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exact audio copy c2 error Chacon, New Mexico

Gaps are all the same length, and not exactly 2 seconds each. This will produce a WAV file that is about 176kB for every second of music. If the "Detect Read Features..." function reports "Caching: No", it is not necessary to enable the flushing routine. Some methods will work with some drives, the others won't, you should test all of them which works best for you.

You may be able to determine if your drive's C2 reporting is reliable in EAC by using DAE Quality. In this case it is always a good idea to delete the EAC entry in the registry. Check Spin up drive before extraction Offset / Speed tab Check Allow speed reduction during extraction. The old rip verified it (as per extraction logfile) "Accurately ripped" while the new rip displays sync errors on Track 1 and other tracks consistently, even on brand-new CDs.

SonicBooom! If I have to, I'll switch to burst mode, and then listen carefully to the ripped file for sonic artifacts....sometimes there is, but often there isn't. If so, I would suspect that this has been caused by bad handling of the discs by something like a multi-disc changer, a car CD player or some type of storage See here.

For example my *new* BR/DVD drive would have problems reading half the discs I put in. Further, if the error is too big to be corrected, it will perform "error hiding". But there is still a problem, as some drives do not report these errors correctly, so you should test it thoroughly before trusting the results. greynol Hero Member Joined: 01 April, 2004 Posts: 12,173 Logged Global Moderator EAC sync error on a brand-new CD Reply #1 – 16 March, 2013, 09:33:27 PM Do you have your

It's when the C2 kicks in that the data correction meter goes crazy, but it is after the drive has already finished reading the disc. Gaps are all very long—e.g., over 1 minute, or equal to the track length. Also Submit drive features after detection can be turned off if you wish. 11. If the ripped audio is loud static, change this setting.

The Peak Level of a song the maximum volume within the song. I've had EAC report errors on brand new CDs a couple of times also. To compensate for this problem, EAC is able to overlap every read in order to detect and correct any misalignment. Your eyes cannot hear.

Select song from wherever it's saved. EAC Ripping Beginners guide to installing EAC - Beginners guide to EAC - EAC Ripping In Depth Beginners guide (overview) Connecting speakers - Networks - Wireless network problems part 1 - In another DVD-RW drive there were none on exactly the same discs. Gaps are all exactly 2 seconds each (for a CD-R burned in TAO mode).

Therefore an online User Reported Drive Features Database was set up. Data has a third layer of error correction which need more storage space. At least last EAC version I routinely used, would go through its entire ripping procedure first (and give all the warnings) and then do the AR lookup.- you purchased dBpoweramp without All tracks have index 01 for the main content.

All tracks have index 01 for the main content. It's always better that you actually know what you are doing. Of course this is a really poor "error detection" and should not be taken as serious indication. Clean the discs first.

Hundreds of helpful people there will try to help you with your problem. To be on the safe side, you should turn off the C2 error correction. Naming scheme: Enter: %A (%Y) C\%N - %T Check Use various artist naming scheme, and enter: VA (%Y) %C\%N - %A - %T Uncheck Replace spaces by underscores. Caching is not preferred.

Then your pressing has even the same audio as another pressing.)- dBpoweramp might not even report issues that EAC does. I've been ripping my entire CD/CD-R collection, and I've had this problem as well - but primarily on burned media that's more than several years old. Any guidance is appreciated. This recommended naming scheme creates one subdirectory per album named by the convention Artist (Year) Album , and names the actual audio files TrackNo - Title.

If you encounter errors on every track or are having problems getting AccurateRip to work, try the "Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out" option. 20. Please try a different Key Disc." Last Edit: 16 March, 2013, 09:49:15 PM by SonicBooom! The program also tries to correct the jitter artefacts that occur on the first block of a track, so that each extraction should be exactly the same. those sync errors don't always stem from the bad shape of the CD.

EAC has two tests for this feature.