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fedex return error 0911 Las Cruces, New Mexico

Should you need to make any changes in the scheduled pickup, please call us back and refer to the RMA number I just gave you. Select '400-' tracking# to modify the shipment. 0701 Flexible group shipments are not allowed in open or template mode. 0702 Please enter a Valid Export License Number. 0703 Special Delivery Instructions If you process an 020 Global Ship Requestfor an intra-UK shipment, and Field ID 3021(Special Delivery Instructions) is set and is longer than 90 characters, then the data meter; therefore, the data is unavailable. 0723 Previous Confirmation Date Outstanding. 0724 No Dial Tone on Communications Line. 0725 No Download Session ...

Please discontinue usage of them. If the dimensions specified in Field ID 57 (Package Height), Field ID 58 (Package Width) and Field ID 59 (Package Length) exceed those listed in this table, then these error messagesare please try again later. 0752 DSMS — Transaction Error ... For Intra-UK shipment via the 020 Shipping Transaction with the Dry Ice Flag 1268 set to "Y" and the Packaging Type Tag 1273 set to 02 for FedEx Pak, 0155 error

If you want to be proactive: FedEx Return Manager automatically monitors this order to see whether a pickup is scheduled. Table 105:Error Codes 0300-0399 Code Message Error Condition 0300 Invalid login password. 0301 Invalid time, format is HOUR:MIN:SEC (HOUR: 0-23, MIN: 0-59, SEC: 0-59) 0302 Ending Date must be check available disk space. 0715 Download initialization error ... If the problem persists, contact your software provider. 0000 Label files will be returned separately for this type of shipment 0000 Master Meter not created. 0000 Meter already

Verify the information and schedule a pickup. Pickup rescheduled by FedEx; Conf/Date [confirmation number] [conf date] now [confirmation number] [confirmation date], airbill required Occasionally, FedEx may have to reschedule a pickup due to:- FedEx driver routes - Weather Delivery Exception Scans Delivery Exception Scans Definition 01 Package not delivered/not attempted 03 Incorrect address 04 Delivered to address other than recipient 05 Unable to locate address 07 Shipment refused by per package weight exceeding %?

Contact the shipper. (1) Find out if package has been located. (2) When package is ready, issue a new FedEx Ground Call Tag request. Please try again later. 873 All specified account numbers must match. 875 Rating is temporarily unavailable for one or more FedEx Expressservices:{SERVICE_TYPE_1}; {SERVICE_TYPE_2}; {SERVICE_TYPE_3}; {SERVICE_TYPE_4}; {SERVICE_TYPE_5}; {SERVICE_TYPE_6}; {SERVICE_TYPE_7}; {SERVICE_TYPE_8}; {SERVICE_TYPE_9}; {SERVICE_TYPE_10}; please refer to your user manual. 0384 Business code was not found in the address list. 0385 No shipping log file to transfer. 0386 This POWERSHIP is not FedEx Print Return Labels are not supported for Intra-United Kingdom shipments.

Note in the follow-up notes that FedEx ExpressTag label was not used (use the default notes provided or enter in your own notes).Also, FedEx Return Manager should provide a new FedEx Preprinted FedEx Airbill or FedEx Billable Stamp Include a preprinted FedEx Airbill or FedEx Billable Stamp in the outbound/replacement box. If FedEx Return Manager does not detect a pickup scan for the return FedEx Tracking Number after "x" number of days ("x" is defined in your Customer Profile), this RMA is Once you've determined the problem, enter notes and click Follow-up Update.

For Intra-UK shipment via the 020 Shipping Transaction with a future date beyond 10 days with the Express Extended Future Day checkbox checked and the Ship Date Tag, (tag 24) being Your cache administrator is webmaster. Customer: I'll have it ready by one o'clock. Click Follow-up Update.

Select Dropoff/Track Only from the Request Pickup menu. PACKAGE PICKUP SCHEDULED All required information has been provided and the Enter key or Submit button has been pressed. Agent: Will the pickup be made at a business or a residence? Error Codes 0100-0199 This table shows the error codes0100-0199 and messages that are returned in Fields 2 and 3 when a problem occurs during a transmission.

please choose a different one. 0402 Tracking numbers can only be downloaded to a system with a thermal printer. 0403 No meter tracking numbers... please try again later. 0466 Internal communications processor error... PAST CUTOFF TIME Ready time for the package is later than the local cutoff time for scheduling a pickup. Home Page Introduction Create an Order --Create a FedEx Express Tag Order --Create a FedEx Express Air Waybill/FedEx Stamp Order --Create a FedEx Express Online Label Order --Create a FedEx Ground

Please make certain the package is available for pickup and marked as FedEx ExpressTag. If the converted amount is greater than the stored limit, then error message 0318 is returned and the transaction fails. Service changed to Government Overnight. 0310 An error occurred in closing... Flag) is set to Y, and the shipment is intra-CA. 0594 This option is not available with 'S a Shipment'. 0595 The special service flag for alcohol must be Y

Select Future Pickup from the Request Pickup menu. FSMS then compares the converted declared value for carriage amount to the amount stored. Once you close the follow-up, the RMA can never be triggered for follow-up again (even if another follow-up trigger is detected). Manually close the order.

tracking numbers... Table 103:Return Error Codes 0100-0199 Code Message Error Condition 0100 Invalid airbill number. 0101 The copy process has aborted... The close time must be greater than 1900. (Don't forget the ACCESS TIME--close time should be 2200.) SAME DAY EXPRESSTAG NOT AVAILABLE AT PICKUP ADDRESS This pickup location cannot process a Add 1 - 2 business days to commitment for delivery to customer's door. 310 Origin service area is {SERVICE_AREA_CODE_1}.

single shot or open shipment with number of packages greater than 99, 0216 error message is returned. 0217 Invalid payment type for the selected service. INVALID [FIELD NAME] Information entered (e.g., Total Weight) is invalid for required format. Please call Customer Service. 0745 Average Dimensions exceeds 70 inches in height or 119 inches in length or 250 inches in length and girth. 0746 Wrong or Invalid URSA Click the Submit Follow-Up Notes button.

Occurrence: All shipping methods @ Confirm. Weight and Dimension Limits If you process an 020 Global Ship Requestfor an Intra-Country shipment and the length, width and/or height have exceeded the maximum allowances, an error message will be FedEx Return Manager continues to monitor this RMA number and triggers a follow-up again, if necessary. Note: Dimensions are required for freight returnsand also limited to one piece per FedEx ExpressReturn Tag request.

PICKUP INFORMATION: THE READY TIME CANNOT BE LATER THAN THE CLOSE TIME In this case, we used a ready time of 1900 and a close time of 1800. please try again later. 0729 No track session ... please try again later. 0754 An error has occurred during Track system initialization. 0755 Interactive home-out transaction can only be processed in interactive mode. 0756 Destination country does Austria, Finland or Spain — EUR Hungary — HUF India — INR Norway — NOK Poland — PLN Czech Republic — CZK Sweden — SEK Russia — USD United Kingdom —

Box zip. 3033 Postal code or routing code is required. 3034 Postal/Routing code and country do not match. 3035 The length of the postal code exceeds the limit of 16 characters. This message tells you the minimum amount of time required.