foxmarks error 400 Rindge New Hampshire

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foxmarks error 400 Rindge, New Hampshire

When I log in to I get the following error: SAXParseException Python 2.4.2: /usr/local/bin/python Tue Feb 7 02:30:08 2006 A problem occurred in a Python script. errorurl.-8179= error.100=PIN er ugyldig errormsg.100= Please double check and re-enter your PIN for password synchronization. error.24= FTP PWD error errormsg.24= We were unable to execute the above command on your FTP server. Perhaps it's related to cookies for the ads or scripts, I would try deleting all cookiesReply Barry saysNovember 17, 2014 at 6:59 am Many thanks, this fix was so simple once

msg.invalidcredentials= Your username and password appear to be invalid.\nPlease check them. Unser Unternehmen betreibt auch die folgenden Websites: Ein einfacher Leitfaden zu Software-Escrow. Which do you prefer? English 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))繁體中文 (Chinese (Traditional))Dansk (Danish)Nederlands (Dutch)Français (French)Deutsch (German)Italiano (Italian)日本語 (Japanese)Русский (Russian)한국어 (Korean)Español (Spanish)Pages Bookmark Manager Basics Account Information Add a Bookmark Backup Recovery Bookmark Sharing Bookmark Sync BYOS Discovery

Are you sure you want to exit? Drop us a note, will you? error.ownserveremptyurl= You must enter two different URLs for your password and bookmark storage. Until you resolve this issue, Xmarks will not sync.

so I'm thinking it has to be my desk top, but I am lost on what else to do.Thank you,DebraReply Craig saysFebruary 5, 2015 at 9:04 pm Hi Debra, I see is #1 for crowdsourcing! errormsg.unknown= We just encountered an unknown error(number is %S). Thanks for reporting it. --Todd 16:14, 19 December 2005 (EST) Fixed. --Todd 19:42, 5 January 2006 (EST) If user enters an invalid username/password for, something bad happens.

Dieses Nachschlagen (Umwandlung des IP-Namens in die IP-Adresse) wird durch Domain-Namen-Server (DNS) geleistet. Öffnen einer IP-Socket-Verbindung zu dieser IP-Adresse. msg.uploadcompleted= Upload completed. Please try again in a few minutes. msg.busy=Xmarks er opptatt msg.fileexists=Fila finst msg.nosyncfile=Synkfil finst ikkje msg.remotefilecopied= Remote file Copied to Local msg.neversynced=Aldri msg.overwriteremote= Overwrite remote bookmarks with local set?

Following Status: downloading sync file, I get Status: Failed to parse sync file I have tried uploading bookmarks again in case the sync file was corrupted but made no difference. It's not going to be any more trouble than this has already become.Thank you for your help and your ideas. Thanks!Reply Craig saysDecember 7, 2014 at 9:04 pm You're very welcome, glad I could help.Reply sam devine saysDecember 6, 2014 at 7:00 am Spot on - much appreciated!Reply Jen saysDecember 7, msg.syncShortFile= Xmarks has noticed that your current bookmark set is significantly smaller than the last synchronized set.

restore.success= Your bookmarks have been restored! error.31= Authentication required. Have you any other ideas that might help?Thank you!DebraReply Craig saysFebruary 5, 2015 at 6:59 pm Hi Debra, This sounds like it may be related to the site you're trying to errorurl.445= error.unknown= Unknown error occurred (%S).

icon.tooltip.working=Xmarks synkroniserer no. Although, on separators are displayed in a proper manner. Note: This will ERASE your data currently on this computer. Are you sure you want to synchronize?

icon.tooltip.error=Xmarks har støytt på ein feil. profile.badpassword=Passordet er ikkje rett. I also already had Malwarebytes on my computer and I use it regularly along with Kaspersky. errorurl.16388= error.16389=Mislykka errormsg.16389=Besøk hjelpesida vår.

Something on this computer is screwing this up and I don't know what else to do. Probably a similar problem to the one down this page. (sigi, 14:33, 27 January 2006 (CET)). auf Ihrem eigenen System z.B. password.weak=Svakt password.tooshort=For kort password.good=Bra password.strong=Sterkt dialog.status.none=Aldri synkroniser før dialog.status.never=Synk og reservekopi slått av dialog.status.good=Synkroniserer dialog.status.bad=Problem med synkronisering dialog.status.dirty= Changes Pending dialog.status.working=Sykroniserer … dialog.status.button=Meir info … turbotags.title= Suggested Tags: turbotags.whatsthis=Kva er dette?

msg.accountaccess= There was a problem accessing your account.\nError is %S msg.invalidlogin= Incorrect username or password. progress.searching= Searching for sync file... errorurl.441= error.500= Internal Server Error error.503= The server is currently unavailable. thank a lot.

msg.accountcreated=Oppretta konto. Content is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. turbotags.title= Suggested Tags: turbotags.whatsthis= What's this? Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time.

You saved me from embarrassing myself. Bitte wenden Sie sich direkt (am besten per E-Mail) an uns, wenn Sie auf 400-Fehler stoßen. Please click "More Info" to learn how to fix this. reviews.tooltip.locked= Reviews have been temporarily suspended for this page.

msg.profilechanged= To change your profile, Foxmarks must first sync and then download. error.14= Network timeout errormsg.14= We were unable to contact the Foxmarks server. msg.emergencyupgrade= Due to technical difficulties, the version of Xmarks you have installed is no longer supported. error.20=إعادة تنضيد الاتصال errormsg.20= We were unable to contact the Xmarks server.

Then select File / Export and choose a file to which you can export your bookmarks. msg.dontask=Ikkje vis denne meldinga meir. error.71= Connection Interrupted errormsg.71= We were unable to maintain a connection with the Xmarks server. This was fixed with a server upgrade to Cosmo 0.2.7, deployed 1/1/2006.

neue Proxy Server eingeführt oder Cachen), die einige Instabilität verursachen. Beheben von 400-Fehlern - allgemein Es liegt ein Low-Level-Problem im Client oder Webserver oder beiden vor. msg.unsynced= You have unsynchronized bookmarks.