fanuc srvo-037 error Hiko Nevada

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fanuc srvo-037 error Hiko, Nevada

SRVO-047 SERVO LVAL alarm(Group:%d Axis:%d) · Cause: Despite the external magnetic contactor for a servo amplifier being on, the DC voltage (DC link voltage) of the main circuit power supply or Teach the position register. o (Action 2) Check the communication cable (optical fiber) between the main board and servo amplifier. Also, electric resistance to restrict the charge current might be defective.

SYST-038 PAUSE.G Operation mode T1 Selected · Cause: Operation mode T1 Selected SYST-039 PAUSE.G Operation mode T2 Selected · Cause: Operation mode T2 Selected SYST-040 PAUSE.G Operation mode AUTO Selected · See the description about the DTERR alarm (SRVO068). (68) SRVO-091 WARN CRCERR alarm (Track enc : i) o (Explanation) Communication between the pulse coder and line tracking interface board is abnormal. INTP-123 PAUSE.L (%s^4, %d^5) Process application data failed · Cause: An error occurred during process application. · Remedy: Refer to the error cause code. SRVO-040 WARN Mastered at mark pos(G:%d) · Cause: Zero position master is done with mark position (not with zero position). · Remedy: This message is only for S-420iR.

A probable cause is a broken battery cable in the robot. o (Action 4) Replace the teach pendant. In this case, however, there is no actual condition for this alarm.   (44) SRVO-062 SVAL2 BZAL alarm (Group : i Axis : j) o (Explanation) This alarm occurs if Use Procedure C-1 to display the Alarm Log screen.

This alarm occurs if the alarm cause cannot be detected by software because of a short break and magnetic contactor off. (Action 2) Check the magnetic contactor for continuity. INTP-265 PAUSE.L (%s^4, %d^5) Invalid value for speed value · Cause: The indicated value cannot be used for the AF instruction. · Remedy: Check the value. The error should resolve itself. INTP-237 WARN (%s^4, %d^5) No more motion for BWD · Cause: Backward execution cannot be executed any further because the current program line is at the top. · Remedy: Stop using

o (Action) Replace the battery. (If this alarm occurs, turn on the AC power and replace the battery as soon as possible. Robotforum | Support for Robotprogrammer and Users Industrial Robot Help and Discussion Center Fanuc Robot Forum (Moderators: Sven Weyer, !2Sharp, Lerak, Napierian) Deadman switch not working « previous next » Print If it is 170 VAC or lower, check the line voltage. Press RESET.

INTP-001 PAUSE.G Cannot lock the motion grp · Cause: Motion control for the specified group cannot be locked. · Remedy: Check the teach pendant enable switch and other running programs to The host does not issue this alarm (SRDY off) if an alarm for the servo amplifier is detected. SRVO-017 SERVO No robot internal mirror · Cause: No robot internal mirror (L1000 only). · Remedy: Determine the cause of the problem and repair. Supply power. 2.

o (Action) Replace the pulse coder and remaster the robot. (55) SRVO-073 SVAL2 CMAL alarm (Group : i Axis : j) o (Explanation) It is likely that the pulse coder is SRVO-009 SERVO Pneumatic pressure alarm · Cause: The pneumatic pressure alarm indicates the presence of a defect. Check them and replace them if necessary. INTP-307 ABORT.L (%s^4, %d^5) Detach request failed · Cause: KAREL program error.

Reset the emergency stop after approximately ten minutes. o (Action 2) Replace Teach Pendant.  (3) SRVO-003 SVAL1 Deadman switch released o (Explanation) The teach pendant is enabled, but the deadman's switch is not pressed. INTP-262 PAUSE.L (%s^4, %d^5) Field name missing · Cause: A field name is required in a PARAMETER statement that specifies a structure. · Remedy: Correct the PARAMETER statement to include the o o o o (Action 2) Check that each unit is grounded securely. (Action 3) Replace the servo amplifier. (Action 4) Replace the pulse coder. (Action 5) Replace the robot interconnection

SRVO-018 SERVO Brake abnormal · Cause: The FET current for brake exceeded the specification. · Remedy: Check the position of the SET jumper on the EMG Control pcb. Check for the jumper connector. INTP-117 PAUSE.L (%s^4, %d^5) Unhold motion request failed · Cause: An error occurred when motion was unheld. · Remedy: Refer to the error cause code. o (Action) Disable [Servo-off during pause] on the general setting menu (Select Setting general). (21) SRVO-031 SVAL1 User servo alarm (Group : i) o (Explanation) An user servo alarm occurred. (22)

