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freedb http error San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico

odyssey Hero Member Joined: 18 May, 2003 Posts: 2,292 Logged freedb Problems Reply #22 – 06 December, 2007, 06:33:36 PM Greynol: I had the same problems (seems to be a DNS I have the same issue with both v.95 and v.99 Reply post #4 of 12 6/6/09 at 11:37pm Ham Sandwich Trader Feedback: 0 offline 2,615 Posts. Last Edit: 06 December, 2007, 08:47:22 PM by greynol Your eyes cannot hear. But now it's not working with either Mediamonkey (new user - first time I tried to rip today), OR with Audiograbber (tried it just now when MM didn't work).

How can I tweak my CDDB-aware program to use instead of 1.7. Grant, Dec 6, 2007 #10 Turnaround Real Gs move in silence like lasagna Location: USA On my old computer, if nothing came up on freedb through Exact Audio Copy (EAC), I How can I submit my CD's to freedb? 2.2. Reply post #12 of 12 6/13/09 at 12:01pm Ham Sandwich Trader Feedback: 0 offline 2,615 Posts.

Returns a InfoSys::FreeDB::Response::LsCat object. Can I correct database entries I found via the web-based search, if I don't have the CD?Yes, you can. The freedb commands that this library currently supports are: lscat - lists the genre categories, i.e., rock, pop, country. Sometimes a audiotrack has "BitMapped" 18.

Please do not send e-mails, asking for updates!3.2. log() This method is inherited from package InfoSys::FreeDB::Connection. I just did a CD lookup using EAC. With some CDs I have problems with the GetNumAudioTracks function in CDDrive.cs.

Submitting new entries 2.1. Describes a library that can be used to retrieve Audio CD information from the CDDB compatible freedb database. Copy the complete entry to your e-mail program, do the changes you want to do and increase the "Revision" by one. Why can't I extract the Unix-format database under Win9x or WinME?The rock and the misc directory contain more than 38.000 files.

Guess I'll try some of the other sites as suggested. Member Joined: 24 August, 2006 Posts: 50 Logged freedb Problems Reply #21 – 06 December, 2007, 04:11:21 PM Quote from: greynol on 06 December, 2007, 04:00:56 PMWhen it comes to using Never submit info completely in capitals or completely lower case, if there is no special reason for that.2. The Hotspot Shield VPN should work as well if your ISP is doing something that breaks EAC.

There is a commandline switch for EAC “-http1.1″ that could resolve the issue without the need for this tool. It's nice to see that the issue is known, but could you please explain in english what I need to do? I tested EAC on my other computer which is running XP and I get the same problem, "Server Error". I have been trying to get it to work or to find alternatives ever since and I had no luck.

Sign In·Permalink Update to access DrewBarfield11-Jul-06 6:38 DrewBarfield11-Jul-06 6:384 First of all, excellent article and code. Install Tor, launch the Vidalia program and set the proxy for freedb in EAC to: proxy server and port 8118. Can I delete my... I have the URL for the server set to "" I am running Vista 32bit and I was not having any trouble until some point yesterday.

So there is indeed a problem with freeDB... Using Player is a fine workaround solution, though it would be helpful if I didn't have to run a second program to get CD info. stereoptic, Dec 6, 2007 #4 ShawnMcCann Forum Resident Location: Pepperell, MA I was not able to connect last night either. FreedbHelper does this using the BuildCommand method and the Hello and Proto helper methods:/// Given a specific command add on the hello /// and proto which are requied for an http

Your e-mail address To be able to retrieve or submit data from/to freedb, you have to specify an e-mail address. Format options EAC supports two different file formats for storing local freedb content: Windows freedb file format (Default: enabled): This is a Windows-optimized file format with the advantage that a new TO BE SPECIFIED lscat() This method is inherited from package InfoSys::FreeDB::Connection. update() This method is an implementation from package InfoSys::FreeDB::Connection.

I have hundreds of CDs to rip and I'm only about 10% of the way through. This library supports protocol level 6. As a result, the client displays the artist, CD-title, tracklist and some additional info.1.2. I used TCPTrace to intercept the request and freedbs response.

Joined 5/2006 Select All Posts By This User Right-click on the shortcut that launches EAC and select "Properties" from the menu. Are you sure your firewall is allowing EAC to access the internet? Will it even make a difference? greynol Hero Member Joined: 01 April, 2004 Posts: 12,173 Logged Global Moderator freedb Problems Reply #15 – 06 December, 2007, 02:34:11 PM This happens from time to time and I am

Trading System by Skip to main content ↑ ↓ Hydrogenaudio Forums 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month Forever Community Help Search Recent Posts Forum Terms of Service It doesn't look like the MusicBrainz to FreeDB gateway is very reliable and I'm really not sure if the information being retrieved is from the same cddb database. read(MATCH) This method is inherited from package InfoSys::FreeDB::Connection. Turnaround said: ↑ On my old computer, if nothing came up on freedb through Exact Audio Copy (EAC), I used to be able to open MusicMatch, which would get the info

The code to populate the listbox is in the constructor of the form DLGPreferences.private SiteCollection m_sites = null; public DLGPreferences(FreedbHelper helper) { ...