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getmail imap error Zarephath, New Jersey

Maildir The Maildir destination delivers to a qmail-style maildir. The possible values are: SimplePOP3Retriever — for single-user POP3 mail accounts. Retrieval error … getmail detected an error while trying to retrieve a message. If unset, getmail will leave messages on the server after retrieving them.

If not set, normal password-based authenticaion is used. What's this "envelope sender" and "envelope recipient" stuff? getmail is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (only). This document is copyright © 1998-2009 Charles Cazabon.

This can make auditing the actions of filters difficult if you use multiple filters and cannot tell which filter added which line. Does getmail support spam filtering of retrieved messages? IMAP servers typically mark a message as seen if PEEK is not used to retrieve the message content. How do I use procmail with getmail?

This problem is almost always with an MSExchange server, and is due to bugs in MSExchange. How do I create an mboxrd file? To use ClamAV without the clamd daemon, use a filter configuration like this: [filter] type = Filter_classifier path = /usr/local/bin/clamscan arguments = ("--stdout", "--no-summary", "--mbox", "--infected", "-") exitcodes_drop = (1,) The SimpleIMAPSSLRetriever:[email protected] msg 1/134682 (4443 bytes) not retrieved (seen) msg 2/134682 (464 bytes) not retrieved (seen) msg 3/134682 (4654 bytes) not retrieved (seen)

conf-break (string) — this value will be used to split the local-part of the envelope recipient address to determine the value of the EXT environment variable. The default value is the home directory of the account with the current effective UID. MemoryError when using IMAP If you see errors like this while running getmail configured to retrieve mail via IMAP or IMAP-over-SSL: Python(24006) malloc: *** mmap(size=9875456) failed (error code=12) [...] ... ImportError: getmail version 4 requires Python version 2.3.3 or later You tried to run getmail 4 with a version of Python prior to Python 2.3.3.

By default, it will log only about messages actually retrieved, and about error conditions. It is broken down into small sections of related parameters by section headers which appear on lines by themselves, enclosed in square brackets, like this: [section name] Each section contains a MDA_external MDA_external delivers messages by running an external program (known as a message delivery agent, or MDA) and feeding it the message on its standard input. The default value, which should be appropriate for most users, is "0600".

Why did you write getmail? Do you know a better way to resume downloading with getmail? I think I found a bug! Create a separate getmail rc file for each account, and run getmail with multiple --rcfile options.

Does getmail require Unix/Linux? BrokenUIDLPOP3SSLRetriever — same as BrokenUIDLPOP3Retriever, but uses SSL encryption. If you use an earlier version of Python, these features will not work, and no server certificate validation will be performed. Modify the required options to suit the needs of your desired deployment.

As a special case, in getmail version 4.29.0 and later, the unquoted base (non-tuple) value ALL (case-sensitive) means to retrieve mail from all selectable IMAP mailboxes in the account. The mail server, port number, and log in credentials are specified in the [retriever] directive. A log of getmail operations is logged at ~/.getmail/log-foreman-example in the home directory of the user who executes getmail. If the message cannot be delivered for any reason, and the envelope sender address is not empty, the message must be returned to the envelope sender address by the mail transfer

January 2003: More buffer overflows in fetchmail let attackers run arbitrary code . The destination can be a maildir, mboxrd file, or other destination. The first is retriever, which tells getmail about the mail account to retrieve messages from. The common ones and their meanings are given below.

A basic invocation of an external MDA might look like this: [destination] type = MDA_external path = /path/to/mymda arguments = ("--log-errors", ) Something more complex might look like this: [destination] type It can also be used to import old emails in our existing Gmail account. Does getmail support SSL? When I rungetmail it is the only IMAP client and I am logged out of the webinterface.Post by Brandon PhilipsBut, this is getting a bit frustrating and I am about to

You can test the -i switch with an email like the following one: --- Four: .... Licensed under the GNU GPL version 2. MDA_external — use an external message delivery agent (MDA) to deliver messages. Destinations are specified in the same manner as with the "default" parameter, above.

Have youtried "[Gmail]/All Mail"?Avast!Daniel RoeslerPost by clear loonHello -I assume I'm just being thick but I'm trying to use getmail to download,using IMAP, all of my mail on GMail. Note that this typically requires root privileges. If you need to prevent two instances of getmail from running simultaneously, use any standard Unix method of providing a mutex for this purpose. If you wish to obtain a license to distribute getmail under other terms, please contact me directly.

Filter_TMDA Filter_external runs the message through the external program tmda-filter, allowing the use of the Tagged Message Delivery Agent (TMDA) package. Does anyone knowwhat I'm doing wrong?Thanks,CL Charles Cazabon 2009-05-20 15:08:30 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by clear loonI assume I'm just being thick but I'm trying to use getmail to download,using IMAP, AFAICT '[Gmail]/AllMail' should be available. Rewriting message header fields is bad for many reasons; the biggest problem is that it causes a loss of critical technical information necessary to track down many mail problems.

ca_certs (string) — advanced option to perform validation of the server's SSL certificate. localpart_translate (2-tuple of quoted strings) — if supplied, the recipient address of the message (which is used to construct the local argument (among others) to qmail-local) will have any leading instance Delete the offending message from the mailbox via the webmail interface if you don't want to see this error message, and report the bug to the server administrator or Microsoft. The regular expression and destination are supplied as two quoted strings in a tuple; locals is then a tuple of such pairs of strings.

Yes. Note that setting this option has serious security implications. Copyright (c) Keera Studios Ltd - United Kingdom - European Union - Legal - Contact us This website uses cookies to manage blog comments and interaction with social networks. The primary benefit of this is that you can run your own MTA (qmail, Postfix, sendmail, Exchange, etc.) for your domain without having to have an SMTP daemon listening at a

Has no effect if delete is set, as that will unconditionally remove messages. If you want to retrieve mail from more than one mail account, you will need to create a separate rc file for each account getmail should retrieve mail from.