ffmpeg matroska webm read error Leonia New Jersey

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ffmpeg matroska webm read error Leonia, New Jersey

ATV2 / Windows Server / Drobo Elite (16TB) / all wired 1G. Note: See TracTickets for help on using tickets. You can use dd_rescue (or ddrescue) for that purpose which doesn't stop on bad sectors but makes a copy of everything readable on the disk. It had some issues that may not have been corrected in current Ubuntu's ffmpeg.

If it is a bad file and nothing can be done about it, then thats fine, but be sure nothing can be done about it. Hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction. You will not be able to use your remote control. Good Term For "Mild" Error (Software) Any better way to determine source of light by analyzing the electromagnectic spectrum of the light more hot questions question feed about us tour help

For my own app, I detect the problem and proceed with a solution. Forum Video Video Conversion MKV with Mp4v video + Reply to Thread Results 1 to 3 of 3 MKV with Mp4v video Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Subscribe Good Term For "Mild" Error (Software) New tech, old clothes more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact So the thing is to create the expected user experience as much as possible and who knows what might be wrong with their files.

I tested the above file in VLC, ffplay, SMPlayer 0.7.0, WMP using ffdshow, and my own app. I have tried PHT 1.3.3, 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 to no avail as well as going back to a previous PMS version. Perfect for above file and thanks again. I thought it may be something in the video stream but I have extracted part of "The Judge" causing the issue from minute 7:30 to 10:00 and played the video via

I offered him an alternative, one worth trying, and waited for feedback. My own app gets it right. Make sure you use ffplay to test it. comment:7 Changed 5 years ago by reimar I am not sure what you are trying to say, but I said before that I expect it to run into EOF while parsing

A: 5.9 V: 5.9 A-V: -0.000 ct: 0.000 0/ 0 53% 9% 6.9% 6 0 [h264 @ 0x8ab6bc0]no picture [h264 @ 0x8ab6bc0]no picture A: 67.8 V: 67.8 A-V: 0.028 ct: 0.026 libav #478 is still marked open. If I just let it proceed with total == 0, it creates the index entries normally. Perhaps you can tweak that to pass the right information. ---------------------------------------------------- Ivan Kowalenko w: http://ivankowalenko.com e: ivan at ivankowalenko.com On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 1:05 PM, David R Robison <

You don't want to have to do this. ffmpeg #1154 suggests this might have been fixed in ffmpeg, though perhaps not in avconv? Indeed, this is what mkvinfo had to say: > + EBML head > |+ Doc type: matroska > |+ Doc type version: 2 > |+ Doc type read version: 2 > It's when playing TV/films that it stops after 3 or so minutes.

I also can play the whole video using both VLC and ffplay.exe with no stops. Most of these issues were later fixed. comment:4 Changed 5 years ago by DonMoir Don't depend on any output messages etc. What is a type system?

static int ebml_read_num(MatroskaDemuxContext *matroska, AVIOContext *pb, int max_size, uint64_t *number) { int read = 1, n = 1; uint64_t total = 0; .... /* The first byte tells us the length It can create the index table if you let this pass but what other ramifications that might have I don't know. If I do recognize there is a problem, 2 seeks may be required instead of one. VLC 1.1.11 mostly gets seeking right but not without distorted frames which do clear up.

Since posting the original question, I tried a few things that were inconclusive. Sum of neighbours Is it appropriate to tell my coworker my mom passed away? But if mplayer tries to decode the the frame it quits. Please use avconv instead. [matroska,webm @ 0x1e939c0] max_analyze_duration reached [matroska,webm @ 0x1e939c0] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate Input #0, matroska,webm, from 'input.mkv': Duration: 00:01:00.76, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 384

gandmclark Posts: 63Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass January 2015 edited January 2015 in Plex Home Theater I get videos stopping at random points. How to tell why macOS thinks that a certificate is revoked? Can you provide a short sample input file? –LordNeckbeard Mar 8 at 17:26 I added the error, should I just cut the sample with the error out of the VO Config (1920x800->1920x800,flags=0,'MPlayer',0x32315659) VO: [vdpau] 1920x800 => 1920x800 Planar YV12 VO: Description: VDPAU with X11 VO: Author: Rajib Mahapatra and others [vdpau] Updating CSC matrix for BT.601 ***

vlc Plays the first frame then > crashes. I use handbrake all the time but that doesn't help me understand how to do it in ffmpeg. By Thunderhead2772 in forum Editing Replies: 7 Last Post: 25th Nov 2011, 16:56 [MKV] Need help extracting H264 video from an MKV into an editable medium By SinanDira in forum Video yes.

It also less than accurate.