table and numerous aggregated tables.

What are the types of business objects repository domain? This platform provides a set of common services to deploy, use and manage the tools and applications. What is Dimension? The export was canceled for . (DX0022) 45 DX0024 Unknown error during export of .

User Module Designer Supervisor Auditor Set Analyzer Info View (Web Intelligence) Business Objects Software Development Kit (SDK) Broadcast Agent What are strategies? Data Integrator has four components are : Graphical designer : GUI to build and test ETL jobs for data cleansing, validation and auditing. Universes can be exported to the central repository only through a secured connection. Back to top OrangeForum EnthusiastJoined: 18 Sep 2006Posts: 1264Location: Seattle Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:11 amPost subject: Re: Maximum binary output size limit reached.

A list of languages that the distribution contains can be found in the CD/setup/lang.dat file. These services are security, broadcasting, collaboration, metadata and developer services. The document is too large to be processed by the server. Install the correct version for your platform.

Increasing these values too high could impact Web Intelligence performance when users attempt to save excessively large files. CMS_IdNumbers6The CMS uses this table to generate unique Object IDs and Type IDs. Non volatile : implies that data is never removed. BI 4.0 - How to import or export a LifeCycle Manager BIAR file using command line utility SAP NOTE1634962 - BI4 - How to import or export a LifeCycle Manager BIAR

The document is too large to be processed by the server. Copyright 2006 Business Objects. You have logged in with a different user account than that used for the installation. (STU 00015) You cannot perform the operation on the installation directory since you logged in using Apply the setting and allow the Web Intelligence Report Server to restart.

contact your business objects When Trying to Download the data from Webi Intelligence you get the error : "maximum binary output size limit reached.