execution failed due to oracle error 6502 East Andover New Hampshire

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execution failed due to oracle error 6502 East Andover, New Hampshire

The sytem is developed in Oracle 8i, and the OWS 4.0 is the web server. I don't think it will work with 6i forms. Also, it can use the pragma EXCEPTION_INIT to map specific error numbers returned by raise_application_error to exceptions of its own, as the following Pro*C example shows: EXEC SQL EXECUTE /* Execute For example, here is a procedure with unnecessary code that could be removed.

ops$tkyte%ORA9IR2> select * from msg; no rows selected ops$tkyte%ORA9IR2> declare 2 l_question varchar_array := varchar_array( 'hello', 'world' ); 3 l_job number; 4 begin 5 dbms_job.submit( l_job, 'begin test_proc_job(JOB); end;' ); 6 To work with PL/SQL warning messages, you use the PLSQL_WARNINGS initialization parameter, the DBMS_WARNING package, and the USER/DBA/ALL_PLSQL_OBJECT_SETTINGS views. declare t_var number; begin t_var := ' '; end; Followup September 15, 2006 - 10:49 am UTC you sure about that [email protected]> select * from v$version; BANNER ---------------------------------------------------------------- Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Please don't expect me always to follow up with the progress of your SRs or the related bugs.

Just in the past week I've got to learn about three issues which are related to the upgrade - and I haven't seen before. A cursor FOR loop automatically opens the cursor to which it refers, so your program cannot open that cursor inside the loop. DUP_VAL_ON_INDEX A program attempts to store duplicate Completed: alter database mount exclusive Tue Apr 16 09:01:34 2002 alter database open Beginning crash recovery of 1 threads Tue Apr 16 09:01:42 2002 Thread recovery: start rolling forward thread 1 It is hard for them to monitor the long running session. --------------------------- begin insert into log_table (pk, ...) values(id, .....); sp_test; commit end; / --------------------------- Thanks so much for your help.

You can correct this error by assigning the variable called v_number a proper numeric value. Can two integer polynomials touch in an irrational point? If so, do it by making a call to a procedure declared with the PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION, so that you can commit your debugging information, even if you roll back the work which one do you want to do.

The optional OTHERS handler catches all exceptions that the block does not name specifically. Thanks and God bless! Wasn't there an issue with the change of setting for default stats gathering in Oracle Database being now CONCURRENT=TRUE? Interlink between customers/partners and the Upgrade Development.

Controlling PL/SQL Warning Messages To let the database issue warning messages during PL/SQL compilation, you set the initialization parameter PLSQL_WARNINGS. WHEN ZERO_DIVIDE THEN -- handles 'division by zero' error dbms_output.put_line('Company must have had zero earnings.'); pe_ratio := null; WHEN OTHERS THEN -- handles all other errors dbms_output.put_line('Some other kind of error If there is no handler for a user-defined exception, the calling application gets this error: ORA-06510: PL/SQL: unhandled user-defined exception Reraising a PL/SQL Exception Sometimes, you want to reraise an exception, Some common internal exceptions have predefined names, such as ZERO_DIVIDE and STORAGE_ERROR.

You can make the checking as general or as precise as you like. The sub-block cannot reference the global exception, unless the exception is declared in a labeled block and you qualify its name with the block label: block_label.exception_name The following example illustrates the Thanks and Regards Prashant Followup December 09, 2004 - 1:03 pm UTC er? Once the exception name is lost, only an OTHERS handler can catch the exception.

The settings for the PLSQL_WARNINGS parameter are stored along with each compiled subprogram. Connect via: - - Search Enter search term: Search filtering requires JavaScript Categories APEX Cloud DBUA Data Pump Flaws and Pitfalls OOW Optimizer Oracle Best Practice Customer Success Off Topic Patch However, other user-defined exceptions must be raised explicitly by RAISE statements. Tips for Handling PL/SQL Errors In this section, you learn three techniques that increase flexibility.