If I hit an AXIS it says you must press shift (expected) if I use SHIFT and AXIS I get you must press the deadman (expected) but when I do all SRVO-153 SERVO CHGAL(CNV) alarm (G:%d A:%d) · Cause: Charging of the main circuit did not finish within the specified time. · Remedy: DC link might cause a short-circuit. INTP-236 PAUSE.L (%s^4, %d^5) Write pos item failed · Cause: The position variable cannot be written. · Remedy: Refer to the error cause code. SRVO-016 SERVO Cooling water volume drop · Cause: Cooling water volume dropped (L1000 only). · Remedy: Determine the cause of the problem and repair.

See the description for Servo - 074 LDAL alarm. SRVO-007 SERVO External emergency stops · Cause: The external emergency stop push button is pressed. · Remedy: If using external emergency stop, clear source of fault and press RESET. Replace the power lines if U, V and W do not short-circuit with PE. If continuity is found replace the operator panel PCB.

The LED indicator on the servo amplifier PSM displays "1." The LED indicators on servo amplifier 1 and 2 display "8", "9", "A", "b", "c", "d", or "E." · Remedy: 1 o (Action 1) Release the emergency stop button on the teach pendant. o (Action 3) If the thermostat on the main board is defective, replace the backplane unit.  (11) SRVO-018 SVAL1 Brake abnormal o (Explanation) An excessive brake current is detected. SRVO-019 SERVO SVON input · Cause: SVON (Servo ON/OFF switch) input asserted. · Remedy: Determine the cause to input SVON and repair.

INTP-127 WARN Power fail detected · Cause: Power failure was detected. · Remedy: Resume the program after hot start is complete. o (Action 3) Detach the cable from CRR43A on the emergency stop board, and check for continuity between pins 1 and 2 of the cable-end connector. o (Action 1) This alarm may occur if the axis is subjected to frequent acceleration/deceleration or if the axis is vertical and generates a large amount of regenerative energy. INTP-005 PAUSE.G Cannot release motion control · Cause: Motion control cannot be released. · Remedy: Abort the running or paused program.

The battery cable inside the robot may have become disconnected. · Remedy: Correct the cause of the alarm, then turn on the power again after setting the system variable ($MCR.$SPC_RESET) to o (Action 2) Check the door switch and door switch contact cable. o (Action 1) Replace the panel board. If it is 170 VAC or lower, check the line voltage.

o (Action 3) Replace the main board.  (15) SRVO-023 SVAL1 Stop error excess (Group : i Axis : j) o (Explanation) When the servo is at stop, the position error SRVO-145 SERVO LVAL(CNV-DC) alarm(G:%d A:%d) · Cause: Refer to SRVO-147. · Remedy: Refer to SRVO-147. If it is 253 VAC or higher, check the line voltage. (If the three-phase input voltage is higher than 253 VAC, high acceleration/deceleration can result in this alarm.) o (Action 2) It might be necessary to remaster the robot. (28) SRVO-041 SVAL2 MOFAL alarm (Group : i Axis : j) o (Explanation) The servo value was too high.

Check line tracking pulse coder cables. In this case, however, there is no actual condition for this alarm.  (46) SRVO-064 SVAL2 PHAL alarm (Group : i Axis : j) o (Explanation) This alarm occurs if the o (Action 1) Press the deadman switch to run the robot. SRVO-094 WARN PMAL alarm (Track enc:%d) · Cause: The pulse coder may be faulty.

If the applied voltage is found to be 170 VAC or less, check the input power supply voltage. · Remedy: 3 Replace the main CPU printed circuit board. · Remedy: 4 SRVO-037 SERVO IMSTP input (Group:%d) · Cause: The *IMSTP signal, which is a peripheral device I/O signal, is applied. · Remedy: Turn on the *IMSTP signal. X Recommended FANUC Robotics SYSTEM R-J3 Controller S-430i Series Mechanical Unit Maintenance Manual MARM3S43009801E REV. o (Action 1) Check the magnetic contactor, and replace it if necessary.