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error-reset-recovery solaris Aztec, New Mexico

boot-device may contain 0 or more device specifiers separated by spaces. Values include off, min, max and menus. Defaults to le()unix. boot-command Command executed if auto-boot?

All your customized OpenBoot configuration variable settings are retained, even ones that may have caused problems. When the eeprom command is executed in user mode, the parameters with a trailing question mark (?) need to be enclosed in double quotation marks (" ") to prevent the shell The book includes detailed coverage of troubleshooting file access, tracking network performance, streamlining printing, and more -- every bit of it authoritative and accessible. To cause the parameter changes to take effect, type: ok reset-all The system permanently stores the parameter changes and boots automatically if the OpenBoot variable auto-boot?

The whole point of this article is so we didn't have to bounce the machine, but just to prove this is how it works lets see it anyways. # halt syncing For example, type: ok setenv diag-trigger all-resets 4. Rebooting with command: boot disk1 Boot device: /[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected],0 File and args: SC Alert: SC Login Failure for user Please login: Please Enter pass. boot-file File to boot (an empty string lets the secondary booter choose default).

is true. A value of 0x2 disables the use of ACPI. Output from the showlogs, showboards, showcomponent, and showerrorbuffer commands (see Obtaining Auto-Diagnosis and Domain Recovery Information for details on the diagnosis-related information displayed by these commands). While booting disk0 its ok but while booting with disk1 its giving me error.

Ethernet address x:x:x:x:x:x, Host ID: xxxxxxxx. example# eeprom security-password= Changing PROM password: New password: Retype new password: selftest-#megs Megabytes of RAM to test. hang-policy reset Automatically resets a hung domain through an externally initiated reset (XIR). false ok setenv auto-boot?

watchdog-sync? Sun Fire V490 Server Administration Guide 817-3951-12 Copyright © 2004, Sun Microsystems, Inc. At the system ok prompt, type: ok setenv service-mode? Auto-diagnosis.

How to Enable OpenBoot Environmental MonitoringBefore You Begin For background information about the OpenBoot environmental monitor, refer to: About OpenBoot Environmental Monitoring What to Do To enable OpenBoot environmental monitoring, type load-base Default load address for client programs. If true, execute commands in NVRAMRC during system start-up. We recommend Like this article?

CODE EXAMPLE 7-9 showerrorbuffer Command Output - Hardware Error schostname: SC> showerrorbuffer ErrorData[0] Date: Tue Jan 21 14:30:20 PST 2003 Device: /SSC0/sbbc0/systemepld Register: FirstError[0x10] : 0x0200 SB0 encountered the first At the system ok prompt, type: ok asr-disable device-identifier where the device-identifier is one of the following: Any full physical device path as reported by the OpenBoot show-devs command Any valid When processing a parameter accompanied by a value, eeprom makes the indicated alteration to the EEPROM; otherwise, it displays the parameter's value. If you set the value to less than three minutes, the system controller uses three minutes (the default value) as the timeout period.

how do you break the mirror? Set the input and output device. Upon the next reboot, the nvaliasrc variable will be commited into NVRAM. to true).

We recommend  SunFire Systems Design and Configuration Guide Learn More Buy This article provides recommendations and highlights important aspects in the configuration, administration, and servicing of the Sun Fire V1280 true Boots the Solaris operating environment after POST runs. All Rights Reserved. See Reviewing Auto-Diagnosis Event Messages for details on the AD message contents.

What to Do 1. The recommendations focus on enhancing system administration and improving the overall system reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) of the servers. Defaults to false. If true, display Restricted Monitor prompt (>).

You rock! The AD engine records the diagnosis information for the affected components and maintains this information as part of the component health status (CHS). Ganesh Govindaswamy is a Sun Certified Solaris System Administrator and is currently a Solaris System Administrator at InfoBase Technologies Ltd., where he administers user accounts, file systems, and network services. We recommend SunFire Systems Design and Configuration Guide Learn More Buy Like this article?

Only init(1M) run-level initializa- tion scripts should use this option. Fields, in left-to-right order, are: Baud rate: 110, 300, 1200, 4800, 9600... The AD reports diagnosis information through the following: Platform and domain console event messages or the platform or domain loghost output, provided that the syslog loghost for the platform and domains Here are two examples of using the eeprom command: # eeprom auto-boot?

The serial port should be set to 9600 bps, 8 bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit (9600-8-N-1). You cannot re-enable the subcomponents of a parent component associated with a hardware error. Defaults to true. Could you explain parameters purpose in layman language.

Defaults to true. This command "marks" a specified device as disabled, by creating an appropriate "status" property in the corresponding device tree node. Defaults to 0x0. FILES /dev/openprom Device file /usr/platform/platform-name/sbin/eeprom Platform-specific version of eeprom.

Also, on some x86 machines, you might use a device other than device a, as shown above. Loading: /platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200/ufsboot Loading: /platform/sun4v/ufsboot SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_127111-05 64-bit Copyright 1983-2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. This section provides an overview of how these features work. The first thing we need to do is to set the "use-nvramrc = true" OBP variable so our modifications will be used.

Defaults to 7. While it is possible to set the security-mode, security-password and security- #badlogins properties on x86 based systems, these properties have no special meaning or behavior on x86 based systems.