When you see an error stack, or sequence of error messages, the one on top is the one that you can trap and handle. Error Messages in Alert Log July 20, 2004 - 2:46 am UTC Reviewer: Reader from CA Hi Tom, variable n number exec dbms_job.submit( :n, 'dbms_job.remove(JOB);' ); commit; After executing Thanks for replying, I'm sorry I don't exactly know where i can find the alert logs? I've got a view (V) came from different tables (T1,T2,T3,...).

I also received a SIDsnp0.trc message from udump, the following are some cut off from Alrt.log and then snp0.trc file. But when we try to execute this procedure, we will get an ORA-06502 error as follows: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error In this example, you can not assign a NULL But when the handler completes, the block is terminated. October 29, 2004 - 10:45 pm UTC Reviewer: Prashant Mahajan from New York, NY USA Tom, I am submitting a job using dbms_job package as a non-SYS user.

You would do this regardless of whether you wanted to send a date, a number, a string, a varchar_array. What could be the problem? WHEN OTHERS THEN -- optional handler sequence_of_statements3 END; To catch raised exceptions, you write exception handlers. In such cases, you must use dot notation to specify the predefined exception, as follows: EXCEPTION WHEN invalid_number OR STANDARD.INVALID_NUMBER THEN -- handle the error END; How PL/SQL Exceptions Are Raised

Though they share the same name, the two past_due exceptions are different, just as the two acct_num variables share the same name but are different variables. But when we try to execute this procedure, we will get an ORA-06502 error as follows: SQL> execute TestProc(); BEGIN TestProc(); END; * ERROR at line 1: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or When the sub-block ends, the enclosing block continues to execute at the point where the sub-block ends. Preview this book » What people are saying-Write a reviewUser Review - Flag as inappropriategood book for basic learner .......ContentsWhat is PLSQL? 2 PLSQL Architecture in Oracle 10 Summary 46 Date

This handler is never called. I just looked throuhg p52 of your book "Effective design". SQLERRM returns the corresponding error message. I just want to ask where can i see the specific error of the job i submitted using dbms_job?

Else, you would end up creating job calls with tons of literal, unique sql that will trash your shared pool. For example, in the Oracle Precompilers environment, any database changes made by a failed SQL statement or PL/SQL block are rolled back. You can correct this error removing NOT NULL from the variable declaration of the v_non_nullable_variable as follows: SQL> CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE TestProc 2 AS 3 v_non_nullable_variable VARCHAR2(30) := '5'; 4 You can write handlers for predefined exceptions using the names in the following list: Exception Oracle Error SQLCODE Value ACCESS_INTO_NULL ORA-06530 -6530 CASE_NOT_FOUND ORA-06592 -6592 COLLECTION_IS_NULL ORA-06531 -6531 CURSOR_ALREADY_OPEN ORA-06511 -6511

Yes ... Why should this happen? For example, when your program selects a column value into a character variable, if the value is longer than the declared length of the variable, PL/SQL aborts the assignment and raises Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Encounter ORA-6502 error when trying to execute a package wihin a trigger up vote 0 down vote favorite During the firing of

If the exception is ever raised in that block (or any sub-block), you can be sure it will be handled. oh my gosh. Below is the calling program DECLARE V_I VARCHAR2(20); V_NAME VARCHAR2(20); BEGIN while v_i <10 LOOP V_NAME:='DMO'||v_i; DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT(JOB=> V_NAME , WHAT=>'BEGIN DOC_DATA_TRANSFER_PROC ('||''''|| V_I ||''''||'); END; '); COMMIT; v_i:=v_i+1; END LOOP; END; Thanxs and regards, David Followup December 11, 2001 - 2:33 pm UTC search for ora-29540 on this site.

Now the job works without any problem after following change. Learn the names and causes of the predefined exceptions. Error 12012 during import April 16, 2002 - 10:30 am UTC Reviewer: Lisa What is this error 12012 means after I started the oracle817 database and did a full import of [email protected]> declare 2 l_job number; 3 begin 4 dbms_job.submit( l_job, 'month_qd( p_job => JOB );' ); 5 insert into month_qd_parameters values ( l_job, to_date( '200207', 'yyyymm' ) ); 6 commit; 7