error-detection-based quantum fault-tolerance threshold Athol Springs New York

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error-detection-based quantum fault-tolerance threshold Athol Springs, New York

Thresholds for linear optics quantum computation, 2000, quant-ph/0006120.David Kribs, Raymond Laflamme, and David Poulin. Comput., 31(3):799, 2002, quant-ph/9802027.Michael A. Being of distance two, the codes Knill uses allow for error detection, no... 62 Quantum accuracy threshold for concatenated distance-3 codes,” Quantum - Aliferis, Gottesman, et al. - 2006 (Show Context) The original threshold proofs of Aharonov and Ben-Or [1], and of Kitaev =-=[13]-=- showed that there exists some positive noise threshold, without giving any numerical lower bound.

There are two encoded qubits. Please note that this site is currently undergoing Beta testing. Oscar Boykin, Heng Fan, Vwani Roychowdhury, Eli Yablonovitch, Geoffrey Simms, Mark Gyure, and Bryan Fong. Numerical calculations indicate that the actual noise threshold this method yields is lower-bounded by 0.1% noise per gate.

Kitaev, A.Y.: Quantum computations: algorithms and error correction. morefromWikipedia Sensory threshold Sensory threshold is a theoretical concept used in psychophysics. These two papers illustrate surprising connections with a number of other fields of mathematics. quant-ph/0703264 (2007) 6.

For qua... 65 Improved simulation of stabilizer circuits - Aaronson, Gottesman - 2004 (Show Context) Citation Context ...s can be implemented to arbitrary reliability. Other methods of achieving fault-tolerant universality work by expanding a faulttolerant universal gate set at concatenated coding level k ... 4 Gács. quant-ph/0508176 (2005) 27. Quantum Inf.

Resilient quantum computation. In the discrete case, one can easily assign a probability to each possible value: when throwing a die, each of the six values 1 to 6 has the probability 1/6. Recently, though, there has been dramatic progress on two fronts of the fault-tolerance problem. We now apply the technique of magic states distillation [9, 22, 24, 25] to extend them to a universal set of encoded quantum gates.

von Neumann, J.: Probabilistic logic and the synthesis of reliable organisms from unreliable components. Ann. Chong, Isaac L. Du¨r, and R.

Postselection is a key factor allowing computation in t... 20 Two-qubit projective measurements are universal for quantum computation - Leung 20 Improved ancilla preparation scheme increases fault-tolerant threshold. Fault-tolerant quantum computation by anyons. KuznetsovaRead moreArticleThresholds for Correcting Errors, Erasures, and Faulty Syndrome Measurements in Degenerate Quantum C...October 2016 · Physical Review Letters · Impact Factor: 7.51Ilya DumerAlexey A. The second paper gives a survey of many of the connections between quantum topology and quantum computation.

Quantum computers are different from digital computers based on transistors. Phys. The ACM Guide to Computing Literature All Tags Export Formats Save to Binder For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Steane, A.M.: A fast fault-tolerant filter for quantum codewords.

Nielsen and Isaac L. Svore, Andrew W. Wootters. Nature, 438:643, 2005.Aram W.

No related research data. However, proof techniques could not show that these promising fault-tolerance schemes tolerated any noise at all; the distribution of errors in the quantum state has correlations that conceivably could grow out Lett., 94:180501, 2005.[KLZ98a] Emanuel Knill, Raymond Laflamme, and Wojciech Hubert Zurek. Numerical calculations indicate that the actual noise threshold this method yields is lower-bounded by 0.1% noise per gate.

Rev. Proc. Nature 434, 39–44 (2005) CrossRefGoogle Scholar19. Since quantum superpositions are fragile, the major hurdle in building such a computer is overcoming noise.

Read our cookies policy to learn more.OkorDiscover by subject areaRecruit researchersJoin for freeLog in EmailPasswordForgot password?Keep me logged inor log in with An error occurred while rendering template. Bacon, D.: Operator quantum error correcting subsystems for self-correcting quantum memories. Phys. Kitaev, Andrew Landahl, and John Preskill.

Postselection is a key factor allowing computation in t... 59 Quantum teleportation is a universal computational primitive. Becher, O. Recognition threshold: the level at which a stimulus can not only be detected but also recognised. The first edition of the reference will focus on high-impact solutions from the most recent decade; later editions will widen the scope of the work.

Nielsen. Mod. Nearly 500 entries will be organized alphabetically by problem, with subentries allowing for distinct solutions and special cases to be listed by the year. Despite Knill’s high noise threshold estimate, however, there had been no proof that his scheme tolerated any positive amount of noise at all.

Being of distance two, the codes Knill uses allow for error detection, no... 17 Reliability of Calderbank-Shor-Steane Codes and Security of Quantum Key Distribution - Hamada - 2004 15 Toward a http: //arxiv - Reichardt (Show Context) Citation Context ...irst, there has been substantial work on estimating noise thresholds, based on simulations and heuristic analytical models, with differently-optimized faulttolerance schemes and in There are two encoded qubits. Share - Bookmark Download from e-Print Archive Cite this article BibTeX Chicago IEEE Science APA Cell Harvard MLA Nature ACM Ref Collected from e-Print Archive Unless otherwise indicated, all

Theory of decoherence-free fault-tolerant universal quantum computation. Knill, E.: Quantum computing with realistically noisy devices. A, 59(5):3290-3294, May 1999.[FKLW02] Michael H. quant-ph/0506023 (2005) 9.