freedb host error connection San Acacia New Mexico

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freedb host error connection San Acacia, New Mexico

Try moving or renaming the "AccurateRip.dll" file in the dMC install directory while you are not running dMC or Audio CD Input. On error an exception Error::Simple is thrown. I can access it through FB2K, I can ping the servers and it works. Hinweise Benachrichtigungen Alle anzeigen...

Returns the connecting client host. Cover Art provided by the Cover Art Archive. Thanks LtData03-07-2006, 08:41 AMHave you tried the total uninsatll here: ? On error an exception Error::Simple is thrown.

Alfred #136 drake0, 5 Oktober 2004 davidh_r Expand Collapse Guest Zitat von FLEXDADDY: Hi, I've been using EAC for three years without any problems. What is the difference between this and freedb2? [email protected] Unregistered06-02-2004, 11:39 PMCool! When I select retrieve it says downloading and connecting, tries the au server then a dialog box pops on saying unable to connect, check internet connection which is OK for everything

Also dMC R11 (in beta) might help, it has modified connection routines. After a few seconds of retries, it then comes back with the error. I have been to the link to request another download link but it often shuts me out when I type in my receipt number. stereoptic said: ↑ Musicbrainz just supplied the wrong information (artist, album title, every song) for "A Different Kind of Christmas", and I wasn't given a choice for another title.

install the latest dMC R11.5 beta - there is a button to auto-detect the proxy server being used. Options for OPT_HASH_REF may include: freedb_cgi Passed to set_freedb_cgi(). Even with the random server configured (, it always stops on and then fails. hello() This method is not supported over HTTP.

Isn't there? Set the proxy port to use. Any idea on why this may be happening? (Incidentally, if you want any more system information to help diagnose what the problem might be I'll send what I can) My appreciation. Version 1.0b1 uses a new metadata plugin that doesn't respect the configuration entered in the FreeDB options dialog.

Has anyone had any sucess using other port numbers? I fixed it! I say fine - EAC now doesn't pick up any freedb data automatically anymore so I have to force it to look using ALT+G. but it should be the same info than on the regular cddb, right?Click to expand...

As an test I downloaded/installed CDaid and it also accessed Freedb correctly. Hi Andre I am still waiting for Yahoo to join me to the EAC group, meanwhile I am having the following problem: "When trying to get active server list for freedb Wayne ChristinaS03-12-2006, 10:00 AMHave you tried using another software that checks CDs against freedb? Now I'm back to the problem I started with -- won't connect to freedb and give me track listings.

Spoon09-06-2005, 02:33 PMPerhaps your system does connect through a proxy server? All rights reserved. You may not be aware, but any visitor supports our site by just viewing ads. I didn't really understand what I needed to do.

On error an exception Error::Simple is thrown. i'm using WinXp and im trying to connect to Is there one? lame -V 0 broodwich Newbie Joined: 08 January, 2007 Posts: 7 Logged freedb Problems Reply #6 – 16 February, 2007, 03:03:22 PM Thanks anyway, perhaps somone else will have some ideas.

If your problem is the first, this may be an AccurateRip configuration problem and LtData's recommendation in post *42 is the best solution for that problem. It was just stroke of luck that I discovered I could do that on my old computer. I tried using the URL you posted and I still got a Server Error message. Is there someone out who can help ????

Freedb is no longer supported and they need help or some one to replace them!!! Why is it giving a server 500 error? #128 bwana, 17 Juli 2004 thomaskmfdm Expand Collapse Guest I was getting a server error when trying to connect to the freedb, LOL That was an funny bug. I went back and re-ran the wizard, plugged my e-mail in there, and sure enough, I could connect to freedb. #133 Rocking 88s, 19 September 2004 StLouisRod Expand Collapse Guest

I do have a new DVD drive on my PC. if I dare say... This method is not supported over HTTP. Quiplash09-06-2005, 12:46 PMHave you tried a full uninstall as said here: ?

Member Joined: 24 August, 2006 Posts: 50 Logged freedb Problems Reply #21 – 06 December, 2007, 04:11:21 PM Quote from: greynol on 06 December, 2007, 04:00:56 PMWhen it comes to using That's not going to help. Plan9, Dec 6, 2007 #9 Grant A Musical Free-Spirit Location: Arizona, United States I can use Foobar to access it, but can't use dbpoweramp to access it. They all say it's EAC's fault.

stat() This method is inherited from package InfoSys::FreeDB::Connection. For a detailed description see Sean McBride's site.Top Submission: If available, you should first look at the configuration dialogue of the program. The year is always set to the first one on the matching database entry.